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[DOUG441] Theobald le Fleming (born c.1135).

[DOUG451] William Douglas (born 1174), 1st Laird of Douglasdale. He died c.1214.

[DOUG461] Sir Archibald Douglas (born c.1198), 2nd Lord of Douglas, is thought to have married [CRAJ462] Margaret Crawford (daughter of [CRAJ451] Sir John Crawford of Crawfordjohn, see CRAWFORD). He died c.1240.

[DOUG471] William longlegs Douglas (born c.1215), 4th Lord of Douglas, knighted. He married 1. [CARR472] Martha Carrick (born c.1233, see CARRICK EARLDOM); then 2. Constance Battail of Fawdon. He died c.1274. (The sequence of his marriages may be the other way round.)

[DOUG481] William the bold Douglas ([born c.1255], son of William and Martha), 5th Lord of Douglas, Governor of Berwick Castle.


Berwick Castle
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William married 1. Elizabeth (daughter of Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland); then 2. (1288) [LOUZ413] Eleanor Louvain (born 1268, widow of [DERB411] William de Ferrers of Groby, see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM; and daughter of [LOUZ401] Matthew Louvain, see LOUVAIN (2)). He was hanged at the Tower of London (1297).

[DOUG491] Archibald Douglas (born c.1298, younger son of William), 4th Lord of Douglas [note odd numbering], Guardian of Scotland, married {CRAW492]  Beatrice (born c.1300, daughter of Sir Alexander, see LINDSAY). He was killed at the Battle of Halidon Hill, just north of Berwick town (19th July 1333). Beatrice afterwards married 2. [ERSK491] Sir Robert Erskine (see ERSKINE).

[DOUG501] William Douglas (born c.1327, 2nd but only surviving son & heir, and nephew of Robert the Bruce's companion Sir James Douglas). In 1346, after returning from France, he claimed his inheritance as chief of the Douglas clan. He was Warden of the Marches. By murdering his third-cousin and godfather Sir William Douglas of Liddesdale (1353), he became undisputed head of the House of Douglas. William was wounded at the Battle of Poitiers (1356) fighting on the side of the French. William was created 1st Earl of Douglas (26th January 1357-58). He built Tantallon Castle (possibly c.1358), the last Scottish medieval curtain-wall castle.


Tantallon Castle
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William married (1356-57) [MARR502] Lady Margaret of Mar (only daughter of Earl Donald of Mar, see MAR EARLDOM). Following this marriage William became the proprietor of Bonkyl Kirk.

  Bonkyl Kirk
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William also had two illegitimate children by his wife's sister-in-law, [STEW542] Countess Margaret of Angus (see HIGH STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND, widow of the 13th Earl of Mar. These were George Douglas (born c.1380, at Tantallon Castle) afterwards 1st Earl of Angus, and Joan Douglas (see later). John died 1st May 1384, and was buried at Melrose Abbey.

  Melrose Abbey
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Margaret  later married 2. (c.1385-88) Sir John Swinton of Swinton (Berwickshire), by which Sir John was called Lord of Mar. Margaret died 1417-18.

[DOUG512] Joan Douglas (born c.1382, illegitimate daughter of William & Countess Margaret of Angus) married [DACE521] Lord William Dacre (born 1357, see DACRE).