The early descent is difficult to prove, with gaps in the various parish registers, so it is impossible to say with certainty where the family originated. Thomas' marriage in 1611 simply took place in the bride's parish (Saxton).

However Thomas was not the Thomas Galloway (son of Humfrey) baptised at York, St. Michael le Belfrey, (8th February 1584/5). This was a North Newbald family, and this Thomas was buried at North Newbald (3rd January 1609/10).

Nor was he the Thomas (son of Nicholas) baptised at Kirk Ella (8th July 1587), as he was buried on 28th of the same month.

[GALW591] Thomas Galloway (unknown origin) married (at Saxton, 19th November 1611) [DANY592] Elizabeth Danyell (born 1589, see DANYELL).



Saxton Church
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The family had at least seven children as follows:

It is not known where the family lived, where the children were baptised, nor when Thomas and Elizabeth died.

[GALW601] John Gallawaye (born 1616), a clothier of Holbeck, married (at Calverley, 5th May 1640) [ALLA602] Ann Allanbridge (born 1617, see ALLANBRIDGE). They had about four children as follows:

The date of 14th March 1641 has been entered in the Calverley register among the 1626 entries, the register covering 1642 itself being missing. No doubt this date was inserted at a much later date.

John was mentioned in the Pudsey Court Rolls (15th September 1651 and 4th September 1661) as being obliged to take his corn to the Mr Calverley's mill, and not to any other mill, or pay a fine. Anne died at Pudsey, buried at Calverley (29th November 1658), and John senior died at Pudsey also, buried at Calverley (19th January 1692/3). John was assessed as having two hearths at Pudsey at the 1672 Hearth Tax. John left a will referring to his single daughter Elizabeth, married daughter Anne Wilson, son John, and a grandchild.

[GALW611] John Galloway (born 1642) married 1. (at Calverley, 22nd April 1679) Ann Lalley. They appear to have had no children. Later, John Galloway married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 2nd July 1685) [CHMX612] Elizabeth Chambers (see CHAMBERS (2)). They had two children born at Pudsey and baptised at Calverley as follows:

John Galloway was assessed with 2 hearths in the 1672 Hearth Tax for Pudsey. Elizabeth died at Pudsey (buried at Calverley, 16th April 1699), and John died at Pudsey also (buried at Calverley, 1st March 1700/1).

[GALW621] James Galloway (born 1697, son of John & Elizabeth) married (at Calverley, 30th May 1721) [SMIM622] Grace Smith (born 1699, see SMITH). They had seven children born at Pudsey and baptised at Calverley as follows:

James was variously described as being a labourer or clothier.

[GALW631] James Galloway (born 1733), a clothier, married (at Calverley, 31st March 1755) [COAT632] Patience Coates (see COATES). They had three children born at Pudsey and baptised at either Calverley Parish Church or Pudsey Chapel as follows:

[GALW642] Betty Galway (born 1765, daughter of James) married (at Bradford, 3rd August 1785) a clothier [BAXT641] Thomas Baxter (born 1763, see BAXTER).