Sir Edward Watson.

Anna Watson (baptised at Rockingham Castle, daughter of Sir Edward) married (c.1586) 1. Sir Charles Norwich (born c.1561, of Brampton Ash, Northants, son of Simon Norwich, by 1. Anne Cobham), Charles died 4th May 1605, age 44); then 2. Sir  William ap Rice [Aprice]. Anna buried 6th July 1636. . 


IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source

[CLFF561] Unrecorded Clyffe.

[CLFF571] Henry Cliffe, a gentleman, married (at Glaston, 4th July 1604) [NRWT572] Ann Norwitche.

They were married by Licence, dated 29th June 1604, for Henry Cliffe (gentleman) to marry Ann Norwitche (of Glaston).

The suggestion on the International Genealogical Index that Anna was the widow of Sir Charles Norwich is erroneous. Sir Charles died 4th May 1605, and his widow Anna afterwards married Sir William Aprice [ap Rees/Rhys]. Ann Aprice was buried at Brampton Ash 5th July 1636.  However, Ann Norwitche was possibly from this same Norwich family, but there seems to be no further evidence.  However, a generation later, there were two further marriages of similar interest, which suggest Ann had a brother at Barrowden, with at least two children, John and Priscilla:

John Norwich married (at Barrowden, 9th January 1626 IGI) Mary Sculthorpe. A John Norridge had 1 hearth at Seaton in the 1665 Hearth Tax schedule;

Priscilla Norwick married (at Barrowden, 13th January 1628 IGI) Thomas White.

Henry and Ann had five children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Henry (a yeoman and gentleman) died at Barrowden (buried there 15th June 1640).

[CLFF581] Zachary Cliff married (at Barrowden, 16th October 1626) [QUEE582] Ann Queeny (born 1605, see QUEENY). They had seven children at born and baptised Barrowden as follows:

In the 1665 Hearth Tax, “Zacary Cliffe” appears at Barrowden, with 4 hearths. Ann died at Barrowden (buried there 26th March 1674), and “Mr Zachary Cliff” died at Barrowden also (buried there 30th June 1685).

[CLFF591] Edward Cliff (born 1629) and his wife Ann had three children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Edward appears in the 1665 Hearth Tax at Barrowden with 3 hearths. He died at Barrowden (buried there 7th December 1670).

[CLFF601] Rowland Cliff (born 1653) married (at Barrowden, 18th June 1676) [SITH602] Mary Smith, of Morcott. They had four children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Mary died at Barrowden (10th July 1694), and Rowland died at Barrowden also (buried there 1711, no entry at all in parish register, year only shown in annual transcript).

[CLFF611] Edward Cliff (born 1684) married (at Glaston, 27th December 1708) [HRSS612] Elizabeth Harris. They had four children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Elizabeth senior died at Barrowden (buried there 12th May 1774), and Edward died at Barrowden also (buried there 6th April 1775).

[CLFF621] William Cliff (born 1715) married 1. (c.1740) [THMP622] Alice Thompson (baptised at Tinwell, 18th September 1720 IGI, daughter of [THMP611] Thomas & Jane).

  Tinwell All Saints Church
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They had eight children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Alice died at Barrowden (buried there 22nd January 1759), and shortly afterwards William married (at Barrowden, 30th March 1759 IGI) 2. Amy Fardell (probably baptised at Barrowden, 25th November 1717 IGI, daughter of Joseph & Anne). They had one child born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

William died at Barrowden (buried there either 22nd November 1760 or 22nd October 1761).