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[FWIL421] Chetelborn/Ketelborn of Hopton (born c.1087), of Upper Hopton, married Emma de Sclabis. He died at Emley (1st December 1135)

 [FWIL431] Godric FitzKetelborn (born c.1113), Lord of Hopton, married Ella de Warenne. He was living 1130.

 [FWIL441] William FitzGodric (born c.1140), of Emley, married (between 1165-73) [LISO399] Aubreye de Lisours (widow of 1. [EUST391] Baron Richard FitzEustace, Constable of Chester, see FITZEUSTACE; and widow of 2. William de Clairfait; and daughter & heiress of [LISO381] Robert, see LISOURS). William was living 1182, but dead by 1194. Albreye/Albreda died c.1200.

 [FWIL451] William FitzWilliam (born c.1173), of Sprotbrough, married [SUR2473] Ela of Surrey (widow of Robert de Newburn, and daughter of Earl Hamelin, see SURREY (PLANTAGENET) EARLDOM). He died c.1219-24.

[FWIL461] Sir Thomas FitzWilliam (son & heir of William), of Sprotbrough & Emley, married [BERT492] Agnes de Bertram (daughter of Roger, Baron Mitford, see BERTRAM). Thomas was feudal Lord of Sprotbrough (Yorks) and also held Royton (Lancs) as tenant-in-chief (1224).

  Sprotbrough Church
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Sir Thomas gave lands to his daughter Dionis, by then widow of Sir Robert.

 [FWIL472] Dionis, or Denise, FitzWilliam (daughter of Sir Thomas) married [DAIV471] Sir Robert de Deiville (see DEIVILLE).

[FWIL471] Sir William FitzThomas (born c.1214), married Agnes de Grey (born c.1212, daughter of Sir Richard de Grey & Lucie). William died c.1294.

[FWIL481] William FitzWilliam (born c.1275), married 1. Maude; then 2. Elizabeth de Clinton; then 3. [DEIN422] Isabel Deincourt (daughter of .Sir Edmond Deincourt and Isabel, see DEINCOURT). Isabel died 1325 and William died c.11 April 1340.

[FWIL491] Sir John I de FitzWilliam (born c.1298, son of William & Isabel), married Joan de Reresby (daughter of Sir Adam de Reresby and Thethegna). Joan died c.1338 and John died c.10 August 1349.

[FWIL501] Sir John II  FitzWilliam (born c.1328), married 1. [HUSS382] Joan de Hungerford nee Hussey (see HUNGERFORD); then 2. [CLIN512] Elizabeth de Clinton (born c.1324, daughter of [CLIN501] John de Clinton and Marge, see CLINTON). John died 22 February 1385 and Elizabeth died 10 April 1419.

[FWIL511] Sir William FitzWilliam (born c.1346, son of William & Elizabeth), married Maud (born 20 June 1366, daughter of Robert Cromwell). William died 8 April 1398 and Maud died c.1418.

[FWIL521] Sir John FitzWilliam (born 25 July 1377, son of Sir William), married [GREN522] Eleanor Green (daughter of Sir Henry Green and Matilda, see HENRY-GREENE).  William died 5 July 1417 and Eleanor died bef. 1423..