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[BLOI299] Thibaut l'anciens (born 890), Vicomte de Tours (908), Count of Blois, married 1. ---; then 2. [BOUH292] Richildis du Maine (born 892, daughter of Hughes de Bourges, see BOURGES (1)), and died before 942.

[BLOI302] Gerlotte de Blois (born 910], daughter of Thibaut & Richilde), married [HEID261] Horolf Turstain (see HEIDMARK).

[BLOI301] Thibaut I le tricheur [=the swindler] de Blois (born c.915, son of Thibaut [without proof] & 1st unnamed wife), Vicomte de Tours, Count of Blois, Rennes, Chartres and Chateaudun, Seigneur de Beaugency, married (945) [VERM303] Liutgard de Vermondois (born 915, widow, daughter of Count Herbert II, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY). Liutgard had previously married 1. (935) DUKE WILLIAM I longsword (see NORMANDY DUKEDOM), who was murdered (17th December 942). He was Regent of Bretagne for his nephew Drogo after the death of his [half]-brother-in-law DUKE ALAIN II (952). He died 16th January 975. Liutgard died died 9th February 978 at Abbey de Matemoutier.

[BLOI312] Emma (born c.953, daughter of Thibaut & Liutgard), married (c.968) [AQUI321] DUKE WILLIAM IV (see AQUITAINE DUKEDOM).

[BLOI313] Hildegarde married 1. [PERC301] Hugh I de Chateaudun (born c.936), Vicomte de Chateaudun, Archbishop of Tours, (see CHATEAUDUN (1)).

[BLOI311] Eudes I (born c.950, son of Thibaut & Liutgard), Count of Blois, Chartres, Chateaudun, Tours, Beauvaisis and Dreux, married (c.983-86) [BURK353] Bertha of Burgundy (daughter of King Conrad I of Burgundy, see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM). He died at Chateaudun (17th March 996). Afterwards, Bertha married 2. (November 996) King Robert II the pious of France, divorced c.1003-05.

[BLOI321] Eudes II (born 989, son of Eudes & Bertha), Count of Blois, Chartres, Chateaudun, Tours and Beauvaisis, married 1. (1004 or 1009) [NORM312] Matilda (daughter of DUKE RICHARD I, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM), who died childless; then 2. the following year (1005 or 1010) [AUVN312] Ermengarde of Auvergne (possibly daughter of Count William IV, see AUVERGNE COUNTY). He was killed in battle at Commercy (21st November 1037), and had his head sent to the Emperor, his enemy. Adelaide died 1094.

[BLOI333] Bertha (born 1013, daughter of Eudes II & Ermengarde), married 1. (1018) [RENN351] Count Alan III (see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY); then 2. (after 1046) Count Hugh IV of Maine.

[BLOI335] Almodis (born 1020, daughter of Eudes II & Ermengarde), married [PREU341] Seigneur Geoffrey II (see PREUILLY).

[AUMA321] Etienne (born 1015, son of Eudes) is described under AUMALE COUNTY.

[BLOI331] Theobald III (born c.1010, son of Eudes II & Ermengarde), married 1. (c.1044) [MAI2319] Gersende de Maine (see MAINE COUNTY), repudiated 1048, and she then married (before 1055) [ESTE362] March Count Albert-Azzo II, see ESTE MARCH COUNTY. Theobald afterwards married 2. Gundrada (died c.1044); then 3. (before 1061) Adele de Crepy (daughter of [VALS321] Count Raoul III (see VALOIS COUNTY). He was Count of Blois, Chartres, Chateaudun, Meaux, Sancerre & Troyes. He died 30th September 1089.

[BLOI342] Magdalena Cecily FitzNigel de Blois (daughter of Theobald III & Gersende), married [EUST371] John monoculus de Burgh (see FITZEUSTACE).

[BLOI341] Etienne-Henri (born 1046, son of Theobald III & Gersende), Count of Blois, Chartres & Chateaudun, married (at Breteuil, 1080, confirmed at Chartres 1081) [NORK344] Princess Adelaide (daughter of King William I of England, see NORMAN KINGS). He was captured during the 1st Crusade at the Battle of Ramleh and decapitated (19th May 1102) and Adelaide died 15th March 1137.

[BLOI353] Adelaide [referred to as Lithuaise caused by confusion] (daughter of Etienne-Henri), Vicomtesse de Troyes, married [MONL421] Vicomte Milon II (see MONTLHERY).

[BLOI354] Emma (illegitimate daughter of Etienne-Henri), married [HERZ441] Herbert FitzHenry, Lord Chamberlain (see HERBERT).

[BLOY351] William (eldest son of Etienne-Henri) “a good and peaceful man, not worthy to succeed his father, and disinherited due to lunacy”, married [SULL352] Agnes de Sully (heiress of Sully, see SULLY), and thereby became Sire de Sully. He died before 1150.

[BLOY362] Margaret (daughter of William), married [EUEU361] Count Henry I (see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[STEP351] Stephen (born c.1096, 3rd son of Etienne-Henri) became King of England (see NORMAN KINGS for details).

[BLOI355] Henri (younger son of Etienne-Henri), Abbot of Glastonbury (1126-29), Bishop of Winchester (1129-71). He built six Castles (in 1138): at Bishop's Waltham, Downton, Farnham, Merdon, Taunton and Wolvesey.



Taunton Castle
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[BLOI351] Theobald IV le vieux [=the old] or le grand [=the great] (born 1093, 2nd son of Etienne-Henri) married (1123) [SPON352] Mathilde von Sponheim (born c.1108, daughter of DUKE ENGELBERT II, see CARINTHIA DUKEDOM). He was Count of Blois, Troyes & Chartres, and died at Lagny-sur-Marne (16th January 1152). Matilda died 20th December 1160.

[BLOI363] Adela/Alix (born c.1140, daughter of Theobald IV), married (at Paris, 13th November 1160) [CAPE382] King Louis VII of France (see CAPETIAN HOUSE).

[BLOI364] Marie de Blois (born 1128, daughter of Theobald IV), married (1145) [BURG341] DUKE EUDES II, (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM).