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[NETH471] Hugh (born c.1105), Lay Abbot of Abernethy Monastery.

[NETH481] Orm (born c.1135), Lay Abbot of Abernethy Monastery.

[NETH491] Lawrence (born c.1170), Lord of Abernethy, Abbot of Abernethy Monastery, married Devorguilla of Galloway (possibly daughter of [GALL371] Lord Uhtred of Galloway, see GALLOWAY).

Abernethy Tower on site
of former monastery
(6 July 2018)
Belfry window of Romanesque style
(6 July 2018)

In "Abernethy Round Tower", the author (John Blackburn Buick) records: "We know that between 1189 and 1199, Lawrence, son of Orm de Abernethy, granted Arbroath [Abbey] his privileges as Abbot of Abernethy, but retained land, thus becoming a secular landlord."

Arbroath Abbey was founded (1178) by [DUNW462] King William the Lion, and was where he was buried (1214), see King William the Lion).

Lawrence died 1245.

[NETH501] Sir Hugh (born c.1221), of Abernethy, married (1272) [ARGL502] Mary MacDonnchadh, [Mary MacDougall of Lorn], Queen consort, Queen of Man, (born c.1234, widow, daughter of Eoghan/Ewen MacDoudall, see ARGYLL). Mary had previously married 1. (1255) King Magnus of Man, died 1265; then 2. (1268) Earl Malise of Stratherne, died November 1271. Hugh died c.1292, and afterwards Mary married 4. (April 1299) Sir William FitzWarin. William was one of the knights held captive a short while before at Dumbarton Castle after the Battle of Stirling Bridge (see LEDES). William died shortly afterwards (November 1299), and Mary died 1303.

[NETH511] Sir Alexander (born 1273), of Abernethy, Governor of Dundee, married [MENH502] Margaret (daughter of Earl Alexander, see MENTEITH EARLDOM). He died c.1315.

[NETH522] Margaret Abernethy (daughter of Alexander) married (1328) [STEW521] John Stewart, 1st Earl of Angus, (see STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND).