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there being many versions of the descent

[BALI411] Guy de Bailleul (born c. 980).

[BALI421] Guy de Bailleul (born c.1012).

[BALI431] Reginald de Balliol (born c.1040), Sheriff of Shropshire. He died at Bywell, Northumbs, (1086).

[BALI441] Guy de Balliol (born at Piquigny, Picardy, c.1065, son of Reginald), 1st Baron of Bywell, married Dionesia/Dionysia. He built a timber castle, afterwards rebuilt in stone by his nephew Bernard, see later. Guy died c.1125, without male issue, and was succeeded in the Bywell title by his nephew [BALI451] Reginald aka Bernard, see later.

[BALI452] Hawise de Balliol (daughter of Guy) married [BERT451] William I Bertram (born c.1099, see BERTRAM below).

[BALI442] Hugh de Balliol (born c.1065, younger son of Reginald). He died 1112.

[BALI451] Reginald aka Bernard I de Balliol (born c.1095, son of Hugh, and heir of his uncle Guy), 2nd Baron of Bywell, married Mathilde. He extended the original timber castle built by his uncle Guy, afterwards known as Barnard Castle. He fought alongside King Stephen at the Battle of Lincoln (2nd February 1141), and was captured by Empress Matilda's forces.

Barnard Castle ruins
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[BALI462] --- [perhaps Hawise] (born c.1137, daughter of Reginald) married [VERN381] Warin de Vernon (see VERNON).

[BALI461] Eustace de Balliol (born c.1140, son of Reginald aka Bernard), 3rd Baron of Bywell.

[BALI471] Hugh de Balliol (born c.1180), 4th Baron of Bywell, married Cecily de Fontaines.

[BALI481] John de Balliol born c.1212), 5th Baron of Bywell, married [GALL403] Lady Dervorguilla of Galloway (see GALLOWAY). He died 1268 and his widow Dervorguilla founded (April 1273) Sweetheart Abbey. She died 28th January 1289-90.

[BALI492] Matilda (daughter of John) married [FITZ491] Brian FitzAlan (see FITZALAN OF BEDALE).

[BALI491] John de Balliol (born 1249, son of John), King of Scotland (1292-96), died 1314.



[BERT411] William de Bertram.

[BERT421] Robert de Bertram.

[BERT431] William de Bertram (born at Dignan, France, c.1050) [BOST432] married --- de Bostenburgh (daughter of Thurstan de Bostenburgh [just possibly [CHAP391] Richard Thurstan Haldup de Bastembourg, see CHAPELLE-SAINT-SAUVEUR].

[BERT441] Richard I de Bertram (born c.1076) married [MITF442] Sybilla Mitford (born c.1080, daughter of Lord John of Mitford, Northumberland).
       Mitford Castle ruins
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[BERT451] William I de Bertram (born c.1099), feudal Lord of Mitford, married 1. [BALI452] Hawise de Baliol (daughter of Guy de Baliol, see BALLIOL above); then 2. Hawise de Merlay.

[BERT461] Roger I de Bertram (born c.1126, son of William & his 1st wife Hawise), feudal Lord of Mitford, married [MORB442] Ada de Morville (daughter of Sir Simon de Morville, see MORVILLE). He died September 1177.

[BERT471] William II de Bertram (born 1157), 1st Baron Mitford, married (c.1180) [UMFR473] Alice de Umfreville (daughter of Odinell II, see PRUDHOE (D'UMFREVILLE) FEUDAL BARONY). He obtained a grant (1204) of the Manor of Felton. He built the keep at Mitford Castle, but the strengthening work there was completed after his death. He died in 1206, and the wardship of his under-age son and heir, Roger, was granted to Peter de Brus, Baron of Skelton & Danby.

[BERT481] Roger II de Bertram (born 23rd April 1187), 2nd Baron Mitford, married Agnes de Emmely de Mitford. He died May 1242. Agnes died August 1253,

[BERT492] Agnes de Bertram (born c.1222, daughter of Roger) married [FWIL461] Sir Thomas FitzWilliam of Sprotbrough (see FITZWILLIAM).