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[BABE211] Heimerich (son of [HASP244] Rutpert III, see HASPENGAU DUKEDOM), Count of Wormsgau.

[BABE221] Heinrich, Count in Oberrheingau, married Hadaburg.

[BABE231] Poppo I of Oberrheingau (born c.790), Count of Grapfeld in Saargau.

[BABE249] Heinrich I (born c.825), March Count in Friesland, married 1. [SPOG282] Baba di Spoleto (daughter of Berengar di Spoleto, see BERENGAR OF SPOLETO); then 2. [LOM2295] Ingeltrude (born c.838, daughter of March Count Eberhard of Friuli, see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF FRIULI) KINGDOM). He became March Count of the Norman March in Neustria (884-86), and DUKE OF FRANCONIA, but shortly afterwards was killed in battle with the Vikings near Paris (October 886).

It has been suggested Heinrich could have had a relationship with a daughter of March Count Berengar I (see WETTERAU COUNTY), to explain Heinrich having a son named Berengar who doesn't otherwise appear in known lists. However, Berenger I was of a similar age to Heinrich, making it unlikely for him to have been a grandfather at the age of 33.

[BABE254] Adalbert of Babenberg (born c.854, son of Heinrich & Ingeltrude), March Count of Bayer, March Count of Ostmark (888).

[BABE264] --- (daughter of Adalbert) married [EPPE261] Count Ernst III (see HOUSE OF EPPENSTEIN).

[BABE252] Hedwig (born c.850-55, daughter of Heinrich & Baba) married [SAXY251] DUKE OTTO (see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY).

[BABE253] Adellinde/Adelaide (born c.860, daughter of Heinrich & Ingeltrude) married [BAVX231] Count Edico/Ethico of Altdorf (see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM).

[BABE251] Berengar II ([born c.858], son of Heinrich, mother not known but mostly likely Ingeltrude who had a younger brother named Berengar), Count of Bayeux, Count of Rennes. He married (c.878) [GURW312] Kunigunde of Rennes ([born c.858], daughter of Count Gurwent, see GURWENT OF RENNES). Afterwards, he succeeded his father as March Count of the Norman March in Neustria (886-896).

[BABE262] --- ([born c.879], daughter of Berengar & Kunigunde) married [RENN311] Count Paskwitan II [born c.875] (see HOUSE OF RENNES).