Revised 23/11/2019



[BARL311] Thibaud de Bar (born c.945) married Sconehilde.

[BARL321] Louis I, Count of Mousson, married --- de Lutzelburg.

[BARL331] Richwin, Count in Scarponnois, married [NORG324] Hildegarde d'Alsace Nordgau (see NORDGAU COUNTY).

[BARL341] Louis II (born c.1019), Count of Montbeliard, Mousson, Altkirch and Ferrette, married (4th May 1037) [MOSE342] Countess Sophie of Bar (born 1018, daughter of DUKE FREDERICK II, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE) DUKEDOM). He died c.1075, and Sophie died 21st June 1093.

[BARL352] Beatrice (born c.1038, daughter of Louis) married [ZAHR431] Count Berthold I (see ZAHRINGEN COUNTY).

[BARL353] Sophie de Mousson (born c.1050, daughter of Louis) married [FROH351] Volmar von Frohburg (born c.1050, see FROHBURG COUNTY).

[BARL351] Dietrich/Thierry/Thibaud I (born 1045, son of Louis), Count of Montbeliard, Bar, Verdun (1100-05) and Mousson, married (1065) [BUR3353] Countess Ermentrude (daughter of Count Guillaume I the great, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He died 1105, and Ermentrude died 1105.

[BARL363] Mechtilde (daughter of Thierry) married [SAFF341] Adalbert (see SAFFENBERG).

[BARL362] --- ([born c.1065], daughter of Thierry) probably married [GUEL351] Count Gerard II flaminus [born c.1065], see GUELDERS COUNTY). Note however, her younger brother was born 1090, suggesting perhaps Thierry had perhaps been married twice.

[BARL361] Renaud I le borgne [=one-eyed] (born 1090, son of Thierry), Count of Bar, Mousson, Brie and Verdun (1105-34), married 1. (1110) ---; then 2. (1120) [LORV352] Gisela de Vaudemont (born 1090, daughter of Gerard I, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM). He died 1149, and Gisela died c.1127-41. The bishop deposed Renaud from Verdun County (1134), which was then attached to the Episcopal demesne.

[BARL372] Clemence ([born c.1120], daughter of Renaud I & Gisela) married 1. (1130) [CLER331] Count Renaud II (see CLERMONT), died 1162; then 2. (c.1163) Count Alberic II (see DAMMARTIN COUNTY), died 1183; then 3. Seigneur Thibaut III de Nanteuil-le-Haudouin in Valois, and Sire de Crepy.