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Recommended reading includes: "Eleanor of Aquitaine" (Alison Weir);

"Eleanor April Queen of Aquitaine" (Douglas Boyd).


Aquitaine was included in the Merovingian empire from c.500, but

for quite some time after the region was left in the hands of the Gallo-Roman aristocracy.

    Later, Guyenne (or Guienne) was a province in South-Western France, which later merged (with Gascony) into the duchy of Aquitaine in the 12th century. The early generations are not fully substantiated.


The sole evidence of Eudo's origin appears to be a Charter (dated 30th January 845) confirming the possessions of Saint-Marie Monastery at Alarcon. The charter suggests Eudo was the son of DUKE BOGGIS OF AQUITAINE (died c.668), in turn the son of King Charibert II of Aquitaine (died 631, age 14). It states that after Charibert's death, his elder half-brother King Dagobert I of the Franks granted Aquitaine to Charibert's son, Boggis, who would have had to have been a baby, which is most unlikely. For Boggis (born, say 640), to have had a son and heir Eudo who died not died until 735 is equally improbable. It seems likely that the 845 charter was in error over events which had occurred over 200 years earlier. It also means some of the other events noted below that took place prior to 845 could be suspect.

[LUPE171] Charibert II of Aquitaine (born 608, son of [CHIL172] Clotaire II, see King Clotaire III of Aquitaine, see CHILPERIC II), King of Aquitaine (630-31), married 1. Fulberte; then 2. Gisela (daughter of DUKE AMAND OF GASCONY). He died in 631.

[LUPE181] Bertrand (born c.631, son of Caribert & Gisela).


[LUPE201] Eudo le grand (born 660), DUKE OF AQUITAINE, married 1. Saint Adele (daughter of [CHIL181] King Dagobert II of Austrasia, by Mathilde, see CHILPERIC II); then 2. [WALC222] Valtrude of Verdun (see PALACE OF AUSTRASIA), died 688; then 3. (c.689) Princess Lampade (daughter of King Dagobert II of Austrasia). Eudo sought Charles martel's help to fight off the invading Arabs, leading to the latter's defeat at the Battle of Poitiers (732). Eudo died 735, and afterwards Charles martel attempted (without success) to take over Aquitaine.

[GASC221] Loup II (born c.720, of disputed origin, but most probably son of Eudo), DUKE OF AQUITAINE AND GASCONY, is dealt with under GASCONY (1).

[ARAM221] Aznar Remistan (born c.687, son of Eudo) is described under EARLY ARAGON COUNTS.


[AQUI271] Gerard III (born c.800, son of [HEBC261] King William II of Septimania, see SEPTIMANIA) married 1. (819) [CARO265] either Rotrode or Hildegarde (born c.800, daughter of King Louis I the pious of France, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE; the second sister married Gerard's brother William); then 2. (839) Matilda (daughter of King Pepin I of Aquitaine). Gerard became Count of Auvergne (839, succeeding Warin who was Count, 819-39). He was killed in battle at Fontenoy (25th June 841).

[AURI281] Gerard d'Auvergne (son of Gerard III & daughter of King Louis I), Count of Auvergne, is described under AURILLAC COUNTY.

[AQUI281] Ramnulfe I (born c.820, son of Gerard III & daughter of King Louis I) married 1. (c.844) Aga (widow of Count Raoul of Turenne, see TURENNE); then 2. (845) his cousin [MAYN282] Bilichilde (widow, born c.830, daughter of Count Rorgon, see MAINE COUNTY). Ramnulfe was Count of Poitou, then DUKE OF AQUITAINE (845-66), and was killed at Brissarthe (July or October 866).

[AQUI291] Ramnulfe II (born 855, son of Ramnulfe I & Bilichilde) married his cousin [HEBG292] Adelinde (see SEPTIMANIA). Ramnulfe was Count of Poitou, then King of Aquitaine (880-90). He was murdered at Paris (August 890).

[AQUI302] Etolane/Attelane/Tolana de Macon (daughter of Ranulfe) married [SALN281] Vicomte Alberic I de Narbonne (see SALINS).

[AQUI301] Eubles/Ebalus II manzer [Hebrew bastard, i.e. born of Catholic-Jewish union] (son of Ramnulfe II & Adelinde) is described under HOUSE OF POITIERS below.


[AQUI301] Eubles/Ebalus II manzer [=Hebrew bastard] (son of [AQUI291] Ramnulfe II, see HOUSE OF AUVERGNE above) married 1. (after 891) Aremburge; then 2. (before 911) [HEBA283] Emiliene de Poitou (see SEPTIMANIA); then (allegedly) 3. Adele (daughter of King Edward I the elder of England, see ANGLO-SAXON KINGS). He was Count of Poitou (890-92 & 902-34), Count of Auvergne (927), and DUKE OF AQUITAINE (927-34). He died January 934-35, and Adele died 935.

[AQUI311] William III towhead or tete d'etoupe [=blond hair] (born c.900, son of Eubles II & Emilienne) married (935) [NORM283] Gerloc (baptised Adele) (daughter of Rollo, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM). He was Count of Poitiers and Count of Auvergne etc, and DUKE OF AQUITAINE (934-63).

It was said that William was blessed with a capable wife, Adela, who was the first of a number of strong-minded women in the ducal family.

Adele died 962, and William died at Poitiers (3rd April 963).

[AQUI322] Adelaide (daughter of William III) married (968) [CAPE311] King Hugh capet of France (see CAPETIAN HOUSE).

[AQUI323] --- (daughter of William III) married (c.970) [ROUC331] Count Gilbert (see ROUCY COUNTY).

[AQUI321] William IV fierebras [=strong arm] (born 937, son of William III) married (c.968) [BLOI312] Emma (daughter of Count Thibaut, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). He was Count of Poitou, Chartres & Letgarde de Vermandois, then DUKE OF AQUITAINE (963-93). He abdicated 993, and died c.996. Emma died 1004.

[AQUI331] William V the great (born c.969, son of William IV) married three formidable women: 1. (c.997) [LIMO212] Almodis (widow, daughter of Vicomte Gerard, see LIMOGES); then 2. (c.1004-11) Brisca/Sancha (daughter of William-Sancho, DUKE OF GASCONY); then 3. (before March 1018) [BUR3333] Agnes (born 995, daughter & heiress of Count Otto-William, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was 3rd Count of Poitou, then DUKE OF AQUITAINE (993-1030). He died at Poitou (31st January 1030), and afterwards Agnes married 2. (1st January 1032) Geoffrey martel, Count of Anjou and Vendome, (afterwards repudiated). Agnes died 10th November 1068.

[AQUI342] Agnes (born 1024, daughter of William V & Agnes) married (at Ingelheim, 20th November 1043) [GER2321] EMPEROR HEINRICH III (see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS).

[AQUI341] Guy (later adopted the name Geoffrey, then later [1058] William), later styled William VIII, (born c.1024, younger son of William V & Agnes) married 1. (January 1044) Aina (widow, daughter of Aldebert II, Count of Perigord), divorced 1058; then 2. (1058-59) Matilda (daughter of Count Bernard I, see LA MARCHE COUNTY), divorced 1068; then 3. (March 1069) [BURG312] Aldearde/Hildegarde (daughter of DUKE ROBERT, see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM, separated 1086). He was 6th Count of Poitou, DUKE OF GASCONY, then DUKE OF AQUITAINE (1058-86). He died at Castle of Chizay (25th September 1086).

[AQUI351] William IX the troubadour (born 22nd October 1071, son of William VIII & Aldearde). William was 7th Count of Poitou, and DUKE OF GASCONY, then DUKE OF AQUITAINE (1086-1127). He married 1. (1089) Hermengarde (daughter of Count Fulk IV le rechin of Anjou), divorced 1090, and retired to a nunnery, but she later married 2. (c.1093) [BRIT371] Count Alan IV fergant of Brittany); then 2. (1094) [TOUL352] Matilda/Philippa (daughter of Count William IV, see TOULOUSE COUNTY, who had previously married 1. (c.1086) King Sancho-Ramirez of Aragon and Navarre). Whilst married to Philippa, William took a mistress, Countess Amauberge/Maubergeonne de Chatellerault, wife of Vicomte Aimery I, aptly called La Dangerosa. Philippa was divorced (1115), and retired to a nunnery (the same one to which her predecessor Ermengarde had earlier retired). Philippa died 28th November 1117, and William then married 3. Hildegarde. He died 10th February 1126.

[AQUI369] Agnes (daughter of William IX & Philippa, though elsewhere suggests her mother was William's mistress Amauberge) married 1. [THOU342] Vicomte Aimery V (see THOUARS); then 2. (at Jaca, 1135) [ARAG351] King Garcia Ramirez "Ramiro II" of Aragon (see ARAGON (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOM).

[AQUI361] William X (born c.1099, son of William IX & Philippa) married 1. (1121) [CHAT352] Aenor (daughter of Vicomte Aimery I, by the afore-mentioned La Dangerosa, see CHATELLERAULT; then 2. (1136) Emma (daughter of Vicomte Ademar III, see LIMOGES). William was 8th Count of Poitou, then DUKE OF AQUITAINE (1127-37). He died (from food poisoning) at Santiago de Compostela (9th April 1137).

[AQUI372] Alia-Aenor ([i.e. alias [=another] Aenor, otherwise Eleanor], born in France, c. April 1122, daughter of William X & Aenor) was Heiress of Aquitaine (conforming to Aquitaine's Roman Laws which permitted succession by a female). She married 1. (at Bordeaux Cathedral, July 1137) King Louis VII of France (annulled March 1152, for consanguinity); then 2. (at Poitiers Cathedral, 18th May 1152) [PLAN371] Henry of Anjou, later King Henry II of England (see PLANTAGENET KINGS). Eleanor remained DUCHESS OF AQUITAINE (1137-1204) until her death at Fontevrault Abbey (1st April 1204).