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Recommended reading includes: "The Scots Peerage" (Vol. IV, ed. Sir James Balfour Paul, 1907).

[GALL361] Fergus MacErc, Celtic Lord of Galloway, "Prince of Galloway", married 1. (c.1120) [NORK354] Joan or Elizabeth (youngest illegitimate daughter of King Henry I, see NORMAN KINGS). After his 1st wife died, Fergus married 2. ---. He afterwards became a monk, and died at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, (12th May 1161).

[CARR451] Duncan de Galloway (born c.1162, son of Fergus & Joan), is dealt with under CARRICK EARLDOM.

[GALL371] Uchtred (son of Fergus & Joan) married [DUNB372] Gunnild (see DUNBAR EARLDOM). Uhtred was Lord of Galloway (jointly with his younger brother Gilbert), and was murdered at his home at Loch Fergus (22nd September 1174), being killed by a party under Malcolm, son of Gilbert.

[GALL381] Lochlann (later known by his French name Roland, the Norman-French equivalent of Lochlann) married [MORV452] Elena/Eva/Hellena (daughter of Richard de Morville, and sister of William de Morville, and heiress of both, see MORVILLE). Roland was Lord of Galloway and, through his marriage, he acquired (after William Morville's death, 1196) the extensive estates of the Morville's, together with the office of Constable of Scotland (1196). He died at Northampton (19th December 1200), and was buried there at the Abbey of St. Andrew. Elena died 11th June 1217.

[GALL392] Devorguilla (daughter of Roland) married [DEST461] Lord Nicholas de Stuteville (see STUTEVILLE).

[GALL391] Alan (son of Roland), Lord of Galloway (1200-34), Constable of Scotland, married 1. Alice de Lacy; then 2. (1209) Margaret of Huntingdon (eldest daughter of David, 9th Earl of Huntingdon), by which he received a grant of 2 knight's fees In Whissendine (Rut) and Bozeat (Northants); then 3. (1229) Rohese de Lacy (daughter of Hugh, 1st Earl of Ulster). He died c. 2nd February 1234, without legitimate male issue, and was buried in the Abbey at Dundrennan, Kirkcudbrightshire, (where his mutilated tomb effigy survives).

There are several versions for the origin of Alice de Lacy. One source shows her as the daughter of John, Baron of Pontefract and Constable of Chester, see LINCOLN (EUSTACE then LACY) EARLDOM), whilst yet another source suggests she was the daughter of Hugh de Lacy, which would make Rohese and Alice sisters. Another version shows Helen (below) as the daughter of Helen d'Isle (daughter of Rognvald, Lord of the Isles).

[GALL402] Helen (born c.1208, eldest surviving daughter & coheir of Alan & Alice) married [QUEN391] Earl Roger (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM).

[GALL403] Dervorguilla (born c.1212, daughter & coheir of Alan & Margaret) married 1. (1233) [BALI481] John Balliol, 5th Baron of Balliol, Regent of Scotland (died 25th October 1268) see BALLIOL; then 2. [VAUZ492] Sir John de Vaux (born c.1205, see VAUX).  Dervorguilla founded (April 1273) Sweetheart Abbey. She died 28th January 1289-90 and was buried at Sweetheart Abbey. 

  Dervorguilla Bridge in Dumfries (1426)
replacing 13thC timber bridge
(22 June 2004)


  Effigy of Dervorguilla near the above bridge
(25 July 2016)
Sweetheart Abbey
(25 July 2016)