in North Yorkshire

[BODD611] Richard Body and Thomasin had four children born at Melmerby, and baptised at Wath juxta Ripon as follows:

Stephen (baptised 10th January 1663/4);

[BODD621] Christopher (baptised 14th July 1667), married 1. Sarah Wilkinson; had a relationship with 2. Ann Wilkinson, 3. Martha Ripley, see later;

Richard (baptised 26th June 1670);

James (baptised 4th August 1674).

Richard died at Melmerby (buried at Wath, 20th September 1697), and Thomasin died at Melmerby also (buried at Wath, 20th May 1714).

[BODD621] Christopher Body (born 1667) married 1. (at Wath, 19th May 1696) Sarah Wilkinson.

Wath Church
(1 October 1983)

They had no children, and Sarah died ten months after their marriage, probably in child-birth. Shortly afterwards, Christopher had an illegitimate child by 2. Sarah's sister Ann Wilkinson at Norton Conyers:

Valentine (baptised at Wath 14th February 1696/7), married 1. (at Wath, 4th November 1724) Elizabeth Maston; then 2. (at Pickhill, 15th November 1732) Jane Bell.

Later, Christopher alleged he married 3. ("by Mr Dawson, minister of Farnham, in the parish of Farnham, in the latter part of 1697") [RIPL622] Martha Ripley. [However, there is no confirmation in the parish register there, though the curate at that time was certainly George Dawson.] Christopher and Martha had two children born at Melmerby, and baptised at Wath as follows:

Richard (baptised 6th November 1698), shown as buried at Wath (18th May 1703);

[BODD631] Christopher (baptised 16th November 1701), possibly mis-recorded thus by the minister, and was actually intended as Richard, married Ellen ---, see later.

Martha died at Melmerby (buried at Wath, 24th May 1703). Later, Christopher married (or simply lived with) 4. Elizabeth ---. Christopher and Elizabeth had five children, born at Melmerby and baptised at Wath as follows:

Ann (baptised 27th January 1705, but not known if 1704/5 or 1705/6), died young (buried at Wath, 15th June 1707);

Christopher (baptised 21st September 1707);

Leonard (baptised 30th July 1710);

Stephen (baptised 28th April 1713), died a few weeks old (July 1713);

Elizabeth (baptised 20th June 1716), died young (buried at Wath, 4th July 1722).

Elizabeth "wife of Christopher, a poor man" died at Melmerby (October 1727), and was survived by Christopher.

[BODD631] Richard Body (born 1701, presumed to be the child recorded as being baptised "Christopher") and his wife Ellen --- had four children, born and baptised at Middleton Quernhow as follows:

Elizabeth (baptised 13th June 1724);

Ellin (baptised 25th June 1726), died age 2 (buried at Middleton, 14th August 1728);

Martha (baptised 8th April 1731), married (at Topcliffe, 19th April 1756) John Allen, witnessed by Richard Body (Martha's brother);

[BODD641] Richard (baptised 27th April 1734), married Isabel Tanfield, see later.

Richard (a householder) died at Middleton Quernhow (5th April 1779, buried there 7th April 1779), and Ellen died at Middleton Quernhow also (5 months later, 17th September 1779, buried there 19th September 1779).

[BODD641] Richard Body (born 1734). Prior to his marriage, Richard lived for a while at Topcliffe, where he witnessed two marriages, those of his sister Martha to John Allen (19th April 1756) and his friend John Latra to Anne Ladd (14th June 1761). Whilst at Topcliffe, he met [TANF642] Isabel Tanfield (born 1742, see TANFIELD), and married her (at Wath, 1st September 1762), witnessed by Robert Dickson and John Prist. Altogether Richard and Isabel had ten children as follows:

Richard (baptised at Topcliffe, 27th December 1762), cohabited with (by 1788) Mercy Myers;

William (born at a place unknown, 1763, though it is equally possible he was not Richard's son), married (at Pickhill, 21st November 1787) Mary Jackson, witnessed by John Lancaster and Henry Raper;

