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[FBER461] Thomas FitzBarnard (born c.1150), of Kingsdown, married [PICP462] Eugenia Picot (born 1153, daughter of Ralph, see SAYE OF CLUN). Both died c.1184.

[FBER471] Thomas FitzBarnard (born c.1175), of Kingsdown, married [JARP472] Alice de Jarpenville (daughter of William, see JARPENVILLE). He died c.1214.

[FBER481] Sir Ralph FitzBarnard (born c.1208), of Kingsdown (Kent), married (c.1233) [AGUL482] Joan (born c.1210, daughter & coheiress of [AGUL471] Robert de Aguillon & Margery, daughter of William de Fresney, Sheriff of Suffolk, (died 1232), possibly son of Hugh de Fresney, possibly son of Henry de Freine. Ralph died 1238, and afterwards Joan married 2. Imbert Pugeis.

[FBER492] Joan FitzBarnard (born c.1234, daughter of Ralph) married (c.1274) [NORT491] Gunselm/Guncelin (see BADLESMERE BARONY below.


Other versions exist for the first 3 generations below.

[NORT451] Bartholomew (born c.1145).

[NORT461] Bartholomew (born c.1181). He died 1256.

[NORT471] Guncelin [Giles] (born c.1205) married [PEYF472] --- (daughter of Fulk de Peyferer, see PEYFERER).

[NORT481] Bartholomew (born c.1231).

[NORT491] Guncelin (born c.1244) married (c.1274) [FBER492] Joan (daughter of Ralph FitzBarnard, see FITZBARNARD above). Guncelin held Badlesmere Manor (Kent), and became Justice of Chester. Guncelin died 1301, and Joan died 1310.

[NORT501] Bartholomew (born c.1275) married (before June 1308) [THOM502] Margaret (daughter of Thomas, see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM). Bartholomew attended the War in Gascony (1294), and was in the Scottish Wars (1303 and 1304). He was Governor of Bristol Castle (1307), and was created 1st Lord Badlesmere (1309). He was made Governor of Skipton Castle (1314-15), and of all the castles in Yorkshire and Westmorland previously governed by Robert de Clare.

  Skipton Castle
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Bartholomew was also Constable of Leeds Castle (Kent), and later joined Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster, in his rebellion against King Edward II. Whilst absent from Leeds Castle he left his wife Lady Margaret in charge, who refused admittance to Isabella of France, King Edward's consort. Lady Margaret even instructed her archers to fire upon Isabella and her party, six of whom were killed. The castle was eventually captured by King Edward's forces (31st October 1321), and Margaret afterwards remained in the Tower of London, until November 1322. Meanwhile Bartholomew had been defeated (together with the Earl of Lancaster) at the Battle of Boroughbridge (16th March 1322). Bartholomew was later captured at Stow Park, stripped of his title, then hung as a traitor at Canterbury (14th April 1322). After the death of King Edward (1327), Margaret took over Leeds Castle as her primary residence.

[NORT514] Margery (born 1306, eldest daughter of Bartholomew) married 1. [ROOS511] Lord William (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY); then 2. (1342-43) Robert de Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Chartley, (died 1350); then 3. (c.1351) Sir Thomas de Arundel; then 4. (c.1354) Sir John Avenel.

[NORT519] Elizabeth (younger daughter of Bartholomew) married 1. [MRCH501] Sir Edmund Mortimer (see MARCH (MORTIMER) EARLDOM); then 2. (1335) [HERE511] Earl William (see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM).