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 [HARB621] Joseph Harbart and his wife had two children born at Drumburgh and baptised at Bowness on Solway as follows:

The relevant parish registers are no longer in existence, and the bishop's transcripts have gaps in the series, so the available information is inevitably incomplete (and therefore not fully reliable).

John Harbert married (at Muncaster, 29th June 1704 IGI) Ann Armestone. This may be relevant.

Later, Joseph Halbert married 2. (at Lazonby, 20th January 1725/6) Bridgett Dawson (baptised at Watermillock, 13th March 1687 IGI, daughter of John Dawson). Joseph (a yeoman) died at Salkeld Gates in the parish of Lazonby (buried there 31st January 1763). His will mentioned his wife Bridget; son John Harbart; daughter Mary Brough (she had married Joseph Brough at Lazonby, 25th July 1739); and nephew John Hunter.

[HARB631] John Herbert (born 1713), a weaver of Salkeld Gates, married (by licence, at Orton, 2nd March 1741) [SPEN632] Dorothy Spencely, of Raisbeck [just under 2 miles east of Orton].





Orton Church
(much rebuilt 19th C)
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south porch
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church (Victorian) interior
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The licence also showed they had the consent of their parents especially of the said John Herbert. This could mean that he was not born in 1713 as was thought, but was a later child, the eldest John having died while young. John wrote his surname as Harbet. The bondsman was Robt Simpson, cooper of Orton, though he was later shown as yeoman. John and Dorothy had five children born and baptised at Grayrigg as follows:

John (a yeoman) died at Shaw End in Grayrigg (October 1777). His will mentioned his wife Dorothy; son Robert (weaver of Grayrigg); daughter Isabella "now wife of Richard Atkinson"; daughter Mary "now wife of James Walker"; and daughter Ruth "now wife of Anthony Robinson". (There was no mention of his son Joseph.)

[HARB642] Isabella Harbart (born 1750/1, daughter of John) married (at Kendal, 7th May 1769) [ATKN641] Thomas Atkinson (see ATKINSON).