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[ELLI611] Joseph Ellison, of Knowsley, married Ellin. They had seven children born at Knowsley and baptised at Huyton as follows:

Isabell (baptised 7th September 1679), married (at Huyton, 14th May 1713) William Johnson, both of Knowsley;

Richard (baptised 15th December 1681), died at Knowsley and was buried at Huyton (21st December 1682);

Frances [male] (baptised 24th May 1685);

[ELLI621] Richard (baptised 11th June 1688), married 1. Ann Williamson, then 2. Ellin Barrow, see later;

William (baptised 26th February 1690/1);

Henery (baptised 16th May 1694);

Joseph (baptised 9th February 1696/7), married (at Huyton, 6th April 1719, "both of Knowsley") Jane Cross.

Ellin ("wife of Joseph senior") died at Knowsley, and was buried at Huyton (14th October 1726).

[ELLI621] Richard Ellison (born 1688), of Knowsley, married 1. (by licence dated 7th February 1714/5, at Huyton, 9th February 1714/5) [WILN622] Ann Williamson (born 1693), of Roby, see WILLIAMSON.


Huyton Church
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They had one child born and baptised at Farnworth as follows:

[ELLI631] George (baptised 10th January 1716/7), married Mary Suthern, see later.

Ann "wife of Richard Ellison of Roby" died and was buried at Huyton (11th January 1716/7). Afterwards Richard Ellison (of Roby) married 2. (at Huyton, 16th February 1717/8) Ellin Barrow (of Huyton). They had three children baptised at Farnworth as follows:

Thomas (baptised 22nd March 1718/9);

William (baptised 9th August 1724), died young;

William (baptised 31st March 1728).

Richard, who was a linen weaver, died at Cuerdley (buried at Farnworth, 22nd December 1730).

[ELLI631] George Ellison (born 1717, son of Richard & Ann), a weaver, married (at Prescot, 26th July 1743) [SUTH632] Mary Suthern (born 1715), both of Widnes, see SOUTHERN). They had four children:

David (born at Prescot, 4th April 1744, baptised there 22nd April 1744), died at Widnes (buried at Farnworth, 16th November 1752);

Isaac (born at Prescot, 3rd May 1747, baptised there 10th May 1747);

[ELLI642] Pheby (born at Prescot, 16th March 1749-50, baptised there 15th April 1750), married William Vose, see later;

Elijah (born at Widnes, baptised at Farnworth, 23rd April 1753).

Mary died at Widnes (buried at Farnworth, 14th May 1753), and George died (almost forty years later) at Prescot (buried at Widnes, 4th March 1794).

[ELLI642] Pheby Ellison (born 1750, daughter of George & Mary) married (at Prescot, 22nd April 1781) [VOSE641] William Vose (born 1755, see VOSE), a widower.