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IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source

[DARB621] Henry Darbyshire possibly married (at Manchester, Sts. Mary, Denys & George, 12th August 1729) [BAGA622] Alice Bagaley, but this has not been checked out. They had nine children born and baptised at Ashton-upon-Mersey as follows:

There was a Hennerry Darbyshire who was buried at Ashton-upon-Mersey (29th April 1754).

[DARB632] Mary Darbyshire (born 1752, daughter of Henry) had an illicit relationship with [GOOD631] Joseph Goodyear (born 1748, see GOODYEAR) resulting in the birth of their son:

Mary and Joseph both died at Ashton-upon-Mersey in 1776 (Mary was buried there 23rd June, followed by Joseph was buried there 25th July).

[DARB641] John Darbyshire (born 1773, illegitimate son of Mary Darbyshire & Joseph Goodyear), a husbandman, married (at Manchester, Sts. Mary, Denys & George, 29th June 1795) [BROH642] Elisabeth Brownhill (born 1774, see BROWNHILL).



Manchester Sts. Mary,
Denys & George

(18 March 2003)


They had (apparently) seven children as follows :

The family were finally at Sale (by 1841) where John was recorded as being a hay dealer. John died (age 71, of “debility from old age”) at Sale (24th January 1844, buried at Ashton-upon-Mersey, 28th January 1844), and Elisabeth died (age 87, of “natural decay”) at Moorfield Cottages Sale (10th June 1862, buried at Ashton-upon-Mersey, 14th June 1862).

[DARB651] Thomas Darbyshire (born 1803), a labourer, married 1. (at Manchester, Sts. Mary, Denys & George, 28th May 1827) [DEWL652] Rachel Dewley (born 1797, see DEWLEY). They had three children as follows:

Rachel died (age 52, of a perforated stomach) at Cheadle Moseley (22nd June 1849, buried at Cheadle, 26th June 1849).

Thomas afterwards married 2. (at Stockport, St. Mary, 7th July 1850) Mary Ann Crowther nee Crompton (born at Cheadle, Outwood, 5th October 1817, baptised at Cheadle, 16th November 1817, daughter of Thomas & Hannah). Mary Ann had previously married 1. (at Stockport, St. Mary, 2nd May 1836) William Crowther.

Thomas and Mary Ann had four children born at Cheadle Moseley, their dates of birth being recorded in the family bible as follows:

Thomas died (age 78, of "old age and natural decay") at Cheadle Moseley (19th December 1881, buried at Cheadle, 22nd December 1881), and Mary Ann died (age 75) at Cheadle Moseley also (6th June 1892, buried at Cheadle 9th June 1892).



There is a headstone at Cheadle Church for Thomas, 1st wife Rachel and 2nd wife Mary Ann

Cheadle Church
(19 September 2008)

This headstone reads:






of Cheadle, who died Decr 19th

1881 aged 78 Years.

RACHEL Wife of Thomas

Derbyshire who died June

22nd 1849 aged 52 Years.

Also Thomas their Son

who died August 28th 1857

aged 20 Years.

Also Ann the Beloved

Daughter of Thomas

and Mary Ann Derbyshire

who died August 20th

1864 aged 6 Years.

Also Mary Ann, Wife of

Thomas Derbyshire, who died

June 6th 1892. Aged 75 Years.


John Darbyshire = Elisabeth Brownhill
1841 Census  91/3-4  Ashton-on-Mersey (CHS), Derbyshire Lane
John      DARBYSHIRE        65 hay dealer Y
Elizabeth DARBYSHIRE        65            Y
William   Fenne             30 ag lab     Y
Alice     Fenne             25
James     Fenne              3
Mary      Fenne              2
1851 Census  2162-275  Ashton-on-Mersey, Sale, Cross Street
John      Hewitt     H    M 52 shoemaker         Ashton
Mary      Hewitt     W    M 54                   Sale
Elizabeth DARBYSHIRE Mr/L W 77                   Sale
Peter     Hewitt     S    - 16 shoemaker's ap    Sale
Wm Thomas Hewitt     ?    ?  ? shoemaker's j.    Churton
1861 Census  2591-85  Sale (pa. St Anne)
James     Fenney     H    U 23 gardener dom svt  Sale
Hannah    Fenney     Sis  -  9 scholar           Sale
Betty     DARBYSHIRE G/Mr W 86 -                 Sale
Thomas Darbyshire = Rachel Dewley
1841 Census  99/13-5  Cheadle Moseley (CHS), Schools Hill
Thomas    DARBYSHIRE 35 farmer Y
Rachel    DARBYSHIRE 40        Y
Eliza     Darbyshire 13        N
Joseph    Darbyshire 10        N
Thomas    Darbyshire  4        N
Thomas Darbyshire = Mary Ann Crowther nee Crompton
1841 Census  99/13-5  Cheadle Moseley (CHS), Schools Hill
Thomas   Crompton         65 weaver Y
Hannah   Crompton         50        N 
Martha   Crompton         20 weaver Y
Maria    Crompton         15        Y
Mary     CROWTHER         20 weaver Y
1851 Census  2157-481  Cheadle Moseley (CHS), Schools Hill
Thomas   DERBYSHIRE H   M 48 farmer 14 acres     North.
Mary     DERBYSHIRE W   M 32                     Cheadle
Eliza    Derbyshire D   U 22                     Didsbury LAN
Thomas   Derbyshire S   - 14 on farm             Cheadle
1861 Census  2572-35  Cheadle Moseley, Brook Side Farm
Thomas   DERBYSHIRE H   M 58 farmer              Northen
Mary Ann DERBYSHIRE W   M 40                     Stockport, Etchells
William  Derbyshire S   -  9 scholar             Cheadle
Mary Ann Derbyshire D   -  7 scholar             Cheadle
Betsy    Derbyshire D   -  6 scholar             Cheadle
Ann      Derbyshire D   -  2 scholar             Cheadle
1871 Census  3666-45  Cheadle Moseley, Schools Hill
Thomas   DERBYSHIRE H   M 64 farmer              Northenden
Mary Ann DERBYSHIRE W   M 55                     Cheadle
William  Derbyshire S   U 19 farmer              Cheadle
Mary Ann Derbyshire D   - 17                     Cheadle
Betsey   Derbyshire D   - 15                     Cheadle
Thomas   Johnson    Lr  M 51 gardener            Lindale WES
1881 Census  3484-48  Cheadle Moseley, Brookside Farm
Thomas   DERBYSHIRE H   M 78 farmer              Northenden
Mary A   DERBYSHIRE W   M 66                     Cheadle
Mary A   Chandler   D   M 27                     Cheadle
John     Chandler   G/S -  5                     Cheadle
Thomas   Johnson    Lr  U 64 gardener            Lindall LAN
1891 Census  2805-43  Cheadle (CHS), 42 Cheadle Road
Mary Ann DERBYSHIRE H   W 73 living on own means Outwood
Mary A   Chantler   D   M 38 general servant     Cheadle
John     Chantler   G/D - 16 coachbuilder's asst Cheadle
Maria A  Morton     Sis W 68                     Outwood