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[BAVZ091] Ermenrich (born c.360), King of Swabia (406-38). He died c.441.

[BAVZ101] Hunimund of Swabia (born c.395). He died c.469.

[BAVZ111] Agiluf of Swabia (born c.420). He died c.482.

[BAVZ121] Theodo of Bavaria (born c.450), DUKE OF BAVARIA, defeated the Roman army at Oettingen (520). He died c.530.

[BAVZ131] Agiluf (born c.470), married [GODO174] --- (born c.470, daughter of King Godegisel of Burgundy in Vienne, see BURGUNDY KINGDOM)

[BAVZ141] Agivald (born c.500).

[BAVZ151] Garibald I of Bavaria (born c.525), DUKE OF BAVARIA (c.555-90), married (c.555) [WACH152] Waldrada (widow, born c.525, daughter of [WACH141] King Wacho of the Lombards by Austrigusa of the Gepids). Waldrada had previously married 1. King Theudebald of the Franks; then 2. Chlothar I of the Franks.

[BAVZ162] Romilde of Bavaria (daughter of Garibald I) married [FRIO161] DUKE GISULF II OF FRIAUL [FRIULI], whose daughter [FRIO172] Geila married her first-cousin [BAVZ171] DUKE GARIBALD II, see below.

[BAVZ161] Tassilo I of Bavaria (born c.560, son of Garibald I), DUKE OF BAVARIA (c.591-610). He died c.610.

[BAVZ171] Garibald II of Bavaria (born c.590), DUKE OF BAVARIA (610-c.625), married his first-cousin [FRIO172] Geila of Friaul (born c.590, daughter of [FRIO161] DUKE GISULF II OF FRIAUL II, see above).

[BAVZ181] Agiluf of Bavaria (born c.612).

[BAVZ191] Theudo II of Bavaria (born c.635), DUKE OF BAVARIA. He died 11th December 716.

[BAVZ202] Oda of Bavaria (born c.667, daughter of Theodo II) married [SWAG201] Godefried (born c.637), DUKE GODEFRIED OF ALEMANNIA, see SWABIA DUKEDOM).


[BAVX201] Welpo/Isebrand (born c.735), Count in Bavaria. He died c.760.

[BAVX211] Welf (born c.765), Count of Altorf, He married [SAXH212] Helwig (born.c.778, daughter of Count Isanbart in Saxony, see COUNT HATRAD). Welf died c.825, and Heilwig (as Abbess of Chelles) died after 833.

[BURK301] Rudolf I of Ponthieu (born c.810, son of Count Welf), is described under JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM.

[BAVX222] Judith (born c.800, daughter of Count Welf) married (February 819) [CARO259] King Louis I of France (born 778, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[BAVX223] Emma (born c.811, daughter of Count Welf) married [CARO262] King Louis of Bavaria (born 806, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[BAVX221] Conrad I the elder (born c.811, son of Count Welf), Count of Paris, Count of the Schussengau, married [ALSX244] Adelaide de Tours (see ALSACE DUKEDOM). He died February 863, and Adelaide afterwards married 2. (864) Robert Capet.

[BURK319] Conrad II the younger (born c.837, son of Conrad) married Waldrada. See JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM for further details.

[BAVX231] Welf I (born c.835, son of Conrad I), Count of Altdorf.

[BAVX241] Edico/Ethico/Eticho (born c.860, son of Welf), Count of Altdorf, married [BABE253] Adellinde/Adelaide (born c.860, daughter of [BABE241] March Count Heinrich I, see BABENBURG). He died c.910.

[BAVX251] Heinrich II mit dem goldenen Wagen [=with the golden chariot] (born c.876, son & heir), Count of Altdorf, married Countess Atha of Hohenwarth (of disputed origin, with German sources giving entirely different versions). He was 1st DUKE OF LOWER BAVARIA. He died after 934, and Atha died sometime after 975.

[BAVX261] Rudolf I (born c.902, son & heir), Count of Altdorf & Ravensburg, was DUKE OF LOWER BAVARIA, married Seburgis von Swabia. He died March 940.

