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[DINA321] Haimon I de Dinan (born c.980), Count in Domninee. He died c.1055.

[ARU2401] Flaad (born c.1000, son of Haimon), Dapifer of Dol.

[ARU2411] Alain (born c.1037), hereditary Seneschal of Dol in Brittany, dapifer to the Archbishop of Dol, is described under ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM.

[DINA331] Josselin de Dinan (born c.1006), married (c.1047) Vicomtesse Orgwen.

[DOLX411] Junkeneus [Jean] (born c. 1047, son of Josselin), Archbishop of Dol, founded Combourg.

[DOLX421] Rivallon capra canuta de Dol (born c.1071, son of Junkeneus), Seigneur de Dol et Combourg, married Arembourge de Puiset.

[DOLX432] Hawise de Dol (born c.1093, daughter of Rivallon) married (c.1110) [AVRA351] Robert d'Avranches (born c.1084, see OKEHAMPTON FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[DINA341] Olivier I de Dinan (born c.1047, son of Josselin), Vicomte de Dinan, married  Gauna/Ganna (born c.1048). He was at Hastings (1066).

[DINA351] Geoffrey I de Bretagne (born c.1065), Vicomte de Dinan, married Ozio Radegonde Orieldis of Nerondes. He died 1127, and Radegonde died 1147.

[DIN2361] Sir Josce (born c.1106, youngest son of Geoffrey) married (c.1138) [LACY452] Sibyl (widow of Payn FitzJohn, daughter of Geoffrey Talbot aka Geoffrey de Lacy, see LACY (2)) and was installed by King Stephen at Ludlow Castle (c.1139). The evidence for this marriage is contained in charter evidence, quoted in "Ludlow Castle: Its History & Buildings" (ed. E. Shoesmith and A. Johnson, 2000). Sibyl had been known as Lady of Ludlow, and was of the Lacy blood-line, her maternal grandfather having been Walter de Lacy.

Afterwards Sir Fulk II FitzWarin assisted Sir Josce in his fight to retain possession of Ludlow Castle against "a Lacy of Ewyas", i.e. Gilbert de Lacy. Possession of Ludlow Castle rightly reverted to the Lacy family, presumably officially in 1143, when this Gilbert de Lacy was granted back those lands earlier confiscated in 1122, but perhaps not until in fact until around 1150 after the use of force. Josce died 1167.

[DIN2372] Hawise (born c.1146, daughter & coheir of Sir Josce) married (1178) [FZWN451] Sir Fulk II FitzWarin (see WARIN).

[DINA361] Alain I de Dinan (born c.1091, son of Geoffrey), Vicomte de Dinan-Becherel, married [RICH363] Alianore de Bretagne (daughter of Count Etienne of Penthievre, see RICHMOND EARLDOM). He held land at Hartland, Devon, and was killed 1157.

[DINA372] Emma (daughter of Alan) married [VITR371] Seigneur Robert III de Vitre (born c.1126, son of Robert II, see VITRE).