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[GLUM241] Ivar Halfdansson (born c.777, son of [NORW271] King Halfdan Eysteinsson of Vestfold, see NORWAY KINGDOM), married [HEDM272] Solveig Eysteinsdottir of Trondheim (born c.790, daughter of Jarl Eystein Glumra Hognasson of Trondheim, see HEDMARK). He died c.840, and Solveig died c.855.

[GLUM261] Eystein Glumra the noisy Ivarsson (born c.815), Jarl of More/Moer/Maer (Nord Trondelag, Norway), married (c.845) [VEST252] Aseda/Ascrida Ragnvaldsdottir (born c.830, daughter of Ragnvald, see VESTFOLD). He died 872, and Aseda died c.875.

[GLUM273] Swanhild Eysteinsdottir (born c.855, daughter of Eystein) married (c.870) [NORW301] King Harald I (see NORWAY KINGDOM).

[TONY361] Haldrich/Malahule, of More (born c.852, son of Eystein), is described under TONY.

[GLUM279] Ragnvald Eysteinsson the wise (born c.845, son of Eystein), Jarl of North and South More, Jarl of Raumsdal (in Norway), and 1st Jarl of Orkney (c.874-75), married (or lived with) 1. Groa; then married 2. (his cousin) [VEST262] Emina Gudrodsdottir (born c.850, see VESTFOLD), died 900; then 3. [NEFJ272] Hildr/Ragnhild Hrolfsdottir (born c.845, daughter of [NEFJ261] Hrolf Nefja, who lived c.820-c.870). Ragnvald was ambushed in his hall and burned alive (c.894) by Halfdan Haaleg and Gudred Liomi (two of King Harald's sons). Ragnhild died c.870, and Emina died c.900.

[ORKN301] Einar (son of Ragnvald & Groa his mistress), Jarl of Orkney, is described under ORKNEY.

[HEID251] Hrollager/Hrollaug Ragnvaldsson (born c.865, son of Ragnvald & Emina), of Heidmark, see HEIDMARK for further details.

[LAME361] Thorir the silent Ragnvaldsson (son of Ragnvald & Ragnhild)  is described under DE LA MARE NORMANDY.

[NORM271] Hrolfur, or Rollo, Ragnvaldsson (born c.860 [c.870], son of Ragnvald & Ragnhild) went to Normandy where he eventually became DUKE OF NORMANDY (911, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM).

There is a statue to Rollo in the town park at Aalesund, Norway,
with a plaque beneath which reads:

Ganger Rolf, ancestor of William the Conqueror.

The monument was presented by the town of

Rouen on occasion of the millennial festival

commemorating the conquest of Normandy.

Leader of the Vikings at the conquest was

Ganger Rolf, who is supposed to have been born

on the historic island of Giske by Aalesund.

           (3 August 2001)

Called ganger because he was too heavy for a horse and must gang [walk] on foot