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from Sourches, Maine

[CHAW421] Hugh de Sourches.

[CHAW431] Patrick I de Sourches (born c.1052) married (c.1100) [HESD342] Matilda Hesdin (born c.1057, see HESDIN). Came to England during the reign of King William II, and acquired the lordship of Kempsford (Gloucs).

[CHAW442] Sibilla (born c.1082, daughter of Patrick) married [SALI351] Walter FitzEdward (see SALISBURY (SALISBURY) EARLDOM).

[CHAW441] Patrick II de Chaorces (born c.1093, son of Patrick), Lord of Kempsford, married [MNDO252] Wilbuiga/Werberga de Mondoubleau (born c.1098, daughter of Payn de Mondoubleau, see MONDOUBLEAU).

[CHAW451] Payne de Cadurcis, adopted his mother's name, commonly called Charworth (born at Kempsford, Gloucs, c.1123).

[CHAW461] Patric de Charworth (born c.1155) was living 1186.

[CHAW471] Pain de Charworth (born at Kempsford, c.1183) married (c.1217) [FERT472] Gundred de la Ferte (daughter & heir of William de le Ferte, see BRIGUERRE). Pain was buried at Gloucester Abbey, Chapter House.

[CHAW481] Patric I de Charworth married (1243) [LOND402] Hawyse de Londres (a widow, see LONDRES), at which date he also gained Kidwelly Castle from the Welsh. By now the castle was of stone construction, having replaced the original earth-and-timber construction, thanks most probably due to the efforts of Lord Rhys. Over the ensuing years it was gradually rebuilt and improved upon.




Kidwelly Castle
(22 July 2004)

Kidwelly Priory Church
(22 July 2004)


church interior
(22 July 2004)


Patric also:

"held of the king in chief by serjeantry as member of Kidwelly, viz with the garrison of Kidwelly to lead the vanguard of the king's army whenever he shall go into West Wales with his army, and the rearguard in returning".

Patric was killed fighting the Welsh (1258), and in the Inquisitions Post Mortem there is a reference dated 23 September 1258, giving various versions of his surname: Chaworces, Chaors, Chauurces, Chawrces, Chawerches, Schawrces, Chawurch and Chawurces.

Hawyse died 1274, and details of her tomb-slab are given under LONDRES.

[CHAW493] Eve (daughter of Patric I) married married (before 1269) [TIPT411] Robert de Tybotot (see TYBOTOT).

[CHAW491] Sir Patrick de Chawices (2nd son of Patric I), Marcher Lord of Kidwelly (1279, see MARCHES), married [BXXX489] Isabel de Beauchamp (see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM).

Patrick held Esegaretson alias Est Garton Manor (Berks); Weston, Herteleg, Sumburn, Langstok Manors and Stokebrigg borough, Somerset; Chedworth, Kynemersford Manors (Gloucs); Staundon, Berwyk, Hanedon, Inglesham Manors (Wilts); and various pieces of land in Northants and Carmarthenshire.

He died before July 1283, and Isabel afterwards married 2. [DESP481] Sir Hugh le Despenser (see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM). Isabel died before May 1306.

[CHAW502] Maud (born 1282, daughter & heir of Sir Patrick) was too young to inherit Kidwelly, and instead King Edward I granted the castle to his uncle William de Valance (December 1283). On the death of William (1296), Kidwelly reverted to Maud, who had been granted (1291) in marriage to King Edward I's nephew Henry. (Maud was then age 9, and Henry age 10.) The actual marriage took place in 1297-98. See [LANC501] Earl Henry (see LANCASTER (PLANTAGENET) EARLDOM).