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[ARMI581] Jefferye Armiger married (at Campsea Ash, 17th September 1565) married Marie Fatter. They had at least three children:

Margaret (born at Campsea Ash 1st July 1571) appears on the Internet;

Rose (baptised at Campsea Ash 19th July 1573) married John Braham/Brame, who purchased the Manor of Ashe [part of Campsea Ash] in the early 1600's.

[ARMI591] John (baptised at Campsea Ash, 13th September 1575).

Mary Armiger was buried at Campsea Ash (16th July 1576) and Jeffery Armiger was buried at Campsea Ash (15h August 1591).

Note: A John Armiger was buried at Campsea Ash (6th December 1569), who could have been their first child.

[ARMI591] John Armiger (born 1575) and Ann had probably six children, probably all at Alderton:

Matthew (-), married (at Sutton, 1st June 1620) Marie Smyth;

[ARMI601] John (-), see later;

Walter (-), married (at Sutton, 17th February 1624/5) Elizabeth Harrison;

Robert (-), married Mary;

Alse (-);

Catherin (-).

John died at Alderton (c. January 1623, but no registers exist before 1674). By his will, his lands and rents, freehold and copyhold, in Alderton, went to his eldest son, Mathew. Mostly small amounts went to his wife Ann, sons Walter and Robert, and daughters Alse and Catherin; 5 each to his grandchildren when they became 21; with the residue to his son John.

[ARMI601] John Armiger married 1. (at Tunstall, 7th November 1620) [HAUG502] Ursula Haughfen (born 1589, see HAUGHFEN). They had three children, (probably all at Alderton):

John (-);

[ARMI612] Mary (-), married 1. (at Alderton, December 1639) [WODS611] Everard Woods (see WOODS); then 2. (unknown date) Oliver Chatborn;

Ursula (-).

John's wife Ursula died probably in the late 1630's and afterwards John Armiger "w. of Alderton" married 2. (at Little Wenham, 18th June 1640) Sarah Bolton, a single woman. John, a yeoman, died at Alderton (c. August 1649). The chief beneficiaries in his will were:

Ursula, daughter -- (140 when 21);

Mary, daughter; wife of Oliver Chakbourne -- (20s. to buy a gold ring) [Oliver was Mary's 2nd husband];

Sarah, wife, and John, son -- (share residue of goods, chattales, moneys, etc; houses and lands at Orford and Alderton);

Robert, brother -- (5);

John Wood and Evered Wood, grandchildren -- (5 apiece when 21) [The latter were daughter Mary's children by her 1st husband, Everard Woods].

The last entry is of particular interest, as it confirms the descent to the Woods family. Afterwards, John's widow Sarah married 2. Nicholas Sheene of Alderton, gentleman, and died about June 1654. She left a will, and naturally all her money went to the Bolton side of the family, including some rather large bequests :

Josias Bolton, brother -- (300, to provide him with interest during his lifetime);

Susan Carleton, niece -- (200, when she is 21);

eldest brother -- (100, to provide him with interest during his lifetime);

Wiseman Bolton, nephew -- (50);

Allan Bolton, nephew -- (20);

John Bolton, nephew -- (25);

Jane Bolton, niece -- (20);

Thomas Bolton, nephew -- (25);

John Petto -- (5);

Josias Bolton, brother -- (a further 100);

Mary wife of Thomas Bolton of Woodbridge -- (50);

Mary wife of William Cary of Woodbridge -- (50);

Chittock, sister of my late husband Sheene -- (50);

Josias Bolton, brother -- ("my house in Alderton");

Augustine Sheene, nephew of my late husband Sheene -- (20);

William Cary, brother of Woodbridge, and Thomas Filby, brother of Tuddenham, the 2 executors -- (the residue, "towards the payments of my debts")

The bequests total to just over 1,000, a not inconsiderable sum in those days. It will also be noted that two of Sarah's "brothers" did not have Bolton as their surname.