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[CONT301] Jean de Bourg (son of [FLAN301] Count Baldwin III, see FLANDERS COUNTY), became Baron of Tonsburgh and Earl of Comyn. He married Meullant.

 [HUNS421] Herlewin le Brun (born c.1038), son of Jean) married Fredfuedis.

[HUNS431] Ralph FitzHerlewin de Hunstanton (see HUNSTANTON), married [PLAIZ432] Helewisa de Plaiz (see PLAIZ BARONY).

[CONT312] Oda (daughter of Jean) married [MEUL331] Count Waleran III (see MEULAN COUNTY).

[CONT311] Herluin de Burgo, Vicomte de Conteville, married 1. [FALA319] Herleva (daughter of Fulbert, see FALAISE); then 2. Fredesendis. Herluin died c.1066. Prior to this marriage, Herleva had an illegitimate child by [NORM321] DUKE ROBERT OF NORMANDY (see NORMANDY).

[CONT329] Muriel (born c.1041, daughter of Herluin & Herleva) had a relationship with [PONT339] Enguerrand (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY); then married 1. [CHAP401] Seneschal Eudo FitzThurstan (see CHAPELLE-SAINT-SAUVEUR); then 2. [MASS421] Guillaume de la Ferte-Mace (see MASSEY)..

[ODOB341] Odo de Conteville (son of Herluin & Herleva), Bishop of Bayeux, Earl of Kent, is described under BAYEUX.


[CONT321] Robert de Burgo (born at Mortagne in La Manche dept., Normandy, c.1031, son of Herluin & Herleva), Count of Mortagne, married 1. (before 1066) [TMON344] Maud (daughter of Earl Roger, see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM); then 2. [MARC342] Almodis/Ademode de Montgomery (see LA MARCHE).

Robert fought at the Battle of Hastings, and at the Domesday Survey he was one of the largest land-holders in England, holding 797 manors, with land in Berks, Bucks, Cambs, Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucs, Hants, Middlesex, Northants, Norfolk, Notts, Oxon, Som, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Wilts and Yorks. He is considered to have become Earl of Cornwall, though he was only known as Comes Moritoniensis, viz Earl Mortain or Count of Mortagne. He founded Berkhamsted Castle, now ruinous.


Berkhamsted Castle ruins
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Maud died c.1084. Robert's estates were confiscated and he was banished after the rebellion of 1088 and never returned to England. He died 8th December 1090. The bulk of his estates (but apparently none in Yorkshire) was restored to his son Count William, who then lost it all in 1106. See also CORNWALL EARLDOM.

[CONT332] Agnes (daughter of Robert & Maud) married [VITR351] Seigneur Andre (see VITRE).

[CONT333] Emma (born c.1058, daughter of Robert & Maud) married [TOUL341] Count William IV (see TOULOUSE COUNTY).

[CONT334] William (born 1084, son of Robert), Count of Mortain, became 2nd Earl of Cornwall (see CORNWALL (MONTAGNE) EARLDOM).

[CONT335] --- (daughter of Robert & Almodis) married [CARD341] William FitzRichard (see CARDINHAM).