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(in present-day Belgium)


[FLAN241] Lideric, possibly of Visigoth origin, died c.806-18.

[FLAN251] Enguerrand de Flanders (born c.760-80). He died 825.

[FLAN261] Odoacre/Audacer/Odoscer (born c.800-10), Count of Harlbek, married Ida de Louvain.

[FLAN272] Ignode (daughter of Odoacre) married [CREQ271] Arnouli, see CREQUY).

[FLAN271] Baudouin I bras-de-fer [=iron arm] (born c.830-37, son of Odoacre) eloped (862) with [CARO277] Judith, separated wife of [WESK291] King Aethelbald of Wessex, and afterwards married her (at Auxerre, 13th December 862). Judith was a daughter of [CARO269] King Charles II of France (see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). Baudouin was Count of Ghent and Wass, and 1st Count of Flanders (858-79). He died at Arras (879), and was buried at the Abbey of St. Peter, Ghent.

[FLAN282] Ermina le goz d'Avranches (born c.865, possible daughter of Baudouin) married [HEID251] Hrollager/Hrollaug Ragnvaldsson (see HEIDMARK).

[FLAN281] Baldwin II le chauve [=bald] (born c.865-67, son of Baudouin) married (c.893-99) [WESK314] Aelftrudis (daughter of King Alfred of England, see ANGLO-SAXON KINGDOM). He was 2nd Count of Flanders (879-918), and Count of Boulogne, died 10th September 918, and was buried at the Abbey of St. Peter, Ghent.

[BOUL281] Adalolf/Aethelwulf (2nd son of Baldwin II) is described under BOULOGNE COUNTY.

[FLAN291] Arnulf I magnus [=the Great] (born 895, eldest son of Baldwin II) married 1. --- [presumably Alisa]; then 2. (934) [VERM304] Adela (born 910, daughter of Count Herbert II, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY). He was 3rd Count of Flanders (918-64), Adela died at Bruges (10th October 960), and Arnulf was murdered 27th March 964. He was buried at the Abbey of St. Peter, Ghent.

[FLAN302] Hildegard (born before 933, daughter of Arnulf & his 1st wife [presumably Alesa of Ortella) married (c.940-45) [HOLL301] Count Dirk II (see HOLLAND COUNTY).

[FLAN303] Elstrude (daughter of Arnulf & Adele) married (c.960-65) [GUIS301] Count Sigefroi (see GUISNES COUNTY).

[FLAN304] Adelgarde (daughter of Arnulf & Alisa of Ortella) married [TIRR311] Count Waleran in the Vexin, see TIRRELL).

[FLAN305] Liutgard (daughter of Arnulf & Adela) married [GENT361] Port-Count Wichmann II (see GENT).

[FLAN301] Baldwin III (born c.940, son of Arnulf & Adela) married (c.951-59) [SAX2339] Matilda (born 940, daughter of DUKE HERMANN, see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY). He was 4th Count of Flanders (958-62), and died January 962. Afterwards, Matilda married 2. (c.963) [LOTU311] Count Godefroi barbatus (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF VERDUN) DUKEDOM).

[CONT301] Jean de Conteville (son of Baldwin III) is described under CONTEVILLE.

[FLAN311] Arnulf II le jeune [=younger] (born c.961-62, son of Baldwin III) married (c.968) [LOM3312] Rozala (daughter of EMPEROR BERENGAR II, see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF IVREA) KINGDOM). He was 5th Count of Flanders (965-88), died 30th March 987-88, and was buried at the Abbey of St. Peter, Ghent. Afterwards Rozala married 2. (988, the the name Suzanne) (988) [CAPE321] King Robert II of France, repudiated (991-92).

[FLAN329] Baldwin IV le barbu [=bearded] (born c.980, son of Arnulf II) married 1. (c.1012) [LUXE322] Ogive (born c.995, daughter of Count Frederick, see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY), died 1030; then 2. (c.1031) [NORM324] Alienor (2nd daughter of DUKE RICHARD II OF NORMANDY). He was 6th Count of Flanders (988-1035), died 30th May 1035, and was buried at the Abbey of St. Peter, Ghent.

At the Church of Our Lady of St. Peter, Ghent, there is a plaque commemorating the five Counts who were buried at the Abbey of St. Peter, Ghent, between 879 and 1035.



Church of Our Lady of
St. Peter, Ghent

(2007 by AJZ)

Commemorative Plaque
(2007 by AJZ)

[FLAN332] Judith/Fausta (born c.1033, daughter of Baldwin IV & Alienor) married 1. (October 1051) Tostig Godwinsson (brother of King Harold of England, who had been banished to Flanders in 1065, then was killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge (25th September 1066); then 2. (1071) [ESTB371] DUKE WELF (see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF ESTE) DUKEDOM).

[FLAN331] Baldwin V le barbu de Lille (born c.1012-13, son of Baldwin IV & Ogive) married (at Amiens, 1028) [CAPE333] Adele (daughter of King Robert II of France, see CAPETIAN HOUSE). He was Count & March Count of Flanders (1035-67), Regent of France during the minority of King Philip I of France, and died at Lille (1st September 1067). Adele died 8th January 1079.

[FLAN342] Matilda (born 1031, daughter of Baldwin V) married (at Eu, c.1051) [NORK339] King William I of England (see NORMAN KINGS).

[HAIN341] Baldwin I (born c.1030, son of Count Baldwin V) married (May 1051) Richilde (widow of 1. Count Herman of Hainault, and daughter of the Count of Egisheim [Alsace]). He was Count of Flanders (1067-70). See HAINAULT COUNTY for further details.

[FLAN341] Robert I the Frisian (born c.1031, son of Baldwin V) married (1063) [SAX2350] Gertrude (daughter of DUKE BERNARD II, see SAXONY (BILLUNG) DUKEDOM). (Gertrude previously married 1. [HOLL331] Count Florent I, see HOLLAND COUNTY). Robert was Count of Flanders (1071-93), and died 13th October 1093. Gertrude died August 1113.

[FLAN359] Gertrude (daughter of Robert I) married 1. [LOUV354] Count Heinrich III of Louvain (see LOUVAIN); then 2. (at Han-sur-Lesse, August 1095) [LORR342] DUKE THIERRY II (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[FLAN351] Robert II of Jerusalem (born c. 1065, son of Robert I) was Count of Flanders, and married Clemence (see BURGUNDY COUNTY). Robert died 1111, and afterwards Clemence married c.1121) [LOUV359] DUKE GODFREY I (see LOUVAIN).