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The Brus family also held the Forest and Lordship of Danby, given to Robert de Brus by King William II (1089).
Robert built Castleton Castle at Danby, which is not to be confused with Castleton in Derbyshire.
Castleton Castle was eventually superseded in the 14th Century by the more modern Danby Castle

  Danby Castle
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[BRUS351] Adam I de Brus (born c.1105, son of [BRUC441] Lord Robert I, see ANNANDALE LORDSHIP), Lord of Skelton, married (c.1126-28) [AUMA352] Agnes of Aumale (daughter of Count Stephen, see AUMALE COUNTY). He died 1143, and afterwards Agnes married 2. Earl William de Roumare of Lincoln.

[BRUS361] Adam II de Brus (born 1134, son & heir), Lord of Skelton, married (c.1170) [ARCS369] Juetta/Ivetta d'Arches (born c.1138, daughter & heiress of William d'Arches, see ARCHES). He died 11th May 1196, and Jueta died 1206.

[BRUS372] Isabel (born c.1174, daughter of Adam II) married 1. (c.1188) [PERZ371] Henry de Percy (see PERCY), died 1196-97; then 2. Roger Nauduit.

[BRUS371] Peter I de Brus (born c.1165), Lord of Skelton, married [EUST412] Joan de Laci (daughter of John FitzRichard FitzEustace, see FITZEUSTACE). He died in 1222.

[BRUS382] Agnes de Brus (born c.1192, daughter of Peter & Joan) married [FRID451] William de Lancaster (born c.1189, see KENDAL (2)).

[BRUS381] Peter II de Brus (born c.1181, son of Peter), Lord of Skelton, Justice Itinerant of Northumberland (1226), married [FRID453] Hawise de Lancaster (born c.1190, daughter of Gilbert FitzRoger, see KENDAL (2)), which means Peter married his sister Agnes' sister-in-law. Peter died September 1241, apparently at Marseilles on his way home from the Holy Land.

[BRUS392] Lucy de Brus (2nd daughter of Peter II) married [THWE381] Sir Marmaduke (see THWENG).

[BRUS393] Laderina de Brus (born c.1219, 4th daughter) married [BELU481] Lord John de Bella Aqua of Carlton (see BELLEW).