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of Dutton, Runcorn, Cheshire

[DUTT421] Odard de Dutton (born 1046, son of [SAUV401] Yvron Bellomontensis de Cotentin, see SAUVEUR), held Dutton as sub-tenant at the time of the Domesday Survey (1086), 1st Lord of Dutton, married Alice.

 [DUTT431] Hugh FitzOdard Dutton (born 1086, at Dutton), 2nd Lord of Dutton, married [PICA432] Alice Picard (see PICARD). Hugh and Alice both died c.1130.

[DUTT441] Hugh de Dutton (born 1128, at Dutton, Runcorn, Cheshire), 3rd Lord of Dutton, married (1151) Alice Prescott (see PRESCOT). Hugh died c.1154 at Kekwick, Cheshire, and Alice died 1178 at Dutton.

[DUTT452] Geoffrey de Dutton (born 1160, at Rocksavage, son of Hugh de Dutton), married [EUST413] Helen de Lacy (see FITZEUSTACE). Helen died 9th April 1228. Geoffrey died 1248, at Nether Tabley..

[DUTT465] Agnes de Dutton (born 1209, daughter of Geoffrey).married [HAT2451] William de Hatton (see HATTON-2).

[DUTT451] Hugh de Dutton (son of Hugh & Alice), 4th Lord of Dutton, married [MASS462] Isabel de Massey (see MASSEY).

[DUTT461] Sir Hugh de Dalton, 5th Lord of Dalton, married [ADES452] Muriel le Despenser (see ABITOT).

[DUTT471] Sir Thomas de Dutton, succeeded his brother Hugh as 7th Lord of Dutton. He married [STAN472] Philippa de Standon (see STANDON). 

[DUTT481] Hugh de Dalton, 8th Lord of Dutton, married 1. [MALP482] Joan St. Pierre (see MALPAS).

[DUTT502] Katherine de Dutton (daughter of Sir Hugh & Isabella) married [PULF501] Robert de Pulford (see PULFORD).

[DUTT501] Sir Thomas Dutton (born 1314, son of Hugh & Joan), 10th Lord of Dutton, married Baroness [CANT502] Eleanor Thornton (see CANTILUPE).

.[DUTT511] Sir Edward Dutton, married [MUNZ512] Joan Munshull (see MUNSHALL). Joan had previously married 1. William de Hooton. 

[DUTT521] Peter Dutton (born 1366, at Halton, Cheshire), 12th Lord of Dutton, married [BOTX522] Lady Elizabeth Boteler (see BOTELER). Elizabeth died 19th June 1428 and Peter died 1tth October 1433.

[DUTT531] John Dutton, 13th Lord Dutton (born 1403), married [SAVA532] Margaret Savage (see SAVAGE). Margaret died 29th June 1463.

[DUTT542] Lady Cicely (daughter of Lord John) married [BYRD541] Sir John le Bird (see LE BIRD).