[BAVX271] Rudolf II (son & heir), Count of Altdorf, married [SWA2293] Itha (daughter of DUKE CONRAD, see SWABIA DUKEDOM). He was DUKE OF BAVARIA, and died 995, survived by Itha.

[BAVX281] Welf III, Count of Altdorf, married (c.1015) [LUXE323] Imiza/Irmtrude/Judith (born 1000, daughter of Count Frederick I of Moselle, see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY). Welf was DUKE OF BAVARIA and Count of Altdorf. He died 10th March 1030, and Imiza some time after 1057.

[BAVX292] Kunigunde (born c.1020, daughter of Welf II) married (c.1035-40) [ESTE361] March Count Albert-Azzo II of Este in Ferrara (see ESTE MARCH COUNTY).


[BAVA211] Liutpald I (born c.760), Count of Fresing (806-42), married  --- of Hohenkammer (daughter of Regino of Hohenkammer). He died c.842.

[BAVA221] Liutpald II (born c.785), Count in Bavaria (814-46), married Ilsana. He died c.846.

[BAVA231] --- of Bavaria (born c.810, son of Liutpald II).

[BAVA241] --- of Bavaria (born c.835, son of ---), Count in Bavaria, married [BURK314] --- of Ponthieu (born 840, daughter of Rudolf I, see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM).

[BAVA251] Luitpold (born c.860), March Count of Bavaria, March Count in Nordgau, Count in Carinthia, later DUKE OF BAVARIA, married 1. ---; then 2. Kunigunde (daughter of Palatine Count Berthold I of Swabia). Luitpold was killed in battle near Pressburg (4th July 907), and afterwards Kunigunde married 2. (913) King Conrad I of Germany (911-18). The second marriage was a "pledge of peace" following the beheading, on Konrad's orders, of Kunigunde's two brothers, Palatine Count Erkangerus and Berthold (21st January 917). The suggestion of Luitpold having been married twice, is based on it being unlikely that Kunigunde could have been the mother of his son Arnulf. She would have had to be born around 860-870, so would have been beyond child-bearing age when she married in Conrad in 913.

[BAVA261] Arnulf the bad (born c.890, son of Luitpold & his 1st wife), DUKE OF BAVARIA (907-37), married 1. Agnes of Hungary; then 2. (910) [LOM4312] Judith (born c.894, daughter of [LOM4301] Count Eberhard of Sulichgau, see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF FRIULI) KINGDOM). He died 14th July 937.

[BAVA271] Heinrich (born c.917, son of Arnulf & Judith), was Count of Bavaria. He died c.953.

[AUST371] Leopold (born c.940, son of Heinrich), is described under AUSTRIA DUKEDOM.

[BAVA282] Judith (born c.952, daughter of Heinrich) possibly married DUKE OTTO (see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS).

[SCHW381] Berthold I (born c.915, son of Arnulf & Judith) is described under SCHWEINFURT.


[ESTB371] Welf IV von Bavaria (born c.1035-40, son of [ESTE361] Albert-Azzo II & Kunigunde, see ESTE MARCH COUNTY) married 1. --- (from Italy); then 2. Ethelinde von Northeim (daughter of DUKE OTTO II), had no issue, (repudiated 1070, she afterwards married 2. Count Hermann of Calvelage); then 3. (1071) [FLAN332] Judith (widow of Tostig, brother of King Harold I of England, and daughter of Count Baldwin IV, see FLANDERS COUNTY). Welf was DUKE OF LOWER BAVARIA (1056-77), then UPPER BAVARIA (1070-77, deposed, & Duke again 1095-1101). Judith died 5th March 1094, and Welf died at Paphos, Cyprus, returning from Jerusalem (9th November 1101).

[ESTB381] Heinrich IX the black (born c.1074, daughter of Welf IV and Judith) married (c.1095) [SAX2372] Wulfhilde Billung (see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY). He was DUKE OF BAVARIA (1120-26). Both died in December 1126: Henry at Ravensburg (13th), and Wulfhild at Altdorf (29th).

[ESTB392] Judith (born c.1100, daughter of Heinrich) married (c.1119-21) [SWAB341] DUKE FREDERICK II (see SWABIA (HOUSE OF HOHENSTAUFEN) DUKEDOM).