Christopher (born at Middleton Quernhow, baptised at Wath, 2nd June 1765), died young;

John (born at Middleton Quernhow, baptised at Wath, 28th February 1768), married (at Kirkby Malzeard, 19th August 1793) Emey Gill, witnessed by Jane Richmond and John Wood;

Jane (born at Middleton Quernhow, baptised at Wath, 15th September 1770), married (at Topcliffe, 22nd November 1790) Thomas Husthwaite, witnessed by Simon Dawson and John Thorpe;

Christopher (born at Middleton Quernhow, baptised at Wath, 10th April 1773), married (at Thirsk, 23rd November 1797) Elizabeth Cook nee Garside, witnessed by J Body (Christopher's brother) and B Brookbank. Elizabeth had previously married 1. (at Thirsk, 5th July 1790) Richard Cook, witnessed by J Daniel and Wm Rinkney;

Elizabeth (born at Middleton Quernhow, baptised at Wath, 27th October 1776), married (at Topcliffe, 5th June 1797) William Dickson, witnessed by William Cook and Leonard Kirby;

[BODD651] Thomas (born at Middleton Quernhow, 7th February 1779, baptised at Wath, 9th February 1779), married Elizabeth Sadler, see later;

George (born at Middleton Quernhow, 7th January 1782, baptised at Wath, 9th January 1782), married (at Wath, 28th November 1803) Elizabeth Burns, witnessed by Thos Dalton and Mark Dalton. Her surname later corrected to Burnsides at her request;

Ellen (born at Middleton Quernhow, 7th September 1785, baptised at Wath, 8th September 1785), died age 51 (1838).

Richard died (age 82) at Middleton Quernhow (buried there 14th February 1816), and Isabel died (age 84) at Middleton Quernhow also (buried there 22nd March 1825).

[BODD651] Thomas Body (born 1779), a bridle cutter of Wath, married (at Ripon, 15th May 1799) [SADL652] Elizabeth Sadler (born 1778, see SADLER), witnessed by Simon Britain and Henry Thompson. They had ten children as follows:

[BODD661] Thomas (born at Baldersby, 14th November 1799, baptised at Topcliffe, 19th November 1799), married Sarah Harrison, see later;

Richard (born at Baldersby, 5th November 1801, baptised at Topcliffe, 6th December 1801), married (at Kirklington, 16th December 1822) Mary Boddy, who was unrelated, witnessed by John Body and Robert Place (parish clerk);

Mary (born at Baldersby, 13th October 1803, baptised at Topcliffe, 28th October 1803);

Christopher (born at Baldersby 6th July 1805, baptised at Topcliffe, 4th August 1805), married 1. (at Pickhill 29th September 1827) Ann Cow, witnessed by Thomas Chandler and William Prince (Christopher's future brother-in-law); then 2. (at Acklam, 30th March 1835) Mary Cow, witnessed by Robert Atkinson and Oliver Bowes;

Elizabeth (born at Pickhill, baptised there 18th January 1807), married (at Bedale, 24th November 1827) William Prince, witnessed by William Boddy and William Husthwaite (Elizabeth's cousin);

Isabella (born at Pickhill, 29th March 1808, baptised there 3rd April 1808), married (at Kirby Hill, 24th July 1828) John Lawson, witnessed by Elizabeth Gregg and George Lawson (John's brother);

Robert (born at Pickhill, 13th September 1810, baptised there 30th September 1810), lived 3 weeks;

Robert (born at Pickhill, 20th August 1811, baptised there 25th August 1811), married (at Kirby Hill, 23rd May 1832) Jane Moyser, witnessed by Frances Ianson and Philip Ianson;

