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then KINGS OF THE FRANKS from 954


[ROBE261] Hugh (son of [CARO249] Charlemagne & a concubine, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE) was Abbot of St. Quentin and St. Bertin. He died fighting the Saracens (June 844).

[ROBE272] Petronille (born 825, daughter of Hugh) married [ANJO261] Tortulf (see ANJOU COUNTY).

[ROBE271] Hugh (son of Hugh), was Abbot.

[CAMB261] Adalheim (son of Hugh), Count of Laon is dealt with under CAMBRAI COUNTY.

[ROBE281] Robert le fort [=the strong] (son of Hugh), March Count of Neustria, Count of Angers (852), Counts of Blois, Tours and Autun (probably 865), Counts of Auxerre and Nevers (probably 865). He married 1. Agane; then 2. [CARO264] Adelaide de Tours (daughter of King Louis I, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). Robert was killed fighting the Vikings at Brissarthe, le Mans, (866).

Robert's eldest son, Count Odo of Paris (860-98), distinguished himself defending Paris when it was besieged by the Vikings (winter of 885-86). He was thus a natural choice to succeed King Charles II when he was deposed (887), and subsequently became King Odo (crowned November 888). He was deposed (893) and replaced by a Carolingian, King Charles III (King 893-922). His reign in turn gradually became less secure although, at first anyway, he had the loyal support of Odo's brother Robert (see below). Ultimately Robert was set up as rival King Robert I (922). The two rival forces fought it out the following year at Soissons (June 923). Here Robert was killed, but Charles' side was beaten and he retreated defeated. Robert was succeeded by his son-in-law King Rudolph (July 923) of the House of Autun. He in turn was succeeded (936) by the Carolingian King Louis IV, and for the next 50 years or so the ruling house was once more Carolingian, of true Royal descent. Finally the throne was regained for the Robertians (987) by Hugh Capet, grandson of King Robert I, thereafter styled the Capetian House.

[ROBE299] Robert I (2nd son of Count Robert the strong, still a child when his father died, born presumably to Adelaide), was Count of Paris. He married 1. Aelis; then 2. [VERM295] Beatrice (born c.880, daughter of [VERM281] Herbert I, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY). He was King Robert I of France (922-23), but was killed shortly afterwards at Soissons fighting his deposed predecessor ex-King Charles III (June 923). Beatrice died 931.

[ROBE302] Hildebrante (Adela) (born 890, daughter of King Robert I & Aelis) married [VERM291] Count Herbert II (born 879, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY).

[ROBE301] Hugh the great (born c.895, son of King Robert I & Beatrice) was Count of Paris, then DUKE OF FRANCE. He married 1. Judith (daughter of the Count of Maine); then 2. (c.927) Edhilda (daughter of King Edward the elder, by his 2nd wife Aeflaeda); then 3. (937) [SAXY273] Hadwig (daughter of EMPEROR HEINRICH I, see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY). Hugh died at Dourdan (June 956).

[CAPE312] Beatrix (born c.939, daughter of Hugh the great by his 3rd wife Hadwig) married [MOSE311] DUKE FREDERICK I, see 3ORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE DUKEDOM).


[CAPE311] Hugh Capet (born c.946, son of Hugh the great by his 3rd wife Hadwig) married (968) [AQUI322] Adelaide (born c.945, daughter of DUKE WILLIAM III, see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).

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Hugh was King Hugh of France (987-96), and died, possibly of smallpox or syphilis, (October 996), and Adelaide died 1004-05.






[CAPE323] Gisle (daughter of Hugh Capet) married [PONT301] Count Hughes I (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[CAPE322] Hadwig (daughter of Hugh Capet) married (996) [HAI1321] Count Reginar IV (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[BOUC321] Renaud borel Capet (born c.986, son of Hugh Capet) is dealt with under L'ISLE BOUCHARD (2)).

