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Recommended reading includes: "Family Trees and the Roots of Politics" (edited K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, 1997).


[ANJO251] Tortulfus, the woodman, was semi-mythical.

[ANJO261] Tertullus married [ROBE272] Petronille (daughter of Abbot Hugh at St. Quentin, see ROBERTIAN HOUSE).

[ANJO271] Ingelgar, Seneschal du Gatinais, Count of the Auxerre, married [CHAZ272] Adelais d'Amboise (heiress of Gatinais, niece [through her mother] of both Adalhard Bishop of Tours and Raino Bishop of Angers, and daughter of [CHAZ261] Count Fulco of Chateaudun, see CHATEAUDUN COUNTY). He was a soldier of fortune, later Vicomte de Orleans, and Count of Anjou (870-98). He died 898.

[ANJO281] Fulk I le roux [=the red] (born 888) married [WARN282] Roscille (born c.880, daughter of Seigneur Garnier/Werner, see LOCHES), by whom he acquired La Haye, Loches and Villantrois. He was Count of Anjou (909-42), and died 942.

[ANJO292] Adele (daughter of Fulk) married [VALS292] Count Gauthier I (see VALOIS COUNTY).  A French source suggests Adele was probably the daughter of Fulk II, in which case possibly by his second wife Gerberge [de Blois], and Adele would be a younger half-sister of [ANJO304] Adelais mentioned below.

[ANJO291] Fulk II le bon [=the good] (born c.900, son of Fulk), Count of Anjou (942-60), married 1. (937) [GATN292] Gerberge (believed to be daughter of Geoffroi de Gatinais, see under HOUSE OF GATINAIS below); then 2. (after 952) Gerberga de Blois (widow of Count Alain Barbe-Torte of Nantes, and daughter of Count Thibaut I of Blois & Richilde). This Alain had previously married 1. (943) Roscille de Anjou, Fulk II's sister. Fulk died 11th November 958.

[ANJF301] Foulques de Briole (son of Fulk II & his 1st wife Gerberge) is described under BEAUVAU.

[ANJO306] Agnes (daughter of Fulk II & his 1st wife Gerberge) married [CRAZ301] Andre de Craon (see CRAON (1).

[ANJO304] Adelais/Blanche (born c.942, daughter of Fulk II & 1st wife Gerberga) married 1. Count Etienne of Gevaudan (see TURENNE COUNTY); then 2. (975) Count Raymond IV of Toulouse (son of Count Raymond III, see TOULOUSE COUNTY), later killed; then 3. (982) EMPEROR LOUIS V OF THE WEST FRANKS (divorced 984); 4. (c.984-86) [PRO3311] Count William I of Arles (see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY), died c.994, then 5. (by 1016) Count Otto-William (see BURGUNDY COUNTY). Adelais died 1026.

[ANJO309] Geoffrey I grisegonelle [=greymantle] (born 938, son & heir of Fulk II & 1st wife Gerberga) married 1. Adela de Vermandois (daughter of Count Robert of Meaux & Troyes), died c.974; then 2. (March 979) [CHAS349] Adelaide de Vergy (widow, daughter of DUKE GILBERT OF BURGUNDY (see CHALONS-SUR-SAONE COUNTY). Geoffrey was Seneschal de France, at Anjou, and later Count of Anjou (960-87), and was killed at the Siege of Marcon (21st July 987).

[ANJO313] Ermengarde (born c.966, daughter of Geoffrey & his 1st wife Adela) married (c.973) [RENN331] DUKE CONAN I le tort (see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY).

[ANJO314] Gerberga (born c.982, only daughter of Geoffrey & his 2nd wife Adelaide) married [ANGO321] Count William II (see ANGOULEME COUNTY).

[ANJO315] Maurice (born c.978, son of Geoffrey & his 2nd wife Adelaide) took the title of Count of Anjou after his father's death (987), but almost immediately transferred the title and lands to his older half-brother, Fulk III nerra, the rightful heir. [Some historians dispute his accession to the title.] He died 1012.

[ANJO319] Fulk III nerra or le noire [=black] (born 972, eldest son of Geoffrey & his 1st wife Adela) succeeded his older half-brother Maurice as Count of Anjou (987-1040). He married 1. [VENX312] Elizabeth (heiress of Vendome, and daughter of his uncle Count Bouchard of Vendome, see VENDOME COUNTY (1)), who was "boiled to death" as a witch (1000); then 2. [MOSE334] Hildegarde de Metz (born 979, daughter of DUKE THIERRY, see HOUSE OF MOSELLE). Fulk died at Metz (21st June 1040), and was succeeded by his son Geoffrey II martel, who was Count (1040-60) but left no issue. Hildegarde died 2nd April 1046.

[ANJO324] Adela (daughter of Fulk & Elisabeth, and heiress of Vendome) married [VEND351] Count Bodon (see VENDOME COUNTY).

[ANJO329] Ermengarde/Blanche (born October 1015, daughter & eventually heiress of Fulk III & Hildegarde) married 1. (c.1035) [GATI321] Count Geoffrey III fereole de Chateau-Landon (see later), then 2. (c.1048) [BURG309] DUKE ROBERT I OF BURGUNDY (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM.

