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 [FISH551] Robert Fisher Sr.(born c.1399), married Leticia Joan Corlisha (born c.1415). Joan died 1483.

[FISH461] Robert Fisher Jr. (born c.1434), married Agnes. Robert died 30th June 1470. Agnes remarried and later died c.1489.

[FISH571] ohn Fisher (born 19th October 1469, at Beverley), married [MERV572] Christina Mervyn (daughter of Sir John Mervin & Christina, see MERVYN). Christina died in 1523.

John was ordained as a priest (17th December 1491), appointed as Bishop of Rochester (14th October 1504) and installed there (24th April 1505). He was Chancellor of Cambridge University (1504-35).

  John Fisher's Shield
Fish and Ears of corn
Rochester Cathedral

(15 November 2018)
Rochester Cathedral
(13 April 1995)

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Saint John Fisher on extreme right
Rochester Cathedral
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In 1529 John ordered the arrest of a dissident priest, Thomas Hitton, a follower of William Tyndale, and subsequently interrogated him. Hitton was tortured and burned at the stake for heresy (1530), so John was no stranger to the use of torture. John was arrested on 26th April 1534 for disagreeing with King Henry VIII becoming head of the Church in England and remained in the Tower until his death. His appointment as Bishop was revoked (2nd January 1534/35), so that John was now just a commoner and could be dealt with as such. Finally the Pope tried to save him by making him Cardinal-Priest of San Vitale (21st May 1535), but King Henry VIII joked he would have to wear the Cardinal's red hat on his shoulders, i.e. he would have no head on which to place it. As an act of mercy, Henry reduced his sentence of Hung, Drawn and Quartered to a simple beheading. He was executed at the Tower on 22nd June 1535.

Whilst John was Chancellor of Cambridge University, his colleagues included two future Archbishops (Cranmer and Parker) and two future Bishops (Latimer and Ridley). Sadly, three of these finished up on the stake, Latimer and Ridley (1554) and Cranmer (1555), in their cases for being Protestants under the new Catholic Queen Mary

John was beatified by Pope Leo XIII (29th December 1886) and Canonised by Pope Pius XI (19th May 1935).

  Statue of Saint John in
Rochester Cathedral
(15 November 2018)

[FISH582] Rose Fisher (daughter of John) alleged married [BLOS581] Richard Blois (see BLOSSE).


 John Fisher, being a Roman Catholic priest, could not have married. Therefore his descent must be fictitious. So Rose Fisher (assuming she did exist) could not have been the daughter of Bishop John Fisher.