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There is much confusion over this family prior to the Conquest, and it is likely that there could be some generations omitted.

[BUCK341] Gauthier (Walter) Giffard aka Osberne Giffard aka Berenger Giffard (born c.1010, son of [BOLE361] Seigneur Osbern II de Bolebec, see BOLEBEC), Lord of Longueville in Normandy). Walter fought at the Battle of Hastings. He married [FLAI342] either Ermengarde [else Agnes] (daughter of [FLAI331] Gerard Flaitel, see FLAITEL). He died before 1085.

At the Domesday Survey (1086) the Walter Giffard (afterwards Earl of Buckingham) who was tenant-in-chief in Beds, Berks, Bucks, Cambs, Hunts, Norfolk, Oxon, Somerset, Suffolk and Wilts, was the son Walter or Gauthier.

[BUCK353] Adelaide (born c.1050, daughter of Walter) married [FOUG341] Seigneur Meen II (see FOUGERES).

[BUCK352] Rohese or Rohaisa (born c.1034, daughter of Walter) married [BRIO421] Richard I FitzGilbert of Tonbridge (see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).


[GIFF341] Osbern Giffard (born c.1020, brother of the aforementioned Gautier Giffard, and son of [BOLE361] Seigneur Osbern II de Bolebec, see BOLEBEC), Lord of Brimpsfield (Gloucs), married (after 1060) Lady Weva de Crepon. He held Brimpsfield at the Domesday Survey (1086), but died before1096.

[GIFF352] Josceline (daughter of Osbern) married [TMON321] Seigneur Roger I (see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM).

[GIFF351] Helias I (son of Osbern) I married Ala. He died c.1130.

[GIFF361] Helias II married (c.1127) [CLIF422] Berta (daughter of Richard, see CLIFFORD). Helias became latterly a monk at Gloucester Abbey, and died c.1166.



Gloucester Abbey
(later Cathedral)
(18 June 2005)

[GIFF371] Helias III [born c.1128] married 1. ---; then 2. [HARD462] Maud ([born c.1170] (daughter of [HARD451] Lord Maurice, see BERKELEY BARONY). Helias died 1191.

[GIFF381] Thomas [born c.1150] (presumed son of Helias III, by his 1st wife), was living 1194. This generations is absent in some sources, which instead show Helias IV son of Helias III by his 1st wife..

[GIFF391] Sir Helias IV of Brimpsfield, etc, ([born c.1180], presumed son of Thomas), married 1. Isabel Mufard; then 2. (c.1230) [MAUT472] Alice (daughter of Sir John, see MAUTRAVERS BARONY). Helias died 1248.

[GIFF411] John Giffard of Brimpsfield, etc, (born c.1233, son & heir of Helias & Alice) married 1. (October 1270) [CLIF452] Maud (only daughter & heiress of Sir Walter, see CLIFFORD). Maud had previously married 1. (by Royal Licence dated 30th April 1244) William longespee. He died May 1299.

John fought on the Baronial side at the Battle of Lewes (14th May 1264) where he was taken prisoner. He fought on the King's side at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265).

In 1277 John took part in the campaign against the Welsh. The castles at both Carreg Cennen and Llandovery fell to the English forces (by June 1277), and they were awarded to John. Both castles were captured by Welsh forces (1282), but later recaptured by the Earl of Gloucester. Llandovery Castle was rebuilt shortly afterwards by John (c.1283), presumably to rectify the siege damage. John was present at the Battle of Orewin Bridge also known as the Battle of Irfon Bridge (11th December 1282), near Builth where the rivers Irfon and Wye converge, when Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was killed and his head with its crown of ivy sent by John to the Tower of London.

Later Rhys ap Mareddud captured Llandovery (8th June 1287), followed shortly afterwards by Carreg Cennen, where both castle constables were killed. John Giffard fell back and took refuge at Builth Castle. Rhys was hemmed in at Dryslwyn Castle, which was captured (September 1287) by Robert Tybotot (see TYBOTOT BARONY), but Rhys had escaped.

After Maud died, she was interred at Worcester Cathedral.

  Maud's tomb
Worcester Cathedral
29 July 2002

Afterwards, John married 2. (1286) Margaret de Neville (widow). John was created 1st Lord Giffard (1295), and died at Boyton, Wilts, (May 1299).



Present-day ruins of Llandovery Castle
(29 August 2007)

Llandovery's chief claim to fame is the brutal execution in the nearby market square (9th October 1401) of Welsh hero Llywelyn ap Gruffudd fychan [the younger] of Caro, who sacrificed his own life for the cause of Owain Glyndwr.

Stainless steel monument to Llywelyn at Llandovery Castle
(29 August 2007)

Blue Plaque

[GIFF422] Catherine (born 1272, daughter of John & Maud) married [AUD1481] Nicholas (see AUDLEY (ALDITHLEY) BARONY).