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[MAXM321] ? of Pannonia married ?
 [MAXM332] EMPEROR Maximian I (250) married 2. Eutropia of Syria
 [MAXM343] Flavia Maxima Fausta (293) married [EUTX351] EMPEROR Constantine I
the Great of the West (272)
 [MAXM331] EMPEROR Maximian I (250) married 1. ?
 [MAXM342] Flavia Maximiana Theodora (273) married [EUTX342] EMPEROR Constantius I of Rome (250)

[MAXM331] and [MAXM332] Full name was Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Herculius (born c.250), Caesar (285-86), Augustus (286-305), EMPEROR (1st April 286-1st May 305). His wife Eutropia was co-EMPRESS OF THE WEST (1st May 305-July 310). He hanged himself (c. July 310) on Constantine's orders.

[EUTR331] Flavius Eutropius (250) married [CRIS332] Claudia Crispina (230) (see NUMERIUS)
[EUTX342] EMPEROR Constantius I of Rome (250) married 2. [MAXM342] Flavia Maximiana Theodora (273)
 [EUTX352] Consul Flavius Julius Constantinus (293) married 1. Galla (305)
 [EUTX363] Neratia Galla (325) married [VETT371] Vettius Justus, Governor
in Sicily (315) (see VETTIUS)
 [EUTX361] Caesar Flavius Claudius Constantius Gallus (325) married [EUTX362] Constantia (320)
 [EUTX372] Anastasia (352) married [GLUS261] --- (345)
[EUTX341] EMPEROR Constantius I of Rome (250) married 1. Flavia Julia Helena (249) (see Saint Helena)
[EUTX351] EMPEROR Constantine I the Great of the West (272) married 2. [MAXM343] Flavia Maxima Fausta (293)
 [EUTX362] Constantia (320) married [EUTX361] Caesar Flavius Claudius Constantius Gallus (325)

In 293, EMPEROR DIOCLETIAN decided to divide the imperial power into four, keeping the East for himself, and appointing Maximian, Galerius and Constantius to control the remainder. In 305 Diocletian retired, forcing Maximian to abdicate with him. Galerius and Constantius were proclaimed Augusti (the two senior Emperors).

[EUTX341] / [EUTX342] Full name was Flavius Valerius Constantius (born 31st March 250), Caesar (293-305), senior EMPEROR (1st May 305-25th July 306), nicknamed chlorus [pale], died at York (25th July 306). His first wife, Helena, was the daughter of an innkeeper from Drepanuum in Bythnia. Constantius abandoned her and married as his second wife, Flavia Maximiana Theodora, who was the step-daughter of co-EMPEROR MAXIMIAN I. Flavia Maximiana Theodora was Caesarissa from 293, and EMPRESS CONSORT from 1st May 305. Constantius later went to England, where he died at York (25th July 306); and thus his son Constantine was proclaimed EMPEROR whilst at York. Constantius' first wife, Helena, died on 18th August 330 with her son Constantine at her side. She was regarded as being a Saint, and her Feast Day is celebrated on 18th August.

[EUTX351] Full name was Flavius Valerius Constantinus Augustus (born 27th February 272), EMPEROR OF THE WEST (307-22nd May 337) died at Constantinople (22nd May 337). His 2nd wife Flavia Maxima Fausta was Caesarissa from 307 as EMPRESS CONSORT IN THE WEST. Following a dispute in 305 over the successors of his father and Galerius, the two senior-Emperors, in which Constantine was bypassed, Constantine fled to Boulogne to join his father, and together they went to England. Constantius died at York (25th July 306); and thus his son Constantine was proclaimed EMPEROR by the local legions whilst at York, though he did not yet have the necessary support outside Britain. To improve his position he abandoned his first wife (307) to marry Fausta, the daughter of the old EMPEROR MAXIMIAN I (who had meantime revoked his retirement and became EMPEROR again in succession to Diocletian), and in due course this tactic won.

Constantine decided to make Byzantium the capital of his empire and, to commemorate this, he instigated the construction of a tall column surmounted by the figure of Apollo. The column, which was dedicated on 11th May 330, was placed in the centre of the city, now known as Nova Roma, later Constantinople.

The Column of Constantine, as it became known, survived as such until 1106, when it lost its statue and upper part in a gale. Later that century a marble crucifix was placed on the top, and this was removed by the Ottoman Turks in 1453. The column was severely damaged in earthquakes and fire in 1779, and has since been known as the Burnt Column.

Modern (1996) monument to Constantine
at York
(16 January 2012)

Istanbul, Burnt Column
          (6 June 1989)

[EUTX361] Flavius Claudius Constantius Gallus, Caesar, married his first-cousin [EUTX362] Constantia.

[EUTX372] Anastasia (daughter of Flavius Claudius Gallus) married [GLUS261] --- (see GALLUS below).

[GLUS261] --- (345) married [EUTX372] Anastasia (352)
[GLUS271] Gallus (370) married --- (390)
[GLUS281] --- (390) married ?
 [GLUS292] Arriane (410) married [PMPE291] Pompeius (410) (see POMPEIUS below)
[PMPE291] Pompeius (410) married [GLUS292] Arriane (410) (see GALLUS above)
[PMPE301] Consul Paulus (445) married Magna (460)
[PMPE312] Irene (485) married [DAGA431] Anicius Olybrius (480) (see DAGALAIPHUS)