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This chapter has been revised as the version set out in The Complete Peerage appears to have uncorrected errors.
The following is perhaps more accurate though not necessarily absolutely so.


[BERK351] Roger I de Berkeley senior was provost of Berkeley Manor (before 1071), and took the name Berkeley (c.1080). He was tenant-in-chief in Gloucs and Wilts at the Domesday Survey. He was the 1st feudal Lord of Berkeley, but then became a monk at Gloucester (1091), where he died c.1093.

[BERK361] Roger II de Berkeley junior, 2nd feudal Lord of Berkeley (1093), and died 1131, apparently without male issue.

[BERK362] Eustachius, of Nympesfield, (presumed brother of Roger II, and also father of William).

[BERK371] William de Berkeley (stated to be nephew & heir of Roger II, and assumed to be son & heir of Eustachius), founded Kingswood Abbey (1139), in accordance with his uncle Roger's wishes. The abbey was abandoned c.1149, and a second abbey was built on another site c.1169. Apparently, William was very much alive when his son Roger III succeeded to the Berkeley title (c.1131).

[BERK381] Roger III, 3rd feudal Lord of Berkeley (1131), was also feudal Lord of Dursley (c.1155). He suffered much in the wars between King Stephen and EMPRESS MATILDA, at the hands of Walter, son of Miles, 3rd Earl of Hereford. He married [TMON352] Rissa (daughter of Earl Robert, see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM). He was deprived of the manor of Berkeley etc (1152), apparently for refusing to recognise the authority of either King Stephen or EMPRESS MATILDA, though he was soon afterwards restored to the Honour of Dursley. He died 1170.



Berkeley Castle
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[BERK392] Alice (1st daughter, but not heir, of Roger) married (at Bristol, 1154) [HARD451] Maurice FitzRobert FitzHarding (born at Bristol c.1120, who afterwards took the surname Berkeley). Maurice, also known as Maurice the make peace, became 5th feudal Lord of Berkeley (1171) and died June 1190. Maurice's grandfather was Harding (see below).

[BERK391] Roger IV (born c.1127), feudal Lord of Dursley (1170), married [HARD453] Helen FitzHarding (daughter of Robert FitzHarding, see below). He died 1190, and Helen died abt. 12th January 1209.

[BERK402] Isabella of Dursley (born c.1162, daughter of Roger IV), married 1.  Josce de Dinan; then 2. [WALE451] Sir William de Walerand (see WALERAND), died 1236; then 3. Thomas de Rocheford.


[HARD421] Eodnoth, aka Harding de Meriet, Thane of Gloucester, Staller to both King Harold and King Edward the Confessor. He was killed 1068.

[HARD431] Harding of Gloucestershire, a merchant of Bristol. At the Domesday Survey, "Hearding" held Wheatenhurst (Gloucs) in pledge from Beorhtric, whilst in Somerset "Hearding son of Eodnoth" held  as tenant-in-chief Lopen, Goosebradon, Capland, Curry Rivel, Merriott, Buckland St. Mary and Discove. He died c.1125.

[HARD441] Robert FitzHarding the devout, (born c.1095, son of Harding) married Eve (allegedly daughter of Sir Estmond, which John Horace Round denounced as being "obviously absurd"). Robert founded the church and Monastery of St. Augustine in Bristol (1140), endowing it (1148). He became 4th feudal Lord of Berkeley (1155). In 1168, at Bristol, he entertained King Dermod MacMorough of Leinster, on his arrival to solicit succour from King Henry II.  Robert died 5th February 1170-71, followed soon after by Eve who died 12th March 1170-71.

 Robert FitzHarding (1171)
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nearby plaque

St. Augustine's church became Bristol Cathedral (1542), and in the Elder Lady Chapel of the Cathedral is a stone plaque commemorating Robert, which reads:

The Monument of Robert FitzHarding Lord of Berkeley descended from the

Kings of Denmark and Eva his wife by whom he had five sons and two

daughters. Maurice his Elder Son was the first of this Family that took the

name of Berkeley: This Robert FitzHarding laid the Foundation of this

Church and Monastery of St. Augustine in the year 1140 the fifth of King

Stephen dedicated and Endow'd it in 1148. He died in the year 1170 in the

17th of King Henry the Second This monument was repaired AD 1742.

[HARD452] Margery (3rd daughter of Robert) married [FOTH351] Otto FitzWilliam (see FITZOTTO).

[HARD453] Helen (eldest daughter of Robert) married [BERK391] Roger IV of Dursley (see above).