William (born at Sinderby, baptised at Pickhill, 26th June 1814), married 1. (at Pickhill, 27th December 1834) Jane Robinson, witnessed by William Prince (William's brother-in-law) and Richard Robinson; then 2. (at Pickhill, 22nd July 1848) Elizabeth Husthwaite, witnessed by John Routledge and Thomas Thompson; then 3. (at Thirsk, Wesleyan Chapel, 9th May 1866) Frances Douthwaite, witnessed by Thomas Eglin and Elizabeth Eglin;

John (born at Sinderby, baptised at Pickhill, 7th December 1817), was apparently apprenticed to John Hutchinson, shoe maker, at Maunby (in the parish of Kirby Wiske). He married (at Pickhill, 7th May 1842) Hannah Stott, witnessed by Richard Robinson and Mary Thompson.

Thomas was variously a bridle cutter, tanner and saddler. Elizabeth died (age 70, of dropsy) at Sinderby (13th March 1848, buried at Pickhill, 17th March 1848). Thomas died (age 78, of an enlarged prostate gland) at Sinderby also (16th November 1856, buried at Pickhill, 20th November 1856). The headstone at Pickhill above their grave reads as follows:


to the Memory of


the wife of Thomas Boddy.


who died March 13th 1848.

Aged 70 Years.

Also of the above


who died Novbr 17th 1856.

Aged 78 Years.

Grave at Pickhill
(1 October 1983)


Thomas' date of death is at variance with the date shown on his death certificate (16th November), suggesting he probably died during the night of 16th-17th November.

[BODD661] Thomas Boddy (born 1799), a saddler, married (at Pickhill, 29th November 1819) [HARR662] Sarah Harrison (born 1799, see HARRISON), witnessed by Hannah Cooper and John Hustwaite (Thomas' cousin). Sarah (whose parents lived in York) had presumably been in service in the Pickhill area. They had eleven children, born at Sinderby and baptised at Pickhill as follows:

[BODD671] John (baptised 5th November 1820), boot maker, apparently went to York (together with another boot maker Richard Blakeborough from Pickhill) and lived for a while with William Clough, boot maker. John afterwards moved to Leeds, where he married Jane Hammond, see later;

Elizabeth (baptised 13th January 1822), lived 23 months;

Christopher (baptised 31st August 1823), married 1. (at Pickhill, 27th September 1856) Mary Moody, witnessed by John and William Boddy (both Christopher's brothers); then 2. (at Thirsk, Wesleyan Chapel, 5th July 1878) Mary Eleanor Stead, witnessed by John Nelson and James Eden;

Elizabeth (baptised 19th October 1824), married (at Pickhill, 10th May 1851) George Colthart, witnessed by William Boddy (Elizabeth's brother) and Thomas Pawlett;

Thomas (baptised 2nd April 1826), emigrated to Natal on the "Narcissus" (1852), where he married (at Mount Pleasant, York, 2nd January 1860) Anne Clarke (daughter of John Clarke, originally from Carthorpe, near Sinderby). Anne died (November 1899), followed by Thomas (17th August 1905);

William (baptised 10th December 1827), married (at York, St. Sampson, 20th May 1862) Ann Horsman, witnessed by Thomas Smith (Ann's brother-in-law) and Mary Agnes Wilson;

Mary (baptised 22nd February 1829), married (at Pickhill, 3rd June 1851) Richard Scruton Marshall, witnessed by Elizabeth Boddy (Mary's sister) and Thomas Pawlett;

Jane (baptised 14th September 1830), married 1. (at Pickhill, 10th March 1864) Thomas Groves, witnessed by John Routledge and Christiana Topham; then 2. (at Catterick, 16th August 1873) James Metcalfe, witnessed by William Boddy (Jane's brother) and Isabella Gibson;

Sarah (baptised 20th May 1832), married (at Pickhill, 19th June 1852) Thomas Hirst, witnessed by Christopher Boddy (Sarah's brother) and William Trueman;

Ellen (baptised 16th March 1835), died age 13 (buried at Pickhill, 22nd April 1848);

Henry (baptised 26th July 1836), married (at Pickhill, 14th May 1864) Frances Braithwaite, witnessed by William Boddy (Henry's brother) and Mary Braithwaite (Frances' sister).

