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(Upper Burgundy)

[BURK301] Rudolf I of Ponthieu (born c.810, son of Count Welf, see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM), Count in Ponthieu, married [ALSX245] Roduna (born c.810, daughter of Hugo de Tours, see ALSACE DUKEDOM). Rudolf died 6th January 866.

 [BURK314] --- of Ponthieu (daughter of Rudolf I) married [BAVA241] --- of Bavaria (see BAVARIA (LUITPOLDING DYNASTY) DUKEDOM).

 [PASS251] Rudolf II (possibly son of Rudolf I), Count in Augstgau, is dealt with under AUGSTGAU COUNTY.

[BURK319] Conrad II the younger (born c.830, son of Count Rudolf), Count of Paris, March Count of Transjurania, and Count of Auxerre. He married 1. Waldrada; then 2. [LOM2292] Judith (born c.838, daughter of March Count Eberhard, see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF FRIULI) KINGDOM). Judith died c.863, and Conrad died 22nd March 882.

[BURK322] Adelaide (daughter of Conrad & Waldrada) married (888) [JUST311] Count Richard II (see BURGUNDY DUKEDOM).

[BURK323] Adelgunde (daughter of Conrad & Judith) married [BETU281] Count Ehrenfried (see TEISTERBANT).

[BURK321] Rodolphe I (son of Conrad of Waldrada), Count of Auxerre. He married (888) [PRO5325] Willa de Provence (born 873, daughter of King Boson V of Provence, see PROVENCE KINGDOM), and was King of Upper Burgundy (888-912), and died 25th October 911. Afterwards Willa married King Hugh of Provence and Italy (see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM).

[BURK333] Princess Waldrada (daughter of Rodolphe I) married (c.921-23) [SPOZ321] March Count Boniface I (see BOLOGNA & SPOLETO COUNTIES).

[BURK334] Princess Willa von Burgundy (daughter of Rodolphe I) married Marquis Boson (see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY).

[BURK331] Rodolphe II (son of Rodolphe I) married (c.922) [RATH262] Bertha (daughter of DUKE BURCHARD, see RATHIEN COUNTY). He was King of Upper Burgundy (912-33), King of Italy (922-26, abdicated), King of the Lombards (922-26, abdicated), King of (united) Burgundy (933-37), and died July 937. Afterwards Bertha was seized by Hugh of Arles, King of Italy (926-47), who then married her (December 937), see PROVENCE KINGDOM (TURIN LINE). She died 965-66.

[BURK343] Adelaide (daughter of Rodolphe I) married 1. King Lothair of Italy (died 950); possibly then 2. (950) Adalbert of Ivrea; then 3. (at Pavia, October/November 951) [SAXY279] EMPEROR OTTO I (see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY).

[BURK341] Conrad I the peaceful (born at Arles, c.925, son of Rodolphe II) married 1. Adela/Adelana, died c.963-64; then 2. (c.964) [CARO302] Matilda (born at Laon, 943, daughter of King Louis IV, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). Matilda died c.981-92. He also had a mistress, Aldiud (wife of Anselm). Conrad was King of Burgundy (937-93) and died 19th October 993.

[BURK353] Bertha (daughter of Conrad I & Matilda) married 1. (c.983-86) [BLOI311] Count Eudes I (see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY); then 2. (997) King Robert II the pious of France, divorced September 1011.

[BURK356] Matilda (daughter of Conrad & Matilda) married [GENX321] --- (unnamed son of [GENV311] Count Robert, see GENEVA COUNTY).

[BURK359] Gerberga (born 965, daughter of Conrad I & Matilda) married 1. [WERL301] Count Hermann I (see WERL COUNTY), died c.986; then 2. (c.988) [SWA2291] DUKE HERMAN II (see SWABIA DUKEDOM).