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[DUNB341] Maldred (2nd son of [CANM361] Crinan, see KINGS OF SCOTLAND) married (before 1040) [BERN342] Ealdgyth (daughter & heiress of [BERN331] Earl Uhtred, see BERNICIA). Maldred was Lord of Allerdale. He was also Regent of Strathclyde (1039-45) for Malcolm, the under-age son of his brother King Duncan. Maldred together with his father Crinan were both killed in battle in a rebellion against King MacBeth at Dunkeld (1045).

[DUNB352] Dorothy of Dunbar (born c.1057, daughter of Maldred) married [SINC411] William the seemly Sinclair, 1st Baron of Rosslyn (see ROSSLYN BARONY).

[DUNB351] Gospatric gwas patric [servant of Patric] (born c.1040-48) married [GODW352] Aethelreda (sister to Edmund, and illegitimate daughter of King Harold II of England, see EARL GODWINE). He became Earl of Northumbria (c.1068). He rebelled against King William and joined the invading Norwegians who sailed up the river Humber (September 1069) and captured York by storm. Afterwards Gospatric fled but was pardoned. He lost the Earldom (1072) for having assisted in the massacre at Durham, after which he fled to Dunbar. King Malcolm III granted him 1st Earl of Dunbar (1072), with lands adjacent in Lothian. Gospatric possibly built the first castle at Dunbar, rebuilt successively over the years, but eventually practically obliterated with the construction of the Victoria Harbour (1844).

  Dunbar Castle ruins

Gospatric died (c.1075) at Ubbanford [present-day Norham, on the south bank of the River Tweed, to the west of Berwick-upon-Tweed].



Norham Castle
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[DUNB364] Ethelreda (daughter of Gospatric II) married (c.1090) [CANM434] Duncan II (born c.1060, eldest son of King Malcolm III and Ingibiorg, see KINGS OF SCOTLAND (HOUSE OF DUNKELD)).

[DUNB361] Waldeve/Waldeof/Waltheof/Waltheor (2nd son of Gospatric) held of William meschin (Lord of Egremont, see MESCHIN), the Barony of Allerdale below the River Derwent in Cumberland, and all the lands between the Rivers Coker and Derwent, together with the 5 towns of Brigham, Clifton, Eaglesfield, Deam and Greysouthern; and thus became 1st feudal Lord of Allerdale. He married Sigrid. After Waldeve died, Sigrid married 2. Roger FitzGilbert [not identified].

[DUNB372] Gunnild (daughter of Waldeve) married [GALL371] Lord Uhtred (see GALLOWAY).

[DUNB362] Gospatric II (born c.1062, son of Gospatric I), 2nd Earl of Lothian [Dunbar] (1134-38), Earl of March, Baron of Beanley, married Sybil Morel of Bearley (born c.1070, daughter of Arkil Morel/More (born c.1010), son of Ecgfrith [born c.990] & Sigrida [daughter of Kilvert [son of Ligulf] & Ecgfrida]), Seneschal of Lennox, Thane in Northumbria. He died 22nd August 1138.

[DUNB372] Edgar of Dunbar, the Dauntless, (born c.1105, son of Gospatric II and unknown mistress), married [GRST262] Alice Greystoke (born c.1130, daughter of Walter FitzIvo de Greystoke, see GREYSTOKE).

[DUNB383] Agnes de Dunbar, Heiress of Drigg, married [FLEM281] Anselm le Fleming, see FLEMING.

[DUNB371] Gospatric III (born c.1090), 3rd Earl of Lothian [Dunbar] (1139-66), married Derdere/Deidre. He died 1166.

[DUNB382] --- (born c.1124, daughter of Gospatric III), married [ANGS461] Earl Gille Brigte of Angus (born c.1118) (see ANGUS EARLDOM).

[DUNB381] Waltheof (son of Gospatric III), 4th Earl of Lothian [Dunbar] (1166-82), married Alina. He died 1182.

[DUNB392] Agnes (daughter of Waltheof) married [SINC441] Baron William Sinclair (see ROSSLYN BARONY).