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George TUTHILL                         Mary LAST
Born 1786-87                           Born 3 Oct 1786
  at Wrentham (SFK)                      at Barsham (SFK)

                                       Baptised 27 Oct 1786
                                         at Beccles (SFK), St Michael

Parents John/Susannah                  Parents James/Eve

Married 16 Sep 1808 at Barsham, Holy Trinity
of Frostenden



Barsham Church, chancel and altar
(29 April 2013
 by AJZ)

Witnesses William Tuthill
          Louisa Tuthill

Died 1868 (age 82) "George Tuttle"       Died 25 Mar 1853 (age 62) 
  at Willingham (SFK)                      at Willingham

Children :
Louisa/Louise b/c 19/1/09; m. (13/9/1830, Bungay) George Brown
David         b c.1815; m. (28/10/1835, Barsham) Charlotte Fisk; at Willingham (1851)
Elizabeth     c 3/2/16 Uggeshall
Eliza         c 22/9/18 Uggeshall; m1. (13/1/1833, North Cove cum Willingham) Henry Clarke ;
              m2. (1837, Wangford Reg. Dist.) Joseph Oakes;
              m3. (12/10/1841, North Cove cum Willingham) Charles Fisk
Mary          c 10/12/24 Ellough

Addresses :
1841 Willingham (-)
1851            near Cluttens Farm (George, ag lab)
1853            (George, widower, ag lab)
1861            Beccles Road (George with son David)


1841 Census Willingham
George    TUTHILL       54
Mary      TUTHILL       49
William   Clarke        16 [g/son] pauper
1851 Census 1804-484 Willingham, near Cluttens Farm
George    TUTHILL H   M 63 ag lab      Wrentham
Mary      TUTHILL W   M 59             Barsham
William   Clark   G/S U 26 ap team man Willingham
1861 Census Willingham, Beccles Road
David     Tuthill H   M
Charlotte Tuthill W   M
George    TUTHILL Fr  W