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[REVI361] Baldwin de Reviers (born c.1090, son & heir of [VERN351] Richard de Reviers, see VERNON), 1st Earl of Devon (1141-55),  married 1. [BAAL362] Adelaise de Baalun (born c.1025, see BAALUN), died 1146; then 2. (c.1153-55) ?Lucy (widow of Earl Gilbert of Hertford, died without issue, 1153). He was 4th Lord of the Isle of Wight, and founded Quarr Abbey (1132). Baldwin died 4th June 1155 and was buried at Quarr Abbey. The Abbey was demolished after the Dissolution, and some of the stone was used to build Quarr Abbey House, which in the 20th Century became the foundation for a new Quarr Abbey.




new Quarr Abbey
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[REVI372] Mathilda de Reviers (daughter of Baldwin & Adelaise) married [GREY441] Anchitel de Grey (see WILTON (GREY) BARONY).

[REVI373] Adelaise de Reviers (daughter of Baldwin & Adelaise) married [NONA361] Sir Roger de Nonant (see NONANT).

[REVI371] Richard de Redvers (son of [REVI361] Baldwn & Adelaise), 2nd Earl of Devon (1155-62), married Denise (daughter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall). Richard died April 1162.

[REVI381] Baldwin de Reviers (eldest son of Richard de Redvers and Denise), 3rd Earl of Devon (1162-88), married Denise (daughter of Raoul, Prince of Deols, du Bas Berry, Seigneur de Chateauroux and Agnes daughter of Seigneur Ebbes V de Charenton. He died without issue and was succeeded by his brother.

[REVI382] Richard de Redvers (younger son  of Richard de Redvers & Denise), succeeded hid elder brother as 4th Earl of Devon (1188-93). He too died without issue, and was succeeded by his uncle.

[REVI374] William de Redvers, younger son of the 1st Earl was 5th Earl of Devon (1193-1217), married Mabel de Beaumont (daughter of Robert de Beaumont, last Count of Meulan, who died 10th September 1217).

[REVI381] Baldwin de Redvers (born 1200, only son of William), married Margaret FitzGerold de Breaute. Baldwin died 1st September 1216,  predeceaing his father. Margaret died 2nd October 1252.

 [REVI391] Baldwin de Redvers (born 1200, 3rd and only surviving son of Baldwin & Margaret), Lord of the Isle of Wight, married [WORC388] Mabel (daughter of [WORC371] Robert II de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, see WORCESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). He became 6th Earl of Devon (1217-45). He succeeded his grandfather as 6th Earl of Devon. He died 15th February 1245.



The Earls of Devon, as feudal Lords of Christchurch, held the Constable's House there (c.1160) near the castle. The house has a rare example of an original Norman chimney, in near-perfect condition.

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William died [8th/10th] September 1217.

[REVI382] Mary de Redvers (only [sic] daughter of William) married 1. (c.1200) Sir Pierre de Preaux; then 2. (c.1209) [COUR381] Sir Robert de Courtenay (born c.1183, see COURTENAY).

[REVI383] Joan de Vernon Redvers (daughter of William) married [BRIW441] Henry Briwere (see BRIWERE).

[REVI401] Baldwin de Redvers (born 1st January 1235/36), Lord of the Isle of Wight, 7th Earl of Devon, married (1257) Margaret de Savoie (daughter of Count Thomas de Savoie). Baldwn died 1262 and afterwards Margaret married 2. Sir Robert Aquillon..

[REVI402 Isabel de Redvers (born July 1237), sister of Earl Baldwin, 8th Countess of Devon, married William de Fortz, last Count of Aumale.