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[HANR361] Gilbert Hansard (borrn c.1140) married (c.1178 ! ) [STUT362] Joan de Stuteville (born c.1153, widow of Maldred FitzDolphin, Lord of Raby [who may not have died until 1195 ! ], and daughter of [STUT351] John de Stuteville (see STUTEVILLE). Gilbert died 1184, whilst his son and heir Gilbert was still a minor.

[HANR371] Gilbert Hansard (born c.1178 ! ). At his majority (1199 !  ) it was confirmed that he was granted Evenwood, Morley, Walworth, Kimblesworth, Blacktoft and Hock, Hornby, Irby, Welbury, Kelsey, Thornton, Bestrope, Hurworth, Cherton, Worsall, Landmoth and Elmdens. He died c.1221-23.

[HANR382] Alice Hansard (born c.1198, daughter of John) married 1. Brian FitzAlan, Lord of Bedale, died 1242; then 2. [LATM381] Sir William le latimer (see LATIMER).



[FITZ451] Brian FitzAlan (born c.1134), of Bedale.

[FITZ461] Alan FitzAlan (born c.1157), of Bedale,  married --- (daughter of Bertram Haget). He died 1189

[FITZ471] Brian FitzAlan (born c.1186), of Bedale, married (c.1212) [HANR382] Alice Hansard (born c. 1198, daughter of Gilbert Hansard). He died 17th July 1242 at Bedale. Afterwards Alice married 2. [LATM381] Sir William le latimer (see LATIMER).

[FITZ481] Sir Alan FitzAlan (born c.1220), Lord of Bedale, married Agnes Fitz Henry (born c.1228, probably daughter of Sir Randolph FitzHenry & Alice de Staveley). He died 17th May 1267, buried at Bedale.

[FITZ491] Brian FitzAlan (born 1298, Alan (born c.1258), of Askham Bryan, Bainton, Heworth, Bedale, Bicker and Graby (Lincs), 1st Baron FitzAlan of Bedale, campaigned in the Welsh Marches, Warden of the Castles of Forfar, Dundee, Roxburgh and Jedburgh, later Custodian of the realm of Scotland (1291), fought at the Battle of Falkirk (1298), married 1. Muriel ---; then 2. [BALI492] Matilda (daughter of [BALI481] John de Balliol & Devorguilla). He died 1st June 1306. Matilda died 1340 and was buried at Danby Wiske

[FITZ502] Matilda aka Agnes FitzAlan (daughter of Sir Brian & Matilda) married [STAP501]  Sir Gilbert de Stapleton (see STAPLETON).


  Brian FitzAlan tomb at Bedale
(21 November 2014)
  Close-up of Brian
(21 November 2014)

  Life-size effigy of Matilda,
once her coffin lid
at Danby Wiske
(20 April 2016)