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[BERN281] Eadwulf ruled Bamburgh (c.886-c.913), covering an area between the Tyne and the Tweed.

[BERN291] Ealdred of Bamburgh, died c. 933.

[BERN301] Oswulf, Lord of Bamburgh, was Earl of Northumbria (947, 954). He died 966.

[BERN311] Eadwulf.

[BERN321] Waltheof (probably son of Eadwulf) of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria, died 1006.

[BERN339] Uhtred (son of Waltheof) married 1. [ALDH332] Ecgfrida (daughter of [ALDH321] Aldhun, Bishop of Lindisfarne in Chester-le-Street (990-95), then Bishop of Durham (995-1018)).


Durham Cathedral
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Norman Pillars in
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Uhtred received as her dowry 6 manors belonging to the Church. He later repudiated her (c.1000), and returned the dowry to the Bishop. (Ecgfrida afterwards married 2. Kilvert, a thane in Yorkshire, son of Ligulf; they later divorced and she took the veil.) Uhtred married 2. Sigen (daughter of Styr, son of Earl Ulf) on condition that he first killed Ulf's most hated enemy, Thurbrand, which deed Uhtred accomplished. Later, Uhtred married 3. [WESK352]  Elgiva (daughter of King Aethelred II of England, see ANGLO-SAXON KINGS). Uhtred was Earl of Northumbria (1006-16), and was murdered by Thurbrand the hold at Wihael (1016), thus avenging his father's murder a few years earlier. His widow Elgiva may then have married Uhtred's brother Eadulf Cudel.

[BERN342] Ealdgyth (Edith) (daughter & heiress of Uhtred & Elgiva) married [DUNB341] Lord Maldred (see DUNBAR EARLDOM).

[BERN341] Aldred (son of Uhtred & Ecgfrida) was Earl of Northumbria (1019-38). He avenged his father's murder, by killing Thurbrand the hold, but was in turn killed near Beverley by Thurbrand the hold's son Carl (1038). He left no male issue, and it was left to his grandson, Earl Waltheof, to wreak vengeance by killing the sons of Carl.

[BERN352] Aelflaeda (daughter of Aldred) married [NTHM321] Earl Siward (see NORTHUMBRIA (SIWARD) EARLDOM).

[BERN353] Aldgyth (daughter of Aldred) married [LUML301] Ligulf de Aldithley (see LUMLEY)