[CAPE321] Robert II the pious (born at Orleans, March 972, son of Hugh Capet) was King Robert II of France (996-1031). He married 1. (992) Rosala-Suzanne (widow of Count Arnulf II of Flanders, see FLANDERS COUNTY, and daughter of EMPEROR BERENGUER II, see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF IVREA) KINGDOM); then 2. (997) Bertha (daughter of King Conrad of Burgundy, see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM), later divorced, [and never remarried]; then 3. (1002) [PRO3322] Constance/Blanche of Arles (born c.982, daughter of Count William I, see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY). He died at the castle of Melun (July 1031), and Constance died July 1032

[CAPE333] Adele (daughter of Robert II & Constance) married 1. (1027) DUKE RICHARD III OF NORMANDY (see NORMANDY DUKEDOM) (died 1028); then 2. (at Amiens, 1028) [FLAN331] Count Baldwin V (see FLANDERS COUNTY), who died 1067.

[CAPE332] Adelaide (daughter of Robert II & Constance) married [NEVE321] Count Renard I (see NEVERS COUNTY).

[CAPE335] Constance (daughter of Robert II & Constance) married [DAMM331] Count Manasses (see DAMMARTIN COUNTY).

[BURG309] Robert (born c.1007, son of Robert II & Constance) married 1. [SEMU331Helie (daughter of Dalmace, see HOUSE OF SEMUR); then 2. [ANJO329] Ermengarde (daughter of Count Fulk III, see ANJOU COUNTY). (See BURGUNDY DUKEDOM for further details.)

[CAPE331] Henri I (born at Reims, 4th Mayl 1008, son of Robert II & Constance) was King Henri I of France (1031-60). He married 1. Mathilde (daughter of King Conrad II of Germany, see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS); then 2. Mathilde (daughter of Liudolf von Brunswick); then 3. (at Reims, 1051) [KIEV332] Anne/Anna (born c.1024, daughter of King Jaroslaf, see KIEV PRINCEDOM).



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Henri died at Vitry in the Forest of Bierre in the Gatinais (4th August 1060). Afterwards Anne married Count Raoul II of Vermandois.

[CREP341] Hugh de Crepy (born 1057, 3rd but 2nd surviving son of Henry I & Anne) became Count of Vermandois etc. (see CREPI).

[CAPE341] Philip I (born 1052, eldest son of Henry I & Anne) was King Philip I of France (1060-1108). He married 1. (1073) [HOLL342] Bertha (born 1055, daughter of Count Florent I, see HOLLAND COUNTY, repudiated 1091 (consanguinity), died at Pas-de-Calais (30th July 1093). Philip carried off [MONT353] Bertrade de Montfort (in June 1092, see MONTFORT L'AMAURY). His repudiated wife Bertha died 1094, and Philip then married 2. Bertrade, for which he was excommunicated (October 1094), renewed (November 1085), removed (1096-97), renewed again (November 1100), and finally removed (1104-05). Philip died at the Castle of Melun (July 1108).

[CAPE371] Louis VI the fat (born at Paris, 1078, son of Philip I & Bertha) was King Louis VI of France (1108-37). He married 1. (1104) Lucienne de Rochefort; then 2. (April 1115) [SAVO392] Adelaide (born 1092, daughter of Count Umberto II, see SAVOY COUNTY). He died at Paris (August 1137, of dysentery), and Adelaide afterwards married 2. (c.1138-41) Seigneur Mathieu I de Montmorency, etc. Adelaide died November 1154.

[DREU381] Robert I le grand de France (5th son of Louis VI & Adelaide) married 1. Agnes de Garlande (only daughter of Count Anseaux de Garlande, and widow of Count Amauri III of Evreux); then 2. Harvise d’Evreux (daughter of Gautier d’Evreux & Sybille, and widow of Count Rotrou II of Perche); then 3. Agnes de Baudement (widow of Count Milon II of Bar-sur-Seine, see DREUX COUNTY).

[COUP381] Peter de France (born after 1125, son of Louis VI & Adelaide) married (after 1150) [COUR372] Isabel or Elizabeth (daughter of [COUR361] Seigneur Renard, see COURTENAY for full details).

