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[BIRK401] Gamel held several lands in the West Riding, Yorks, before the Conquest, and (unusually for an Anglo-Saxon) held Birkin as sub-tenant of Ilbert de Lacy at the time of the Domesday Survey. Also, Gamel and his son Ulf together held Hazel Wood (near Tadcaster) in pre-Conquest days.

[BIRK411] Ulf (assumed son of Gamel).

[BIRK421] Essulf/Assulf (probably son of Ulf).

 [BIRK431] Peter FitzAsculf (eldest son of Essulf) married [LASC432] Emma de Lascelles (daughter of Roger, see LASCELLES). This is an interesting example of an Anglo-Saxon marrying a wife of Norman origin.

 [BIRK441] Adam FitzPeter de Birkin (born c.1135, also referred to in the Pipe Rolls (1166) as Adam son of Peter son of Essulf. He married 1. Matilda (probably sister of Adam FitzSwane); then 2. (c.1165) [CAUX442] Matilda de Caux (daughter of Lord Robert, see CAUX). Adam died c.1184.

[BIRK452] --- ([born c.1166], daughter of Adam & his 2nd wife Matilda) married (c.1182) [VAVA441] Sir Robert of Hazelwood (see VAVASOUR).

[BIRK451] John de Birkin (son & heir of Adam & his 2nd wife Matilda) held lands at Birkin and Towton Manor (Yorks), and Laxton (Notts). He married 1. [LENV452] Joan l'Enveise (daughter of [LENV441] Jordan l'Enveise (see ENVEISE), died 1221; then 2. Agnes (sister & coheir of Hugh de Flamville, and widow of 1. William de Percy of Kirkdale, de Flamville). John succeeded his first-cousin [CAUX452] Matilda de Caux (widow of Ralph FitzStephen) as Chief Forester (1223), see CAUX, and possibly held Laxton Manor (Notts) after 1224 too, through his first-cousin Matilda. John was dead by 1227. He was subsequently mentioned in a suit concerning the patronage of Shelford Priory (Notts) (1258), wherein he is recorded as being the grandfather of Adam de Everingham. (However, Adam lost the suit in favour of William Bardolf.)

[BIRK462] Isabel (born 1209, daughter of John & Joan) married [EVEM461] Robert de Everingham (see EVERINGHAM BARONY).

[BIRK461] Thomas de Birkin (born 1204, son & heir of John & Joan) married (1225) [LINC413] Joan de Lacy (born at Birkin, c.1215, daughter of Earl John of Lincoln, see LINCOLN (EUSTACE then LACY) EARLDOM). Thomas died without issue (October 1230), and afterwards Joan married (1231) [LONC471] Sir Henry (see LONGCHAMP). His heir to the Caux Barony and custody of Sherwood Forest was his sister Isabel, by then married to [EVEM461] Robert de Everingham (see EVERINGHAM BARONY).