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There was a Robert Garneys who was feudal Lord of the Manor of Soham Hall in Bereford [Barford today, 10 miles west of Norwich], Norfolk, (1384), was presumably descended from the Robert Garnoise who in 1194 held lands in Chippenhall in Fressingfield, Suffolk. Likewise the under-mentioned John was presumably descended from the Garnoise family.

[GARN521] John of Mettingham [six miles west of Beccles] (born c.1330), married Joan. He died at Beccles (1370).

[GARN531] Robert of Ros Hall Beccles (Suffolk), purchased Redisham Hall (1394). He married 1. Aveline; then 2. (1400) [BLAN532] Catherine of Heveningham (widow of --- Broke, and daughter & heiress of [BLAN521] John Blanchard of Huntingfield, Suffolk). Catherine died 1405, and Robert died 14th May 1411. Both were buried at Beccles where there was once a memorial inscription in the church.



Beccles Church
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[GARN541] Piers (son of Robert & Catherine) married 1. ---; then 2. [RAMS542] Anne Ramsey [or Elizabeth] (daughter of [RAMS531] Ralf Ramsey by his wife [WELM532] Alice Wellisham, who was daughter of [WELM521] Sir Roger Wellisham (see WELLISHAM). Piers Garneys died 1451.

[GARN551] Thomas (eldest son of Piers) of Kenton Hall, Kenton (Suffolk), married [FRAN552] Margaret Franceys (daughter and co-heiress of Sir Hugh Fraunceys, see HUGH FRAUNCEYS). Thomas died 12th December 1458, and afterwards Margaret married 2. Thomas Peyton of Isleham, of Peyton Hall, Boxsted (Suffolk), died 30th July 1484. Margaret died 1492.

[GARN561] John (born c.1454) of Kenton (Suffolk) married [SULY562] Elizabeth Sulyard (born c.1456, see SULYARD). He succeeded as Lord of the Manor of Kenton (1492 after his mother died). He also held the Manor of Hammonds in Mickfield (1515), and died age 80 (11th June 1524). Elizabeth died c.1527. Both were buried at Kenton. (But in "Suffolk Brasses" by Felgate, 1978, it says Elizabeth died [2nd April] 1539 and was buried at Badley.) The following is taken from "The Churches of East Suffolk" by Bryant (1912):

"Kenton: A brass bears the effigy of a man in armour, with tabard, wife in heraldic mantle, and groups of children, and inscription to John Garneys and Elizabeth, his wife, 1524. The inscription reads:

Here under this tomb lieth buryed John GAR

NEYS, esquyer + Elizabeth  ... ... ...  ... John

dec...d the XI Day of June In the yer of or lord

god M CCCCC XXIIII, .... .... .... ... have mc'y

[GARN572] Myrabel (daughter of John) married [POLY571] Edmund Poley (see POLEY).