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The early generations are rather suspect, and there are several versions.
The one shown here is taken from "The Antiquities of Warwickshire" (by Dugdale)

[CLIG421] Renebault de Tancarville (Clinton) married 1. Theophania of Richmond (daughter of Count Stephen of Richmond); 2. Agnes.

[CLIG431] Geoffrey I de Clinton (born at Saint-Pierre de Semilly, c.1090, son of [CLIG421] ---), Sheriff of Warwickshire (c.1121), Chamberlain  and Treasurer to King Henry I (by 1120), Justiciar. He purchased Coleshill Manor from the King (presumed King Henry I). Around 1119 the king granted Geoffrey a portion of land at Kenilworth carved out of the royal manor of Stoneleigh; perhaps to counter the influence of the newly appointed Earl Roger, see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM. Geoffrey gave a portion of his new lands to the Augustinian canons to found a Priory there, and on the remainder he commenced building a castle. Geoffrey died in 1133.

[CLIG442] Lasceline de Clinton (born c.1115, daughter of Geoffrey I) married (c.1135) [VERD451] Norman de Verdun (born c.1120, son of Bertram II, see VERDUN). Her marriage dowry included Brandon Castle (Warks).

[CLIG441] Geoffrey II de Clinton (born c.1115, son of Geoffrey I), Lord Chamberlain, married [WARW374] Agnes (daughter of Earl Roger, see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). He granted Coleshill Manor to his kinsman Osbert de Clinton (1162). King Henry II took Kenilworth Castle into his hands, and acquired it outright in the 1180s. St. Nicholas' Church was built close to the Priory (1291). The Priory at Kenilworth later became an Abbey (1447), and was dissolved (1538).


Kenilworth Castle Keep
(21 June 2013)

Kenilworth Castle Keep
original Norman

Kenilworth Abbey ruins

Kenilworth St. Nicholas' Church
Norman arched west doorway

[CLIG451] Henry de Clinton (elder son & heir of Geoffrey) married [BIDU452] Amicia de Bidun (eldest daughter of John, see BIDUN).

[CLIG462] Isabel de Clinton (born 1207, daughter of Henry) married (1228) [MERS461] Ralph FitzJohn de Merston (born 1205, died May 1257).


[MERS472] Constantia (daughter of Ralph & Isabel) married 1. Sir John de Morteyn; then 2. [BRUC481] Bernard de Brus see CONINGTON LORDSHIP).

[CLIN441]  Osbert I de Clinton (born at Coleshill, c.1126). He died 1162.

[CLIN451] Osbert II de Clinton (born c.1154, son of [CLIN441] Osbert), granted Coleshill (1162) by his kinsman Geoffrey de Clinton, married (c.1179) [HATT452] Margery/Margaret de Hatton (daughter of [HATT441] William de Hatton, see HATTON), and thereby acquired Amington Manor. Osbert died c.1200. Afterwards Margery married 2. Richard de Beauchamp; then 3. (by 1221) John d'Abitot.

[CLIN461] Osbert de Clinton (born 1180), of Coleshill, Lord of Amington in the right of his mother, married Elysont de Amington. He died 1223-24.

[CLIN471] Thomas I de Clinton (born c.1206-08) married (c.1236) [BISY472] Mazera de Bisey (born c.1210, daughter & heiress of James de Bisey of Baddesley Clinton, see BISEY). Thomas held Hatton Manor (1242), and apparently gave Lydiard Milicent to his son Thomas. He died c.1277.

[CLIN481] Sir Thomas II de Clinton (born c.1231, eldest son) married (c.1254) [BRAC482] Maud de Bracebridge (born c.1234, daughter of Ralph de Bracebridge, see BRACEBRIDGE). He died 1264, having predeceased his father.

[CLIN492] Eleanor de Clinton (born c.1250, younger coheiress of Thomas, sister of John 1st Lord Clinton) married [STAF491] Nicholas de Stafford (see STAFFORD BARONY).

[CLIN491] John I de Clinton (born 1258, son of Thomas), 1st Lord Clinton (1298/99-1312), Knight of the Shire for Warwickshire (1300 and 1301, Constable of Wallingford Castle (1308). He married (c.1290) [ODIN492] Ida Odingseles (born 1260, daughter of William Odingseles, see ODINGSELES). He died 1312.

  Considered to be John I's tomb lid,
 presently in Coleshill Church
(22 June 2016)
Thought to be a 12th C font, presumably
from the earlier church at Coleshill
(22 June 2016)

[CLIN501] John II de Clinton (born c.1300, eldest son of John), 2nd Lord Clinton (1312-35). He fought on the side of King Edward II at the Battle of Boroughbridge. He married Margery Corbet (daughter of Sir William Corbet of Chaddesley Corbet). He died 1st April 1335.

  Considered to be John II's tomb lid
presently in Coleshill Church
(22 June 2016)
present Coleshill Church
dating from c.1340
(22 June 2016)

[CLIN512] Elizabeth de Clinton (born 1324, daughter of John and Margery) , married [FWIL501] Sir John II  FitzWilliam (see FITZWILLIAM).