[HAMM621] Matthew Hammond, married (at Wensley, 18th May 1704) [COLT622] Elizabeth Colton, (daughter of William Colton, born at Preston-under-Scar, baptised at Wensley, 18th May 1684). They had five children born at Leyburn, and baptised at Wensley as follows:

Anne (baptised 4th February 1710/1), died age 2;

Hannah (baptised 18th October 1713);

[HAMM631] Ralph (baptised 19th March 1715/6), married Mary Johnson, see later;

Matthew (baptised 14th December 1718), lived a few days;

Matthew (baptised 17th March 1722/3).

[HAMM631] Ralph Hammond (born 1716), married (at Middleham, 3rd January 1740) [JOHX632] Mary Johnson (born 1713). They had nine children born and baptised at Wath-juxta-Ripon as follows:

[HAMM641] Matthew (baptised 15th April 1741), married Ann "Robson", see later;

Elizabeth (baptised 23rd September 1743);

Mary (baptised 23rd February 1745-46), married (at Pickhill, 23rd September 1765) John Chapelow;

Thomas (baptised 18th November 1748);

Hannah (baptised 22nd March 1750/1);

Anne (baptised 1st July 1753);

Eleanor (baptised 15th January 1756), lived 4 months;

Ralph (baptised 27th March 1757);

Rachel (baptised 6th December 1760).

Ralph (who was the parish clerk at Wath between 1760 and 1782) died at Wath (24th April 1782; buried there 26th April 1782). Mary died (age 80) at Wath also (4th August 1793; buried there 6th August 1793).

[HAMM641] Matthew "Alman" (born 1741) married (at Myton on Swale, 12th May 1764) [ROBS642] Ann "Robson" (born 1737, see ROBINSON), witnessed by Geo. Horsman and Bartholomew Place (parish clerk).

  Myton-on-Swale, St Mary
(20 April 2016)

             They had eight children, born variously at Kirklington, Wath and Baldersby:

John (born at Kirklington, baptised there 3rd March 1765);

[HAMM651] Matthew (born at Wath, baptised there 13th August 1768), married Ellen Duffield, see later;

William (born at Baldersby, baptised at Topcliffe, 26th February 1771), married (at Topcliffe, 21st November 1792) Mary Kilton;

Elizabeth (born at Baldersby, baptised at Topcliffe, 30th October 1774), died (age 2) at Baldersby (January 1777);

Ann (born at Baldersby, baptised at Topcliffe, 7th September 1777);

Thomas (born at Baldersby, 11th March 1780; baptised at Topcliffe, 13th March 1780), lived 14 weeks. His baptism entry was interesting as it recorded that he was:

4th son of Matthew Almond of Baldersby labourer (son of Ralph Almond of Wath, parish clerk) & Ann (daughter of John Robinson of Thistleton farmer). [Note the discrepancy between Almond and Hammond, and Robson and Robinson];

Christopher (born at Baldersby, 22nd July 1781; baptised at Topcliffe, 12th August 1781). His baptism entry was similarly worded:

son of Matthew Almond of Baldersby labourer (son of Ralph Almond of Wath, parish clerk) & Ann (daughter of John Robinson of Thistleton farmer);

Elizabeth (born at Baldersby, 5th August 1784; baptised at Topcliffe, 5th September 1784), died (age 2, "of worms") at Baldersby (27th May 1786, buried at Topcliffe, 28th May 1786).

Ann died (age 66) at Baldersby (11th May 1803; buried at Topcliffe, 13th May 1803), and Matthew (a labourer) died (age 80, of "old age") at Baldersby also (buried at Topcliffe, 30th January 1820).

[HAMM651] Matthew Hammon (born 1768), married (at Knaresborough, 2nd January 1792) [DUFF652] Ellen Duffield (born 1759, see DUFFIELD), witnessed by Dorothy Neweby (Ellen's married sister) and Robt. Latham (parish clerk).



Knaresborough Parish Church
(24 November 2006)

They had four children as follows:

[HAMM661] George Duffield (born at Hay Park, Knaresborough, baptised there 1st June 1794), married Margaret Toes, see later;

William (born at Harrogate; baptised at Knaresborough, 28th May 1797);

John (born at Knaresborough; baptised at Harrogate, 28th July 1799), married (at Ripon, 25th April 1822) Elizabeth Spence.


  Harrogate Chapel (1823)
from a painting on display
 in the present church
(27 February 2016)
High Harrogate Church (1831)
on the site of the chapel
(27 February 2016)


They lived for a short time in Leeds, before returning to Masham, and then finally moving to Darlington. See also under JOHN BODDY;

Elizabeth (born c.1801), married (at Ripon, 23rd June 1822) George Tebb.

Skelton-upon-Ure Church
(1 October 1983)


Matthew died (age 66) at Skelton-upon-Ure (buried there 7th May 1833), and Ellen died (age 86) at Skelton-upon-Ure also (6th April 1842; buried there 9th April 1842).





[HAMM661] George Duffield Hammond (born 1794), of Thirlby, married (at Ripon, 21st August 1815) [TOES662] Margaret Toes (born 1787, see TOES), witnessed by Margaret Holmes and William Rhodes.


  Ripon Cathedral
(17 March 2003)
Norman door

They had seven children born and baptised at Skelton:

John (baptised 28th April 1816), lived a few days;

James (baptised 10th April 1817), married (at Ripon, 23rd May 1846) Ann Ideson;

William (baptised 3rd December 1819), married (at Ripon, 14th October 1844) his first-cousin Margaret Walls;

Elizabeth (baptised 12th January 1823), married (at Ripon, 24th December 1844) Samuel James, and afterwards moved to Leeds;

[HAMM672] Jane (baptised 14th May 1825), married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 2nd February 1846) [BODD671] John Boddy (born 1820, see JOHN BODDY);

Ann (baptised 4th September 1827);

John (baptised 21st July 1829), married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 5th October 1851) Elizabeth Clayton.

The family were at Skelton at the 1841 and 1851 censuses, but at Newby Hall Lodges in 1861. Margaret died (age 77, of liver disease)
        at Newby-with-Mulwith (20th April 1865;  buried at Skelton, 23rd April 1865), and George died (age 75, of bronchitis and debility) 
        at Newby-with-Mulwith also (24th May 1868; buried at Skelton, 27th May 1868).

Matthew Hammon = Ellen Duffield
1841 Census  1352/10-11  Skelton on Ure
Ellen     HAMMOND     85 ind
George Duffield Hammond = Margaret Toes
1841 Census 1352/10-8  Skelton on Ure
George    HAMMOND     45 ag lab
Margaret  HAMMOND     50
William   Hammond     20 ag lab
James     Hammond     20 ag lab
Elizabeth Hammond     15 dressmaker
Jane      Hammond     15
Ann       Hammond     13
John      Hammond     11
1851 Census  2281-354  Skelton on Ure
George    HAMMOND H M 57 ag lab            Knaresbro'
Margaret  HAMMOND W M 63                   Skelton
Ann       Hammond D U 23                   Skelton
1861 Census  3200-18  Newby cum Mulwith, Newby Hall Lodges
George    HAMMOND H M 67 ag labourer       Hay Park Knaresbro'
Margt     HAMMOND W M 73 out door labourer Skelton on Ure
Ann       Hammond D U 33                   Skelton on Ure