[TAIL321] Yves de Taillebois (born c.1036, son of Fulk III & Hildegarde) is described under TAILLEBOIS.



[GATN271] Aubry d'Orleans, married [ORLE233] Engeltrudis (daughter of Count Odo, see ORLEANS COUNTY).

[GATN281] Geoffroi de Gatinais, Count of Nevers (926-35), Count of Gatinais (935-41), Vicomte de Orleans (942), married [AUVX282] Ava d'Auvergne (see AUVERGNE). Geoffroi died c.942, and afterwards Ava was Abbess of Sauxillanges.

[GATN292] Gerberge de Gatinais (daughter of Geoffroi) married (937) [ANJO291] Count Fulk d'Anjou (see earlier).


[GATI291] Azenar of Orleans (born c.920) married Hildeburgis of Belleme (Perche).

[GATI301] Albert du Perche (born c.950), Abbot of Micy, married --- (daughter of Vicomte Geoffroi de Chateaudun & Hildegardis.

[GATI311] Hughes du Perche (born c.970) married (c.1000) [MACN312] Beatrix (widow of Count Geoffroy of Gatinais, and daughter of [MACN301] Count Aubry II (see MACON COUNTY).

[GATI321] Gausfred [Geoffrey] fereole (born c.1000), Seigneur de Chateau-Landon, Count of Gatinais, married (c.1035) [ANJO329] Ermengarde d'Anjou (see earlier). Geoffrey died 1043-45. Afterwards Ermengarde married 2. (perhaps c.1050) [BURG309] DUKE ROBERT I of BURGUNDY. She died March 1076.

[GATI339] Fulk IV le rechin [=surly] (born at Chateau-Landon, 1043) married (or cohabited with) 1. (1068) [MAIL332] Hildegarde (daughter of Seigneur Lancelin II, see BAUGENCY); then 2. (1070) Ermengarde de Bourbon (daughter of Sire Archambaud IV de Bourbon), but separated for consanguinity (1081); then 3. (21st January 1076) Orengarde (daughter of Isambart, Sire de Chatel Aillon), marriage later annulled after his 5th marriage; then 4. --- (daughter of Gauthier I, see BRIENNE), repudiated; then 5. (1089, while still married to Arengarde) [MONT353] Bertrade (daughter of Seigneur Simon, see MONTFORT L'AMAURY), marriage also later annulled (15th May 1092). Fulk was Count of Anjou (1067-1109), succeeding his brother Geoffrey III le barbu who was Count of Anjou 1060-67. Fulk died 14th April 1109.

[GATI342] Ermengarde (born 1068, daughter of Fulk IV & Hildegarde) married 1. (1089) DUKE WILLIAM IX OF AQUITAINE (divorced 1090); then 2. (c.1093) [CORN371] Count Alan IV fergant (see BRITTANY (CORNOUAILLE) COUNTY.

[GATI341] Fulk V le jeune [=the young] (born 1092, son of Fulk IV & Bertrade) married 1. (1110) [MAIN342] Eremburge du Maine (daughter of Count Helias, see BAUGENCY), who died 1126; then 2. (2nd June 1129) Queen Melissende (eldest daughter of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem). Fulk became Count of Anjou (1109-29), and afterwards King of Jerusalem (1131-43), see also JERUSALEM. Fulk was accidentally killed in the Plain of Acre (13th November 1144). His widow Melissende died 11th September 1161.

[GATI353] Sibyl (born 1116, daughter of Fulk V & Eremburge) married 1. (1123) Count William clito of Flanders, annulled 1124; then 2. (1134) [ALSA372] Count Thierry of Flanders (see ALSACE COUNTY).


[PLAN369] Geoffrey V le bel [=handsome] (born 24th August 1113, son of [GATI341] Fulk V & Eremburge, see above) married (at Le Mans, June 1128) [NORK352] Matilda (born 1102, formerly Adelaide, daughter of King Henry I of England, see NORMAN KINGS). Matilda had previously married (at Mainz, 7th January 1114) EMPEROR HEINRICH V (died 1125), and she was afterwards usually referred to as EMPRESS MATILDA. Geoffrey was Count of Anjou and of Touraine & Maine (1129-51), and DUKE OF NORMANDY (1144-51). Geoffrey, was also known as plantagenet from his love of hunting over heath and broom, and was said to have worn a sprig of broom (planta genista) in his cap. He died at Chateau-du-Loire (7th September 1151), whilst Matilda died at Rouen (10th September 1167).

The enamel funerary plaque on Geoffrey's tomb, appears to be the earliest known example of coloured heraldry, showing a blue shield with gold lions. It was created c.1155-60 at the request of his widow, and so is not actually evidence that Geoffrey ever bore arms.

[SUR2441] Hamelin (illegitimate son of Geoffrey by an unknown woman) became 5th Earl of Surrey (see SURREY (PLANTAGENET) EARLDOM for full details).

[PLAN379] Henry FitzEmpress (born at Le Mans, March 1133, son of Geoffrey & Matilda) was Count of Anjou (1151-89), and afterwards King Henry II of England (1154-89, see PLANTAGENET KINGS for full details).