[HARD451] Maurice the make peace FitzRobert FitzHarding (born at Bristol, c.1120, eldest son of Robert), inherited the manors of Bray (Devon), Bedminster and Portbury (Som), Acton and Berkeley Harness (Glos), and later purchased the manors of Foxcote, Hampton [possibly Rockhampton], Hanham, and Purton (Glos). He married (at Bristol, 1154) [BERK392] Alice de Berkeley(1st daughter, but not heir, of Roger de Berkeley, see above). Maurice afterwards took the surname Berkeley, became 5th feudal Lord of Berkeley (1171) and died 16th June 1190. He was buried at Brentford Church (Middlesex).

[HARD462] Maud ([born c.1170], daughter of Maurice FitzRobert FitzHarding) married Helias III Brimpsfield (see BRIMPSFIELD BARONY).

[HARD461] Thomas the observer or temporiser (born c.1170, 2nd son of Maurice FitzRobert FitzHarding) married (c.1217) [SOME482] Joan (daughter of Sir Ralph, see SOMERY). Thomas became 7th feudal Lord of Berkeley (1220), succeeding his brother Robert the 6th feudal Lord. Thomas died 29th November 1243, and was buried at Bristol, St. Augustine. Joan's dower was settled c.1246, and she had the manors of Alkington, Cam, Coaley, Hinton and Hurst. She died 22nd May 1276, and near their tomb a modern brass plaque proclaims:


Thomas Berkeley

died 1243

Jone his wife

died 1276

Buried in this Cathedral Church

Thomas Berkeley (1243)
(13 February 2001)


[HARD471] Maurice the resolute (born 1218, eldest son and heir) married (c.1240) [FROY402] Isabel (daughter of [FROY391] Richard FitzRoy, who was an illegitimate son of [PLAN389] King John, see PLANTAGENET KINGS). Maurice attended the wars with France, and afterwards in North Wales. He was Knighted (before 1242), and became 8th feudal Lord of Berkeley (1243). He joined the Barons against King Henry III, and after the Battle of Lewes (14th May 1264) he thereby forfeit his lands, though they were restored to him after the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265). He died age 63 (4th April 1281), and was buried at Bristol, St. Augustine.

[HARD481] Thomas the wise (born at Berkeley, 1245) married (1267) [DERB413] Joan (daughter of Earl William, see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM). Thomas was at the Battle of Evesham, when under age, and for nearly every year for 50 years of his life was "employed either against the Welsh, the Scots or the French". He became 9th feudal Lord of Berkeley (1281), and was created 1st Lord Berkeley (1295).

He was made Vice-Constable of England (1297), was at the bloody Siege and defeat of the Scots at Falkirk (22nd July 1298). Here the Scots army was found posted behind a morass. This at first occasioned some loss to the English troops, entangled in the swamps. Moreover the Scots pikemen were drawn up in circular bodies, which showed an impenetrable front on all sides. But the English bowmen made openings, into which the cavalry rushed, and the Scots were destroyed with 30,000 left dead. Later, Thomas was also at the Siege of Caerlaverock (July 1300). He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314), paying a large sum for his ransom.

Thomas died at Berkeley (23rd July 1321, but it is not recorded where he was buried). Joan predeceased him (March 1310), and was certainly buried at St. Augustine's. In the wall between the South Choir Aisle and the Berkeley Chapel is a double tomb, which was originally prepared for Joan. Nearby a modern brass plaque proclaims:


Thomas Lord Berkeley

died 1321

Joan his wife

died 1309

Buried in this Cathedral Church


Thomas Berkeley (1321)
(13 February 2001)


[HARD491] Maurice the magnanimous (born c.1271) married 1. (1289) [ZOUC422] Eve (daughter of Eudo, see HARYNGWORTH (ZOUCHE) BARONY).

He distinguished himself in the Scottish Wars (1295-1318), and was at the Siege of Caerlaverock (July 1300). He became 2nd Lord Berkeley (1308), then Warden of Gloucester (1312), Captain of Berwick (1315), one of the Commissioners to Scotland (1316), Chief Justiciar of South Wales (1316), and Seneschal [Steward] of Aquitaine (1320). Shortly afterwards he joined Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster, in the rebellion against King Edward II and the Despenser family, and within six months of his father's death he was sent prisoner to Wallingford Castle (January 1322), where he died four years later (May 1326).

Maurice was initially buried at Wallingford, but was later reburied at Bristol, St. Augustine. Near Maurice's tomb in the Cathedral, a modern brass plaque proclaims:



Lord Berkeley

died 1326

Buried in this Cathedral Church

Maurice Berkeley (1326)
(13 February 2001)


Eve predeceased Maurice (December 1314) and was buried at Portbury Church (Somerset). Afterwards Maurice married 2. (c.1316) Isabel (widow of Earl Guy of Warwick, daughter of Earl Gilbert of Gloucester). Isabel died 1338.

[HARD502] Milicent (daughter of Maurice & Eve) married (c.1313) [MAUT501] Sir John (see MAUTRAVERS BARONY).