[CAPE382] Louis VII (born 1121, 2nd son of Louis VI & Adelaide) was King Louis VII of France (1137-80). He succeeded to the throne as his elder brother Philip had been killed (1131) in a riding accident. Louis married 1. (at Bordeaux Cathedral, July 1137) Eleanor, DUCHESS OF AQUITAINE (annulled March 1152); then 2. (at Orleans, 1154) Constance (born 1140, daughter of King Alfonso VIII of Galicia and Leon), died October 1160; then 3. (at Paris, November 1160) [BLOI363] Adela (daughter of Count Theobald IV, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). He died at Paris (September 1180), and Adela died at Paris (June 1206).

[CAPE393] Alice (born 1170, daughter of Louis VII & Adela) married [PON1391] Count William II (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[CAPE392] Philip II Augustus and the conqueror and God-given (born at Gonesse near Paris, August 1165, son of Louis VII & Adela) was King Philip II of France (1180-1223). He married 1. (at Arrouaise Abbey, April 1180) [HAIN392] Isabella (born 1170, daughter of Count Baldwin V, see HAINAULT COUNTY), died at Paris (14th March 1190); then 2. (at Amiens, August 1193) Ingeburge (daughter of Valdemar I the great, King of Denmark); then 3. (June 1196) Agnes (daughter of Berthold IV, DUKE OF DALMATIA); then 4. (1213) retook again his 2nd wife Ingeburge. Philip Augustus died from malaria at Mantes (July 1223).

[CAPE402] Louis VIII the lion (born at Paris, September 1187, son of Philip II & Isabella) married (at Purmor in Normandy, May 1200) [CAS1392] Blanche (born 1188, 2nd daughter of King Alfonso III, see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS, and who was the granddaughter of King Henry II of England).

In 1215 the English barons rebelled in the "First Barons' War" against against King John of England (see PLANTAGENET KINGS). The barons offered the Dauphin Louis the crown of England, which he accepted. He landed unopposed at Sandwich (21st May 1216), captured Rochester Castle (6th June) and met with little resistance on his march to London. At St. Paul's Cathedral he was proclaimed King of England (but not crowned). He captured Reigate Castle (18th June), and then occupied Guildford Castle without a fight. However, it was not long after this when King John died of fever and dysentery at Newark Castle (18th October 1216). This turn of events caused some rebellious barons to back the new nine year-old King Henry III and his Regent, William marshal (see PEMBROKE (MARSHAL) EARLDOM). William called upon the English to oust the French, and went on the offensive, retaking Hertford and Berkhamsted Castles in the December. Louis decided to return to France for reinforcements, but his troops were ambushed and routed at Lewes, though Louis managed to escape to France. The following year Louis returned to England with a reinforced army (May 1217), but his troops and the remaining rebel barons were beaten at the Second Battle of Lincoln (20th May). Eventually, Louis realised his position was hopeless and at the Treaty of Lambeth (September 1217) he was forced to give up his claim to the English throne, and return to France.

He was King Louis VIII of France (1223-26), and died at Montpensier Castle (November 1226, of dysentery on his return from the Holy Land). Blanche was Regent of France (1226-34) during the minority of their son, Dauphin Louis IX, and again (1248-) while King Louis IX was in the Holy Land on a Crusade. When she received news that her son had been captured (at El Mansura, April 1250), she was so outraged that she had the messengers hanged. She died December 1252.

[CAPE412] Robert the good of Artois (born c.1217, 3rd son of Louis VIII), Earl of Artois, married (at Compiegne, 1237) [LOUV403] Matilda (daughter of DUKE HENRY II, see LOUVAIN). He was 1st Count of Artois (1237-49), and died at the Battle of Massoure (February 1249). Afterwards Matilda married 2. Guy de Chatillon, Count of St. Pol. She died September 1288.

[CAPE422] Blanche (daughter of Robert) married 1. King Henry I the fat of Navarre (who died July 1274); then 2. (1276) [LANC491] Earl Edmund (see LANCASTER (PLANTAGENET) EARLDOM).