IGI denotes details extracted from the  International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source;
NBI denotes details extracted from the National Burial Index, but not checked at source.

The details for the first two generations described below are circumstantial, and not necessarily reliable. Wrestlingworth and Old Warden and 6 miles apart, with Biggleswade mid-way between them. Old Warden and Southill are adjacent parishes.

[BATE611] William Bates married (at Old Warden, 4th April 1669 IGI) Martha ---. They possibly had at least two children baptised at Old Warden as follows:

[BATE621] William (baptised at Old Warden, 2nd June 1670 IGI); see later;

Thomas (baptised at Old Warden, 9th January 1681 IGI);

A William Bates (taylor) of Warden is mentioned (February 1683/4) in the Bedford Assizes as being in possession of a stolen horse. A Martha Bates was buried at Old Warden (15th May 1708 NBI).

[BATE621] William Bates married 1. (at Biggleswade, 31st May 1699 IGI) Elizabeth Field (baptised at Southill, 4th December 1681, daughter of Robert Field, IGI).

  Biggleswade Church
(25 September 2016)

 Afterwards William married 2. (at Old Warden, 1707 IGI) Elizabeth ---.

William possibly had at least three children (by one or other wife) baptised at Old Warden including the following:

Mary (baptised at Old Warden, 25th February 1700 IGI);

[BATE631] James (baptised at Old Warden, 23rd May 1708 IGI, mother's name given as Elizabeth), see later.

Thomas (baptised at Old Warden 19th January 1717 IGI, mother's name given as Elizabeth).

[BATE631] James Bates married (at Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, 13th November 1732) [MILL632] Ann Miller (possibly from nearby Potton).



Wrestlingworth Church
(27 November 1990)

They had four children born and baptised at Ashwell (Hertfordshire), which is 6 miles from Wrestlingworth, as follows:

William (baptised 10th March 1733-34) married (at Therfield, Hertfordshire, 15th October 1760) Mary Rice;

James (baptised 14th May 1737) married (at Willian, Hertfordshire, 19th January 1768) Mary Field;

[BATE642] Elizabeth (baptised 16th March 1739/40), married (at Ashwell, 18th February 1762) [YARR641] Edward Garrall (born 1740, see YARROW);

Mary (baptised 3rd July 1743) married (at Ashwell, 22nd February 1774) William Albon.

Ann died at Ashwell (buried there 14th August 1750). James also died at Ashwell (buried there 16th July 1776).