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[BODD681] George Boddy (born 1850, son of John & Jane, see JOHN BODDY), enlisted in the 68th Light Infantry. For his army service see:





Colchester Castle
(about 1988)

Whilst stationed at Colchester, George met [PARK682] Sarah Ann Parker (born 1865, see PARKER). Ten days after his discharge from the army, George, a book-keeper of 23 Cranberry Street, married 1. (at Leeds, All Saints, 14th September 1889) Sarah Ann Parker, of 40 Pontefract Lane, witnessed by Sarah Jane Britton (George's sister) and Andrew Britton (George's brother-in-law). They lived variously in Leeds at Cranberry Street (1889), Bedford Place (1891), Ascot Street (1891-94), Bedford Row (1894-97), and Holderness Terrace (1897- ), where he was variously described as a commissionaire, time-keeper, book-keeper and army pensioner. They had four children as follows:

[BODD691] Henry George (born at 56 Ascot Street, 3rd December 1891; baptised at All Saints, 20th January 1892; baptised again at All Hallows, 14th May 1902), married 1. Ada Mills, 2. Grace Beatrice Lynes, 3. Ada Johnson nee Hammill, see later;

Charlotte Annie (born at 56 Ascot Street, 30th August 1893). She was  baptised Charlotte Anne at St. George's, 4th September 1894; baptised again [at All Hallows, 1902, entry not recorded); married (at Richmond Hill Chapel, 31st July 1920) Joseph Verity, witnessed by Henry George Boddy (Charlotte Anne's brother) and Albert Verity (Joseph's brother);

George Walter (born at 6 Bedford Row, 11th December 1894), died age 2 (23rd March 1897, buried at Woodhouse Cemetery, 25th March 1897);

a child (still-born at 21 Holderness Terrace) buried at Woodhouse Cemetery (2nd December 1898). An Annie Boddy was recorded born in Leeds (December Qtr. 1898) and an Annie Boddy recorded died in Leeds December Qtr. 1898 (age 0).


Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann died (age 34, of mitral disease and heart failure) at Leeds Infirmary (10th September 1899). Her death was recorded as Sarah Annie Boddy. She was buried at Woodhouse Cemetery (13th September 1899), where a simple 2-lines entry on the headstone (latterly in use as a pathstone) reads:



Afterwards George, a time-keeper of 21 Holderness Terrace, married 2. (at Leeds, All Hallows, 4th February 1901) Mary Heaphy Mosey nee Smith (born at Cork, Ireland, 1852, daughter of Edward Smith), witnessed by Sarah Jane Britton (George's sister) and Andrew Britton (George's brother-in-law). Mary Heaphy had previously married 1. (at Great Driffield, 8th February 1875) Francis Mosey, witnessed by Dorothy Hawley and Septimus Smith (Mary Heaphy's uncle). Francis Mosey had died within a few weeks of George’s first wife Sarah Ann. Mary already had several grown up children, including Francis Edward ("Ted") who is referred to later. George and Mary continued to live at 21 Holderness Terrace, and George was commissionaire and timekeeper at a nearby clothing factory. On 27th April 1902 he failed to arrive at work to open the doors for the employees. Someone went around to his house and he was found dead in bed, having suffered a heart attack, at the age of 51. His wife was asleep in bed with him.

George was buried at Woodhouse Cemetery (30th April 1902), where a simple 2-lines entry on the headstone (afterwards in use as a pathstone) reads:



Mary's first thoughts were the disposal of Henry and Charlotte. Charlotte was sent to Sheffield to live with an aunt. Disposing of Henry needed more effort. As the son of a deceased army Non-Commissioned Officer, Henry was entitled to a place at the Duke of York's Royal Military School, Chelsea, subject to fulfilling certain conditions. Mary made due application on 7th May at the office of the Corps of Commissionaires in Leeds. She produced the marriage certificate for Henry's parents, and also their respective death certificates. However, Henry's birth certificate could not be produced, and Mary could only state he was born on 10th Dec 1891 (which was wrong). On the application form in the column headed Baptism was written "unbaptized", which Mary then proceeded to rectify.

Mary took both children to All Hallows church to be baptised (or rather rebaptised, because they had already been baptised when they were babies). She also told the priest Henry George was born on 10th December 1891 and Charlotte Anne on 31st August 1893. Only afterwards did she obtain Henry's birth certificate (and possibly notice it showed a different date of birth). She would not need to obtain Charlotte's birth certificate, so any error there would go unnoticed. Henry's baptism and birth certificates were duly submitted, and Henry's date of birth was corrected from "10.12.91" to read "3.12.91". His baptism entry was corrected from "unbaptized" to read "14.6.1902".

It was several months later (probably mid-August) before the priest at All Hallows remembered to make the baptism entries in the register, and even then he overlooked Charlotte Anne's entry altogether. He duly entered Henry George as having been baptised on May 14 with the comment "omitted in May". (As the date 14.6.1902 was shown on the army school application form, did the baptism take place in the May or the June, and who made the error? We shall never know.) In the margin of the baptism register the priest quoted Henry's date of birth as "Dec 10 1891", so it does look as if he had found a scrap of paper with these dates on it. But it's a pity he neglected to enter Charlotte's baptism particulars, as it would have been interesting to see what he wrote down as her date of birth.

Charlotte Anne was handed over to various aunts to be taken care of, with the information that she was born at the end of August 1893. At the 1911 Census she was living with the Gavins family, where she was a paper bag maker. It was not until she was perhaps approaching her sixtieth birthday that she obtained her birth certificate and found she was born on the 30th and not the 31st of August 1893, in other words not literally at the end of August. Charlotte Anne kept quiet about this one-day discrepancy.

Mary Heaphy did not remarry again. At the 1911 Census she was living at 34 Kennedy Street, Leeds, with her unmarried son Francis Edward Mosey. She died (age 77, of cerebral hemorrhage) at Alma Road, Rotherham, (23rd May 1929). This may have been a nursing home, because her abode was Sheffield Road Rotherham. (Her son "Ted" was then living at the "Horse Shoe Hotel", Wombwell, Barnsley.)

Francis Edward Mosey (born in Leeds, 1877) once visited Henry George Boddy, in Leeds in the mid-1940's.  He died (apparently unmarried) in 1947 age 69.

[BODD691] Henry George Boddy (born 1891, son of George & Sarah Ann) married 1. Ada Mills (born 1890); then 2. [LYNE692] Grace Beatrice Lynes (born 1890, see LYNES); then 3. Ada Johnson nee Hammill (born 1895), see HENRY GEORGE BODDY.

George Boddy = Sarah Ann Parker
1891 Census  3706-145  Leeds, 31A Bedford Place
George         BODDY     H   M 40 timekeeper            Leeds
Sarah A        BODDY     W   M 25                       Feering ESS

George Boddy = Mary Heaphy Mosey nee Smith
1901 Census  4245-62  Leeds, 21 Holderness Terrace
George         BODDY     H   M 50 commissionaire        Leeds
Mary H         BODDY     W   M 48                       Cork IRL
Henry G        Boddy     S   -  9                       Leeds
Charlotte A    Boddy     D   -  7                       Leeds
Francis E      Mosey     S-S S 23 druggist warehouseman Leeds
1911 Census           Leeds, 34 Kennedy Street
Mary Heaphy    BODDY     H   W 58                       Cork IRL
Francis Edward Mosey     S   S 33 railway goods porter  Leeds
Elizabeth      Ibbettson Bd  W 70                       Wakefield