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[SAUV401] Ivo (born 1020), Vicomte of Cotentin (son of Vicomte Neil II, see SAINT-SAUVEUR), married (c.1042) [RENN352] Emma Lupus, Countess of Brittany (daughter of Count Geoffrey I, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY). Ivo died 12th April 1059, in Basse-Normandie.

[FNIG411] Nigel de Aurenges was a premier baron of the Palatinate of Cheshire, Baron of Halton, 1st Constable of Chester within Lyme, the latter being a district afterwards known as Lancashire. (A Constable was an officer of rank, to whom was committed the command of soldiers, with the charge of the horses, armour, and other munitions in the time of war.) Nigel was also cousin and marshal to Hugh de Abrincis, upon whom William the Conqueror conferred this Palatinate.

[DUTT421] Odard, son of Nigel, 1st Lord of Dutton, is described under DUTTON.

[FNIG425] William FitzNigel, Baron of Dalton, Lord of Knaresborough, and Constable of Chester, married [GANT355] Agnes (daughter of Robert de Gant, see GANT). At the Domesday Survey he was tenant-in-chief in Cheshire. He died before 1130.

[FNIG435] Agnes (daughter & coheir of William), heiress of Halton, married (as his second wife) [EUST381] Lord Eustace FitzJohn (see FITZEUSTACE).

[FNIG436] Leucha FitzNeel de Halton (daughter of William FitzWilliam, Baron of Halton), sister of Agnes (heiress of Halton), married [RALP361] Robert de Mohart (see MOHART).