At the 1841 Census, their daughter Elizabeth (age 15) was a female servant with Thomas Sturdy, and family, at Maunby (in the parish of Kirby Wiske). Lodging nearby was (apparently) her uncle John Boddy, shoe maker apprentice with John Hutchinson, shoe maker.

The family continued to live at Sinderby, where Thomas was (by 1851) a fell monger. Sarah died (age 63, of heart disease) at Sinderby (3rd December 1862, buried at Pickhill, 6th December 1862). Thomas died (age 64, of bronchitis) at Sinderby also (27th November 1864, buried at Pickhill, 30th November 1864). By Thomas' Will he left his property and household goods to his youngest son, Henry. He left his "dwelling houses, shop, buildings and premises" in Brunswick Street, West Hartlepool, to his brother William Boddy and friend Thomas Severs (wool stapler of Ripon) for them to sell at the best price and to share the proceeds amongst his children, including Thomas at present in Port Natal. However, at the 1861 Census, his married daughter Sarah Hirst was already at 19 Brunswick Street, where her husband Thomas Hirst was grocer. At the 1881 Census the Hirst family were then at 33 Brunswick Street, so it may be the property was not sold in accordance with the Will.

[BODD671] John Boddy (born 1820) went to Leeds for work in the 1840's, where he married Jane Hammond (born 1825, see HAMMOND). See JOHN BODDY for full details.


Thomas Boddy = Elizabeth Sadler
1841 Census  1249/4-5  Sinderby
Thomas      BODDY            60 saddler
Elizabeth   BODDY            60
William     Boddy            25    [widower]
Christopher Boddy            10    [son of Thomas junior]
Jane        Boddy             5    [daughter of William]
1851 Census  2371-104  Sinderby
Thomas      BODDY senior H M 72 saddler              Sinderby
William     Boddy        S M 36 sadler               Sinderby
Elizabeth   Boddy        D M 30                      Cattton
Jane        Boddy        D - 15                      Leeming Lane
Thomas      Boddy        S -  2                      Sinderby
William     Boddy        S -  3m                     Sinderby
Thomas      Boddy        ? U 25 saddler, journeyman  Sinderby
Thomas Boddy = Sarah Harrison
1841 Census  1249/4-5  Sinderby
Thomas      BODDY            41 saddler   [age altered to 40]
Sarah       BODDY            42           [age altered to 41]
William     Boddy            13
Mary        Boddy            12
Jane        Boddy            11
Sarah       Boddy             9
Ellenor     Boddy             7
Henry       Boddy             6
1841 Census  1341/8-7  Kirby Wiske, Maunby
Thomas      Sturdy           83 ind
            and family, plus:
Thomas      Duck             15 ag lab
Elizabeth   Boddy            15 f.s.   [age 17 altered to 15]
1851 Census  2371-104  Sinderby
Thomas      BODDY junior H M 46 fell monger          Baldersby
Sarah       BODDY        W M 50                      Sutton ***
Elizabeth   Boddy        D U 26                      Sinderby
William     Boddy        S U 24 fell monger          Sinderby
Jane        Boddy        D U 20 glover               Sinderby
Sarah       Boddy        D U 18 glover               Sinderby
Henry       Boddy        S - 14 glover               Sinderby
1861 Census  3633-124  Sinderby
Thomas      BODDY        H M 60 fell monger & glover Baldersby
Sarah       BODDY        W M 61                      Sutton ***
Jane        Boddy        D U 28                      Sinderby
Henry       Boddy        S U 24 fell monger & glover Sinderby
John        Boddy        S M 40 shoe maker           Sinderby
Christopher Harrison     B$M 45 cooper               York
                          $ Christopher was brother-in-law and not brother
            *** Sutton under White Stone Cliffe