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Entrance to the Cite de Carcassonne at the Tours Narbonnaise (13th Century)
(9 May 1984)

[CARC311] Bello, Count of Carcassonne, was said to be of Visigoth descent. He died 812.

[BARC321] Sunifred I (son of Bello) is described under BARCELONA COUNTY.

[AMPU321] Sunyer I (son of  Bello) is described under AMPURIAS COUNTY.

[CARC321] Oliva I (son of Bello), Count of Carcassonne and of Razes, married 1. Ermentrude; then 2. Richilda.

[CARC331] Oliva II (son of Oliva I, but mother not known), Count of Carcassonne and of Razes.

[CARC341] Acfredo II, Count of Carcassonne and of Razes.

[CARC352] Arsinde (presumed without proof to be daughter of Acfredo II, though elsewhere said to have been his cousin), Countess of Carcassonne, married [COMM341] Count Arnaud I, see COMMINGES below.


[COMM301] Garcia Sanchez (son of [GASC233] DUKE SANCHO I LOPEZ (see GASCONY (1)), Vicomte de Comminges (833) & Couserans (833), Count of Comminges (836-46).

[COMM311] Aznar II, Count of Comminges (870-905) & Couserans.

[COMM321] Loup-Aznar, Count of Comminges & Couserans.

[COMM331] Aznar III, Count of Comminges & Couserans.

[COMM341] Arnaud I (son of Aznar III), Count of part of Comminges and of Couserans, married [CARC352] Countess Arsinde of Carcassonne (daughter of Count Acfredo II, see CARCASSONNE COUNTY above). He died c.957.

[RAZS351] Odon I de Razes (son of Arnaud I) is described under RAZES below.

[COMM351] Roger I le vieux (son of Arnaud I), Seigneur de Foix (957-1011), Count of Carcassonne (957-1011), Count of Rasez (957-1011), married [MELG352] Adelais de Rouergue & Pons (widow, born 945, daughter of Bernard II de Melgueil, see MELGUEIL).

[COMM362] Ermesinde (daughter of Roger) married (c.990-01) [BARC361] Count Ramon Borrell I (see BARCELONA COUNTY).

[COMM361] Bernard Roger de Foix (born c.962, 2nd son of Roger I), Seigneur du Pays de Foix (c.1010-c.1034), Count of Couserans (1012), Count of part of Comminges, 1st Count of Foix, married (1010) [BIGE322] Countess Gersende of Bigorre (born c.975, see BIGORRE). Bernard Roger died c.1036-38, and Gersende died 1038.

[COMM372] Gisberga (daughter of Bernard Roger) married (at Jaca, 22nd August 1036) [ARAG331] King Ramiro Sanchez I (see ARAGON (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOM).

[COMM373] Clemence de Foix (born c.1002, daughter of Bernard Roger) married (or simply lived with) [LORA331] Count Adalbert III (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[COMM374] Estefania de Foix (daughter of Bernard Roger) married 1. ---; then 2. (at Barcelona, 1038) King Garcia III of Navarre (see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM).

[COMM382] Constance de Maranon (illegitimate daughter of Estefania) married [NAVA341] Sancho Garcez (see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM).

(also known as Rasez)

[RAZS351] Odon I de Razes (son of [COMM341] Count Arnaud I, see COMMINGES above) married Altrude.

[RAZS361] Arnaud II de Razes married [PRO3325] Lucie de Provence (daughter of Count William I, see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY).

[RAZS372] Amelia de Razes (daughter of Arnaud) married [MARC321] Count Bernard I (see LA MARCHE COUNTY).