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[BOTH621] John Booth married 1. (at Kendal, 4th May 1690) Isable Birch, both of Kirkland. They had one child baptised at Kendal as follows:

Isable, wife of John, died at Kirkland (buried at Kendal, 5th September 1691). Presumably John remarried soon afterwards, and he had five further children as follows.

[BOTH631] John Booth (born 1695, a weaver of Middleton in Kirkby Lonsdale) obtained a licence (dated 29th September 1735) to marry [BARR632] Margaret Barrow (of Stainton in Heversham, age 24, see BARROW). The bondsman was Margaret's brother, William Barrow (husbandman of Killington). The marriage took place at Lancaster, St. Mary, (30th September 1735).



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They had four children born and baptised at Middleton, and one other at Sedbergh, as follows:

John (yeoman) died at Abbot Holme (in Marthwaite in Sedbergh), and was buried at Middleton (23rd February 1757). Margaret was bonded to execute John's will, witnessed by their son Richard (yeoman of Marthwaite in Sedbergh) and John's brother-in-law William Bownas (of Kirkby Lonsdale parish). Beneficiaries included his wife Margaret, their eldest [surviving] son Richard (to receive Abbot Holme), John's brother-in-law William Bownas (husbandman of Middleton Hall), and their younger sons John and James.

Margaret died at Milnthrop/Milnthorp (in Sedbergh, present-day Millthrop) and was buried at Middleton (17th May 1767). She left no will and her estate was administered by her son Richard Booth (yeoman, of Amertholme [Abbot Holme]), Richard's father-in-law James Spicer (yeoman) and Gilbert Wilson (weaver, who a year later married Elizabeth Hadwen, son of John Hadwen).

[BOTH641] Richard Booth (born 1743) married by licence (at Sedbergh, 13th April 1765) [SPIC642] Jane Spicer (born 1742, see SPICER).




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Unusually, there were 5 witnesses to the marriage: Edmund Spicer (Jane's brother), John Taylor (who afterwards married Jane's sister Margaret), John Booth (Richard's brother), John Hadwen (possibly a distant relative as her grandmother was a Hadwen) and Henery Ellis (parish clerk).


Richard and Jane had eleven children, born at either Sedbergh or Dent, but all were baptised at Sedbergh as follows:

Richard died at Dent, Rash, (buried at Dent, 6th April 1790).

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Jane died at Sedbergh (buried there 7th July 1807). (Jane’s entry in the burial register unusually reads: “Jane widow of Richard Booth and daughter of James and Margaret Spicer”.)

[BOTH652] Isabel Booth (born 1776, daughter of Richard) married (at Dent, 14th November 1796) [SHEP651] John Shepherd (born 1773, see SHEPHERD).