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[ALSX181] Lendifus/Lendilius/Lendisius (born c.620, son of [MAJO151] Erchembaldus, see MAJOR DOMUS), Major Domus to King Teoderic II, DUKE OF PERONNE (ALSACE), died 680.

[ALSX191] Eticho/Aldaric I (born c.643), DUKE OF ALSACE, married [CHIX202] Berswinde (daughter of King Sigebert III of Austrasia, see CHILPERIC II). He died 20th February 690.

[ALSX201] Adalbert Eticonides, DUKE OF ALSACE, married Gerlinde of Pfalzel. He died December 741.

[ALSX212] Odilia of Alsace (born c.700, daughter of Adalbert) married [SAXH181] Count Ruthard in Alemannia (see COUNT HATRAD).

[ALSX211] Luitfride I Eticonides (born 722, son of Adalbert), DUKE OF ALSACE, married Edith. He died 767.

[ALSX221] Luitfride II Eticonides (born at Tours, c.740), Count of the Sungau, Count of Upper Alsace, married Hiltrude. He died 802.

[ALSX231] Hugo II de Tours (born c.765) married [HEBC262] Ava/Albana/Albegonde of Orleans (daughter of Count Thierry IV of Autun, see SEPTIMANIA). Hugo was Timiolus and Abbot of St. Julien d'Auxerre (811), Count of Tours (until 828), Dux de Locate (near Milan). He died 20th October 837, and Ava died c.839.

[ALSX242] Ermengarde (born c.800, daughter of Hugo) married (October 821) [CARO261] EMPEROR LOTHAR I (see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[ALSX243] Ava (daughter of Hugo) married [HEBC271] March Count Guerin I of Macon and Chalons (see SEPTIMANIA).

[ALSX244] Adelaide (daughter of Hugo) married 1.  [BAVX221] Count Conrad (see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM); then 2. (864) Robert Capet.

[ALSX245] Roduna of Alsace (born c.810, daughter of Hugo) married [BAVX224] Count Rudolf, see BAVARIA (LUITPOLDING DYNASTY) DUKEDOM.

[ALSX241] Liutfried I (son of Hugo), Signor di Monza, lay abbot of Moutier-Grandval. He died c.865-66.

[ALSX252] Ava di Monza (said to be daughter of Liutfried) married [LOM4291] Count Unruoch III (born c.842, son of Eberhard), Count of Friuli (see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF FRIULI) KINGDOM).



[ALSA372] Thierry III (born c.1100, son of [LORR342] DUKE THIERRY II, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM) was Count of Flanders (1128-68), also Count of Alsace (1128-57), and joint Count of Alsace with his son Philippe (1157-68). He married 1. Swanhilde (died 4th September 1132); then 2. (1134) [GATI353] Sibyl (daughter of Count Fulk V, see ANJOU (HOUSE OF GATINAIS) COUNTY, and previously married to Count William Clito of Flanders, but annulled 1124). Sibyl died at Bethlehem (1165), followed by Thierry at Gravelines (17th January 1168).

[ALSA383] Margaret d'Alsace (born c.1145, daughter of Thierry III & Sibyl) married 1. (1160) Count Raoul II of Vermandois, not consummated; then 2. (April 1169) [HAIN381] Count Baldwin V (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[ALSA381] Mathieu de Flanders (born c.1137, son of Thierry III & Sibyl) abducted and married 1. (1160) [STEP362] Countess Marie of Boulogne (daughter of King Stephen of England, see NORMAN KINGS), by which Mathieu became Count of Boulogne. The marriage was annulled (c.1170), and Mathieu then married 2. (1171) Eleanor de Vermandois. He was killed in battle at Driencourt (25th December 1173). Marie died 1182, and Eleanor died June 1213.

[ALSA392] Mahaud (born 1170, daughter of Mathieu & Mary) married (1179) [LOUV381] DUKE HENRY I OF BRABANT (see LOUVAIN), taking with her the Boulogne title.