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[BOUL281] Adalolf/Aethelwulf of Flanders (younger son of [FLAN281] Count Baldwin II, see FLANDERS COUNTY) married 1. ---; then 2. Mahaut de Crequy). He was Count of Boulogne (918-33), and died 13th November 933.

[GANT311] Ralph (son of Aethewuilf & [possibly] Mahaut), is described under GANT.

[BOUL292] Maud de Saint-Pol (daughter of Adalolf & Mahaut) married [PONT281] Count William I (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[BOUL291] Arnoul de Boulogne (son of Adalolf & Mahaut), Count of Boulogne (933-64). He died 964.

[BOUE301] Ernicule (2nd son of Arnoul).

[BOUE312] Mathilde (daughter of Ernicule) married  [GUIS311] Count Ardolf (see GUISNES COUNTY).

[BOUL301] Guy (1st son of Arnoul) de Boulogne died some time after 972.

[BOUL311] Baldwin, Count of Boulogne, married [HOLL329] Aleida (see HOLLAND COUNTY). He was killed in battle (1033), and afterwards Aleida married 2. [PONT311] Count Enguerrand (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[BOUL321] Eustace I (son of Baldwin & Aleida), presumably under age at his father's death, and later the adopted son of his great-uncle Count Ernicule after his mother remarried) was Count of Boulogne (1042). He married [LOUV332] Mahaud (daughter of Count Lambert I, see LOUVAIN). Eustache died c.1049.

[LENS331] Lambert de Boulogne-sur-Mer (son of Eustace I) is described under LENS COUNTY.

[BOUL332] Gerberge (daughter of Eustace I) married [FRED321] DUKE FREDERICK II (see LOWER LORRAINE (HOUSE OF LUXEMBOURG) DUKEDOM).

[BOUL331] Eustace II (son of Eustace I), Count of Boulogne, married 1. (1036) Godgifu (sister of King Edward the Confessor, and widow of Count Drew of the Vexin, see SUDELEY, died 1035). Godgifu died 1049, and Eustace afterwards married 2. [LOTU352] Ida (daughter of DUKE GODEFROI, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF VERDUN) DUKEDOM).

Eustace fought at the Battle of Hastings (1066) and was rewarded with land in England. At the Domesday Survey, Count Eustace held vast lands Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk and Surrey; whilst Countess Ida of Boulogne held land in Dorset, Somerset and Surrey.

Eustace died 1093.

[BOLL342] Godfrey (son of Eustace II & Ida) became DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE, and King of Jerusalem. See under BOUILLON below for full details.

[BOUL341] Eustace III (son of Eustace II & Ida), Count of Boulogne, married (1101-02) [CANM432] Mary (daughter of King Malcolm III, see SCOTTISH KINGS). He died c.1125.

[BOUL352] Matilda (born c.1104, daughter & heir of Eustace) married (before 1125) [STEP351] Count Stephen of Mortain, who afterwards became King Stephen of England, see NORMAN KINGS).


[BOLL342] Godfrey IV (born c.1060, son of [BOUL331] Eustace II & Ida, see above) inherited from his maternal uncle (1076) Verdun County and Bouillon Castle, thereafter being known as Godfrey de Bouillon. He became DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1087-1100), see also LORRAINE (HOUSE OF BOUILLON) DUKEDOM. He captured Jerusalem (1099) and was made Advocate of the Holy Sepulchre (1099-1100), see also JERUSALEM. He married [MAND352] Beatrice (daughter of Geoffrey de Mandeville, see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM). Godfrey died in Jerusalem (July 1100).

[BOLL351] William Bouillon (born c.1081) and died c.1130.

[BOLL361] William (but known as Pharamus) Bouillon, Seigneur de Tyngrie. He married Mathilda, and died c.1184.

[BOLL372] Sibyl Bouillon de Tyngrie (born c.1132, daughter & sole heiress of William) married [FIES391] Seigneur Ingelram I (see FIENNES).