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[DACE471] William de Dacre, Sheriff of Cumberland (1236-48), Sheriff of Yorkshire (1248-50), Sheriff of Cumberland again (1268), Governor of Carlisle Castle,. He died c.1258.

[DACE481] Randulph de Dacre (son & heir), Sheriff of Cumberland (1268-70), Sheriff of Yorkshire (1278-80), married 1. [GEVX482] Geva; then 2. (after 1272) Joan de Multon (daughter of Alan). Randulph died 3rd May 1286.

[DACE491] William de Dacre (born 12th March 1265-66, son & heir of Randulph & [GEVX482] Geva), married [GERN492] Lady Joane of Halton (daughter & sole heir of [GERN481] Sir Benedict de Gernet, Lord of Halton, see GERNET). William died 24th August 1318, and was buried at Prescot, Lancs. Joan died 28th November 1324.

[DACE501] Randulph de Dacre (born c.1290, son & heir), abducted Margaret de Multon from Warwick Castle at night. Later he married (4th February 1315-16) the same [MULT504] Margaret de Multon, 2nd Baroness Multon, (born 1300, only child of [MULT492] Thomas, see GILSLAND (MULTON) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). Afterwards (May 1321) Randulph became 1st Lord Dacre (1321). He died April 1339, and was buried at Lanercost Priory. Margaret died 10th December 1361. Randulph's eldest son William was 2nd Lord Dacre (1339-61), but died without male issue. William's next brother Randolph was 3rd Lord Dacre (1361-75), but died unmarried. Randolph was succeeded by his youngest brother Hugh, as follows.

[DACE511] Hugh de Dacre (born c.1335, youngest son), 4th Lord of Dacre and Multon (1375), married (1354-55) [MAXL512] Elizabeth Maxwell (widow of Sir William Douglas [who was slain beside Galswood in Etterick Forest, August 1353], and daughter of [MAXL502] Sir John, see MAXWELL). He was held for a while at the Tower of London, suspected of having caused the death of his elder brother Randolph but released on 2nd July 1376. He was Warden of the Western Marches (1379, 1381 and 1383). He died 24th December 1383.

[DACE521] William de Dacre (born 1357, son & heir), 5th Lord Dacre (1383), married [DOUG512] Joan (illegitimate daughter of [DOUG501] Earl William, see DOUGLAS EARLDOM). William died 20th July 1399, and was buried at Lanercost Priory.


Lanercost Priory
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[DACE532] Elizabeth de Dacre ([born c.1385], daughter of William) married [ASTL531] Thomas Astley (born c.1383, see ASTLEY).