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[AIGL321] Foubert/Fulbert de Beine (born c.985), 1st Baron of Aigle, built the Castle of l’Aigle.

[AIGL331] Engenulf (born c.1010), 2nd Seigneur de l’Aigle in Normandy, married Richvaride/Richeride. Engenulf was the only prominent Norman to die at the Battle of Hastings (14th October 1066), and this was only because, in the later stages of the battle, the pursuing Norman cavalry fell into the “malle fosse”.

[AIGL342] Bertha d'Aigle married [DERB351] Henry de Ferrieres (see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM).

[AIGL341] Richer (born c.1039-45), 3rd Seigneur de l’Aigle, married [AVRX313] Judith (born c.1050, daughter of Richard, see AVRANCHES). Richer was killed during the siege of the castle at Sainte-Suzanne (18th November 1085). Judith died 1085.

[AIGL351] Gilbert I FitzRicher (born c.1061, son of Richer), 4th Seigneur de l’Aigle, married (1092) [PERC353] Juliana/Juliette (born c.1069, daughter of Count Geoffrey, see CHATEAUDUN). At the Domesday Survey, he was a tenant-in-chief in Norfolk and Surrey. Two of his children (Engenulf and Geoffroi) died in the "White Ship" disaster (25th November 1120). He died c.1118, and Juliette died after 1132.

[AIGL362] Margaret (born c.1104, daughter of Gilbert) married (1130) [NAVA361] King Garcia-Ramirez V (see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM).

[AIGL361] Richard II de l'Aigle (born c.1100, son of Gilbert), 5th Seigneur de l'Aigle, married Beatrix. Following the rebellion of the Count of Mortain against King Henry I, Richard acquired the Rape of Pevensey (but excluding its castle which remained in royal hands as a security measure). During the short reign of King Stephen, Richard lost possession of Pevensey and this together with its castle were combined again and granted to Gilbert strongbow de Clare, see PEMBROKE (CLARE) EARLDOM). Richard died c.1161.

[AIGL372] Lucie (daughter of Richard II) married Vicomte Richard (see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE).

[AIGL371] Richard III de l'Aigle (born at Pevensey, c.1135), 6th Seigneur de l'Aigle, married [BEAU402] Odeline/Adeline, Lady Crepon, (daughter of Seigneur Roscelin V, see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE). He died at Pevensey (1176), and Adeline died c.1226.

[AIGL381] Gilbert II de l'Aigle (born at Pevensey, Sussex, c.1165), 7th Seigneur de l'Aigle, said to be the last feudal Lord of Pevensey, married [SUR2474] Isabel de Warenne (widow, born at Lewes, c.1173, daughter of Earl Hamelin, see SURREY (PLANTAGENET) EARLDOM). He died at Pevensey (December 1231). Isabel died 1234.

[AIGL392] Alice de l'Aigle (daughter of Gilbert) married [LINC409] Earl John (see LINCOLN (LACY) EARLDOM).